InDesign skills



Firstly, we had to find three images which showed the same ritual. I chose to do Christmas rituals, so I got a photo of a Christmas tree, presents and Christmas stockings, however, we did not place any of the images onto the document. The task was to create a three page document, including a front cover and a two page spread and make a magazine.

The first object I created was the black shape, but it started off as a rectangle. I created this by using the ‘rectangle tool’ and then filled the shape in with a black filling which allowed me to move the rectangle if I used the ‘black arrow’. The arrows are located at the top of the tool bar on the left side. If I double clicked the shape the bounding box appeared around it, including the anchor points. These points allowed me to enlarge, reduce and rotate the image, however, I held down ‘shift + command’ to ensure the shape did not become distorted. I then clicked the ‘white arrow’ which let me move the anchor points which made the rectangle change shape. I then added another anchor point by clicking the eighth tool down, then right clicking it and selecting the ‘add anchor point tool’. Once I had added one, the shape then had five points. I added some curves to the shape by choosing another option on the eight tool down. After, I duplicated the shape and rotated one of them.

Before I added the image, I had to make a bounding box. To do this I clicked on the ‘rectangle tool’ which had the cross on it. I then added the image in by going on ‘file’ and pressing ‘place’. This then gave me the option of what image to insert. Next, I selected the shapes and pressed ‘object’ on the top bar, I then clicked on ‘arrange’ and then ‘bring object forward’. This then made the two shapes go in front of the image so that they are visible. I then added the ‘FRONT COVER’ text. First I clicked the ‘text tool’ on the left side and then made a box that I could type in. I then made the bounding box fit to the text and enlarged it by pressing ‘shift + command’ and dragging on an anchor point.

I then went on to the double page spread. Firstly, I added the image of the Christmas tree in by clicking on the ‘rectangle tool’ with the cross through it and made the shape where I wanted the photo to be. I then clicked ‘file’, then ‘place’ and chose the photo that I wanted. Next, I added a text box by clicking the ‘text tool’ and making the box the same width as the page. I then clicked ‘type’ which is located at the top tool bar and then clicked the second to last option on that tab. That then places a load of random text so that your document looks more realistic. To put the text into three columns, I clicked the column option which was at the top bar of InDesign and then typed in the number ‘3’.

After that, I added another text box and typed in ‘CHRISTMAS’, ensuring that the bounding box fitted around the text, and then increased the size of the text by clicking ‘command + T’. A box came up that gave me the option to change the font and the size of the text – I chose to make the text bigger. Whilst doing this, I insured that it was in line with everything by matching it up to the pink and blue lines.

Once I had completed the first page of the double page spread, I went onto the second page. I right clicked the ‘rectangle tool’ and selected the circular one, then making a circle shape. After I had decreased the size; ensuring I was holding down ‘shift + command’ so the shape did not go oval, I made it the size I wanted. I then clicked ‘file’ and then ‘place’ and chose the image of the presents. Again, I made another text box and made a rectangular shape that went over the circle photo and filled it with random sentences by going to the top bar. However, I wanted the text box to curve so that it went around the photo of the present, so firstly, I needed to add some more anchor points to the bounding box of the text. I clicked the ‘add anchor point’ tool and added a few to the left side of the box and then selected the white ‘arrow tool’. This then allowed me to be able to adjust the shape of the box in which where I made it curve to fit the circular photo.

Next, I added another text box and chose the option to add more random words and sentences. I then chose the column option and added another column so that there were two. I wanted to make the page more exciting and eye-catching, so I added another rectangular box and filled it in black. I then clicked ‘object’ then ‘arrange’ and selected ‘bring object back’ which made the black box go behind the text. However, since the text was black too, I could not see it. So I selected the text box and highlighted the text and clicked ‘colour’ on the right side of the page. This then let me change the colour of the text to white so that it stood out.

Finally, I added a second double page spread. I had to go on to the internet to find an image of a Christmas tree with a transparent background and then I placed it on to my document. I then adjusted the size of it so that it fitted the first page by holding down ‘shift + command’. I added a text box by clicking on the ‘text tool’ and added the text ‘CHRISTMAS TIME’. I enlarged the text so that it filled the top of the two pages and then made sure that it went behind the tree image by choosing the option ‘bring object back’. After, I added the text ‘LEADING UP TO’. First I had to rotate the text by clicking on it and then clicking the rotating option which appeared around the bounding box. I then adjusted the size so that it looked right on the page.

On the second page the first thing I did was add a text box and clicked the button that makes random text appear inside of it by clicking ‘type’ which is located on the top bar and clicking the second to last option. I then added another column. I wanted to make the ‘O’ increase in size so I clicked ‘object’ and then ‘text frame options’ which allowed me to increase the size of a certain letter as well as making the text carry on next to it. After, then increased the size of a sentence, however, I chose what to wrote in it so that it related to the Christmas style magazine article that I was designing.

Lastly, I added a couple sentences of text underneath the title. Within these couple of lines I increased the size of some words and made some of them bold so that they stood out from the rest. To do this, I clicked ‘command + T’ and clicked the ‘bold tool’.


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