Photoshop poster


For my first poster, I had to go onto the Internet and search for a photo of ‘seventies fashion’. Once I had found the photo I wanted, I opened it in Photoshop.

Next I masked the woman on the left so that when I added the text I had the option for it to go below her. I had to be very careful when masking around the woman, especially around her head as there were more tiny details.

I then typed the first piece of text in capital letters: ‘Low Down’, and rotated it so that it was no longer horizontal. I then clicked ‘CTRL + T’ and went onto the font options. I wanted to find a bold text that stood out and looked professional.

I got the bounding box tool and put the two pieces of text into different boxes which allowed me to put the ‘Low’ underneath the woman. Then I got the burn tool and went around the woman’s dress around where the ‘Low’ is to make a shadow effect.

After, I added the remaining text to the poster which included when the event was, the type of music that would be at the event and the timings of the it. I chose to put the pieces of text in different sizes because it depended on how important the piece of information is.

For my second poster that I made, firstly I got four images off the Internet of a ‘moody’ woods, a dolls head, a cracked concrete wall and a paint splatter. We then went onto Photoshop and changed the setting so that it was an A6 piece of paper. I then opened the ‘moody’ woods image and rotated the image so it fitted the page and then put it as the background. Then I placed the image of the dolls head. I then got the erase tool and remove the white background that was surrounding the dolls head. To adjust the size of the brush that I was using, I used the shortcut on the keyboard which are the squared brackets. After that, I changed the blending mode from ‘normal’ to ‘darken’ on the dolls head. This then made the image more dark and creepy which fitted the theme of the document; a metal band poster.

I then place embedded the image of the concrete, ensuring that it completely covered the image of the dolls head. I did not want the concrete photo to become distorted, so I held down ‘shift’ which made it stay its original shape. I then changed its blending mode to ‘darken’ too which made it go more transparent and made the dolls head look as if it were cracked. Next, I erased the remainding parts of the cracked wall that were around the dolls head by using the erase tool which made it look neater.

Once I had erased the concrete wall, I placed the image of the paint spatter. This also had a white background, so I got the magic wand tool and selected the background which then selected it and  I clicked the backspace button on the keyboard which removed it. I then enlarged the image so that it looked like the doll had been shot which added to the theme of the poster being dark. Finally, I added a blur effect to the dolls head and removed the blur from its face so that you could still see it’s main features.

I then went back onto the Internet and went onto a font website which allows you to type in a word, in my case, ‘Twisted’, and then download it to your document. Once I had chosen my choice of font and placed it where I wanted it to go I adjusted it’s size.

Lastly, I then added the rest of the text which included: where the event was held, the genre of music that would be there and the contact information.

Moody woods


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