InDesign magazine / practice brochure


Firstly, I got four images off the Internet that were based around my chosen ritual, pantomimes. I then created a three page document. On the first page I added a bounding box using the rectangle tool with the cross through it and placed the image in it. I then created a second bounding box and added colour to it. To change the colour of it I clicked swatches and clicked on the colour I thought matched my image. I then could have changed the colour slightly to make it match the image, however, the dark blue already matched it enough. Next, I added another bounding box and filled it with white. I then got the text tool and typed ‘PANTOMIME SEASON’. Due to the white box, this made the black text stand out a lot more so it became more eye catching. Finally, I added some more text, ‘Winter time’ which was the heading of the magazine.


On the double page spread I only filled in the first page. The first thing I did, was add a bounding box that filled the whole first page and then placed my second image. After that, I then got the text tool and typed ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ because if I were going to actually make a pantomime magazine, this would be an important feature to have within it. I made the text white as it stood out from the rest of the image as it included different shades of red, and then it also matched with the polka dots of the Dame’s dress.


I created anther double page spread and got the rectangular tool and created a bounding box for the image. Then I place embedded my chosen image and fitted it to size, whilst holding down the ‘shift’ key. I then right clicked on the rectangular tool and clicked the circular one, then making a circle shape on the bottom left side of the already existing image. After, I went to file and placed another image that would be in the circle. I then made a rectangular bounding box and placed it under the rectangle photo; then filling it with orange so that it matched with the photo above. I then got the text tool and made it the same size as the rectangle and filled it with place holder text. Next, I made another bounding box and filled it with dark blue (the same blue as the one of the front cover), and got the text tool and put in ‘REHEARSAL’. I chose the text to be white so that it matched with the text on the previous page and because it would stand out more than black text. I did this by highlighting the text and then clicking swatches and choosing the white text. Finally, I added another text box and placed it in the top left corner of the page and filled it with place holder text by clicking ‘type’ on the top bar.


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