Planning content


My chosen ritual are the rituals within pantomimes. This includes the rituals that happen before the actual show, for example, rehearsals and costume designing, and then the rituals that happen on the stage that include the specific character roles and specific stage directions. I have chosen to include both types of rituals because they are both very important within the pantomime.


I will convey my ritual by taking photographs of the cast performing on stage in their costumes, such as the Dame as this is a main role that is always involved in a pantomime production. Also, I will take photos of the cast and crew behind the scenes, for example, the sound and lighting room, which will then be included in the leaflet and poster to show all the steps that take place into a performance.


I will be visiting the Kidz R Us Theatre to take all of my photographs. This then includes taking photos of the stage, going to the sound and lighting room, in rehearsal rooms, the hair and make up room and the dressing rooms. This is because all of these rooms are used during a pantomime and before a pantomime. People watching the show would then learn about the many stages the cast and crew go through before the show.


My main focus will consist of taking photos of the cast, which mostly consists on people from the ages of 7-18 because they are the main part of a pantomime as they are performing it. I will also take photos of the crew which consists of people controlling the sound and lighting, doing the hair and make up, ensuring that the cast are ready to go on stage and making sure that they have successful costume changes, and then the director who is in charge of the show itself.


I directly spoke to the director at the Kidz R Us Theatre in St Ives asking if I could take photos of the cast rehearsing. He said that I could.


Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Secondary research Pitch Poster trialling Photo shoot 2 Complete 4/4 posters Start ident Finish all work
Gaining ideas Primary research Mood board Adding own photos to posters Start essay Essay complete Exporting files
Written work (blog) Poster trialling Photo shoot 1 Creating posters Complete brochure Complete ident Print off work


I have a verbal agreement with Tim the director.


The equipment that I will be using are the props and costumes at Kidz R Us. The clothing that they will be using includes the casts costumes, for example, the Dames dress, the principal girls costume, the principal boys costume, the comedy duos costumes, the fairy’s costume, and the villains costume. I will also being taken my Nikon DSLR camera to take the photos.


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