First photoshoot plan

My documentary is unique because I am looking at both angles of rituals within pantomimes. For example, I am looking at the rituals that happen before an actual performance, such as the auditions, rehearsals and hair and make up. Then I am also looking at the rituals that happen on stage, such as the specific character roles, certain stage directions and some of the things that they say.

The images that I take will grab the audiences attention because I will take a wide range of photos, ranging from close ups to long shots. Firstly, I may take close ups of the casts face so that you can see the details of their make up and close ups of their costumes because they normally tend to be brightly coloured and also contain lots of detail. I can take medium and long shots which show the whole of the casts costumes so that you can tell that it is a pantomime. Also, I will take extreme long shots of the cast rehearsing on stage so that I can fit the entire stage in because the set will be painted and be more colourful.

I want some of my photographs to be quite bright and vibrant because it helps portray the fact that pantomimes are joyful and happy shows to go and see.


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