Creating my brochure

This is the front cover of my rituals brochure. As you can see the photos are slightly different, the first one the photo is centred in the page and on the second one the photo goes all the way to the edge on the right side. I chose to do this because the title box goes all the way to the edge on the left side, therefore I thought I would do it with the image as well.

I have chosen to edit my photos into black and white because once researching other theatre photographers, the majority of their photos were in black and white. This could be because, stereotypically, documentary photography is taken in black and white, therefore I chose to do it too as I am documenting the behind the scenes of a pantomime. I then decided that the bit of colour involved within my posters and brochure should be yellow because it could be represented as being a blinding spotlight that is put on the leads of a cast during a pantomime performance.

I chose to do a similar design to what I did on the front on the left page of the double spread, which is the image touching the edge of the page with the yellow box also attached to the side of the page. This is because I thought that there should be a set design throughout the brochure so that it looks as professional as possible

These two pages are my double page spread in my brochure and there are a couple differences between the two images. Firstly, on the left page I changed the text from being across the whole page to going into columns. This is because I think that it looks more neater when it is in the columns, and after looking at other magazine and brochures online, the majority of them had their text in columns, so I thought it would look more professional.


I then decided that on the right page that the page should be divided into six squares where three should be a colour which matches the rest of the colour scheme and three which are photos that I took during my time at the theatre. The main reason why I liked this idea was because it was a good opportunity to use the photos that represent that it is the rehearsals of a pantomime.

Secondly, on the right page, I had originally chosen to fill all of the boxes next to the photos in with yellow. However, I then decided that there would be too much yellow, so it would overpower it, therefore it would not be effective anymore. This is when I decided to make the middle box a dark grey colour, which I think makes the yellow stand out more and it goes with the photos as they are in black and white.


I went onto the website and looked at other existing brochure products that would give me ideas on how to create mine. This helped because it gave me and idea of what was professional and what looked out of place within a brochure. Due to my brochure only including black and white photos, it gave me the idea of adding a bright, bold colour to it so that the poster still stood out.


The next object/ text that I added was the text on the right page. I had planned to add the text into the centre of the boxes from the beginning therefore I did not have to change anything because, in my opinion, there was nothing to that looked out of place. All the text involved in my poster is the same font which is featured on my posters so that you can tell that they are from the same thing. Also, the black and white photos, and the yellow on my brochure is featured in my posters too so that they all match.


This was the original design I was going to have on the back of my brochure, however, I thought that it needed to include the colour white as it was too bold for my liking. Also, I did not like the only shape within it were two rectangles, I thought it needed to be more interesting and eye catching to look at which is why I chose to create two triangles as it looked more unique.

This is the back cover of my brochure. I decided to fill the two triangles with yellow and grey because the yellow was the main colour theme within my promotional material and then I featured a bit of grey in the double page spread. I chose to include the grey again because I thought that if I had a big yellow triangle rather than two different coloured ones, it would become too overpowering.

I then added the photo of the girl sitting down facing away from the camera. This image could be interpreted in a way that because it is the back cover, you see an image of a back, and that she is facing the inside of the booklet; making you want to go back and read it.


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