Creating my posters


I went onto to find a font that I thought would look right on my poster. I wanted a bold font so that it stood out on both the posters and the leaflet. Also, I wanted it to be in capital letters as it draws peoples attention to it more because it can be seen as if it is shouting at you – trying to get your attention. In my opinion this font looks more suitable in capitals, therefore I think is a good font for my promotional material.

I had to use a photo that someone else had taken because I have not taken photos that I want to include in my four posters. I chose to use this image because I wanted to take a similar photo to this. In the left image, the text that says what the documentary is about moved in the right image because I thought that the text was too close to the ‘RITUALS’ text. Also, I could not see the text that clearly on the left image – in the colour black or white – so I added a box in that the text could go over so that it would stand out from the background image. However, I made the box transparent to ensure that you could still see the photo behind it. I then moved the Channel 4 logo and the web address for Channel 4 because it was too close to the box, therefore made it look chaotic. I am going to decrease the size of the Channel 4 logo too, as I think that it is bigger than it needs to be.

This photo was inspired by the photo above which was taken by Matt Humphrey. Due to me already experimenting with my poster design, it was easy to put together my posters as I already new that I wanted them to be similar so that you could tell that they were from the same project. The difference between the two images above is that I moved the ‘RITUALS’ logo, this is because where I originally put it, it was difficult to see due to the lights around the mirror. Therefore, I decided to move it to the bottom left corner as the colours were darker and low key, so I knew the logo would be clearly visible to see. Also, when it was in the top left corner, all the information was either located at the top or at the left of the document, therefore, moving it to the bottom left made the information spread out more which made it look more organised.

The reason for me wanting the ‘RITUALS’ logo in the colour white is because I thought that it was more of a softer colour compared to black and pantomimes are meant to be fun. Also, the white represents the lighting on stage and the lights around the mirror. Therefore, I thought that the white represented my chosen ritual more.

The colour of the box that is behind the text which states what the documentary is about has changed colour compared to my experiment poster. Firstly, this is because I decided that in my brochure I wanted to add some colour to the black and white of the photographs, and I chose yellow as I thought it would represent a spotlight on a stage, therefore wanted to add some yellow to the posters so that they all matched. Secondly, I thought that the experiment poster was not that eye catching due to it only being in black and white, so I thought that the yellow would make it more attractive and bold.

I then chose to put the yellow box in line with the girls eyes as it made it seem as if she were looking at the information; which could make it stand out and tell people that it is important because it tells the consumers what the documentary is about.

There were only a couple of slight differences between the next three posters that I made as all my posters are very similar to each other so that there is a connection between them all, therefore it did not take that long to make the rest of them. Firstly, I changed the colour of the Channel 4 logo and other information from black to white as I came to conclusion that they were harder to read and notice in the colour black. I wanted to keep the objects and pieces of text in very similar positions on all of my posters as I thought it gave it more a professional look to them.

After, I moved the ‘RITUALS’ logo slightly, however, you could not see the difference between it on the posters, but I moved it so that it was completely in the corner of the document (so that there was no gap between the text and the background photo). I decided to do this as I thought that it would look neater without the small gap being there.

Finally, I chose to put the yellow box where it is because, firstly, it is placed roughly where it was on the first poster I made so I wanted it to look similar. Secondly, it is centred between the girls eye line, therefore it looks like she is looking at the piece of information; making it seem more important to read.

For my final two posters I did not have to make any changes to them as I could already picture what I wanted them to look like by looking at my previous two posters.

My third poster, which is the image on the left, I decided to put the Channel 4 logo and information in the top left corner so that it went with my other posters. I then chose to put it in the colour white because the lighting was dark where I wanted it to be located so the white allowed it to stand out and be visible to the eye. I chose to put it as black on the final poster because the photo was brighter in the top right corner, therefore you were able to see it.

I then put the yellow box and information on the left in the centre on my third poster because for this photograph, there were no faces in them, therefore I just chose to put it in the middle. I also did this because half of the image is space that I could use to put text in, so I used this opportunity to put the box and text in the centre of it. However, for the final poster you could see the girls face, therefore I put the yellow box in her eye line so that it make it look as if she were reading the text.



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