Practice ident


In order to make this ident, I firstly had to find some images on the internet that I could use. I then went onto Photoshop and made a new document. Next, I added the background photo by clicking ‘file’, ‘place embedded’, which is the forest and enlarged the photo so it went slightly over the edges of the document. Following on, I placed the image and then added the photos of the two people. Whilst searching for the images that I was going to place on top of the background photo , I added ‘PNG’ to the search as it ensured that all the photos that came up had no background to them. Then, I added more photos that went with the forest scenery, for example, trees and a bush. Also, I had to put some text onto it too, so I chose to put ‘FOREST’ as that it was this ident was showing. I had to make all of the images into ‘smart objects’ by right clicking on the layer in the layers panel, which enabled them to be able to move.

Once all the images were in place, I went to ‘window’, ‘timeline’ and ‘create a new timeline’. From there, all the images appeared in a list on the timeline. By each name of photo, there was a downwards arrow button, and when I clicked it different options appeared which allowed me to move the photos. Firstly, I had to drag the playhead across the timeline. I then clicked ‘transform’ and added a keyframe at the start of the timeline and at the end. To move an object, I had to use the arrows on the keyboard. Once I had moved every object to where I wanted it to go I clicked play. For the first playing through the timeline, it buffers, however, after it plays fine.

To improve, I would make the tree and bush blurred by using the blur effect because they are in the foreground and usually the objects there in our vision are not as clear as objects further away.


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