Creating my ident

Firstly, I went onto Photoshop and added the main background image that I would be using. I chose this image because I thought that this was one of the main ones where I could get the most movement of images. Also, I thought that it represents the rehearsal side of pantomimes because she is sorting out her hair and make up which they would do before a pantomime show or for a dress rehearsal. After I had placed the image, I masked the girl and her reflection in the mirror. When I had finished masking it, I clicked ‘select’, ‘inverse’ and then copy and pasted the new photo. I increased the size of the girl on the left so that when I got to the stage of moving the images, she would me able to move to the left. Then I got the ‘blur tool’ and went around both images of the girl so that it looked more realistic. This made the edges of the photos more smooth so that the edges did not look as bold which made it less genuine.

I then had to copy parts of the wall and cover them over the background image of the girls reflection so that when the reflection moved you would not see the original image of her; instead, you would see the wall. I enlarged it by pressing ‘CMD + T’ and stretched it so that it covered the original photo and put it behind the layer of the reflection of the girl. Then I had to find an image that I took which had a rail of clothes in because due to the new layer of the girl, once it moved you could see the original beneath it. Again, I enlarged the photo so that it covered the whole of the original image of the girl. Due to the image of the clothes being quite bright and vibrant, I added a gradient effect to it so that it made it slightly darker and so that it fitted with the lighting of the background photo. The new clothes then covered the original clothes rail which I still needed in the photo so that it still looked realistic. To do this, I went onto the background layer, and masked the bit of rail that was on show in the photo. I then clicked ‘CMD + T’ and stretched the image so that the pole went to the bottom of the rail so that it fitted better. After, I masked the book which was at the bottom of the photo so that it made the overall effect of the ident look as if there were someone filming them and moving towards the left.

I needed to include the Channel 4 logo and the name of the television series: Rituals, so that it clearly shows that the television series is on Channel 4.  I have used the same font for the ‘RITUALS’ text that I used for my four posters and my brochure because it clearly shows that they are all from the same project as the text is bold, so it stands out. The Channel 4 logo and the ‘RITUALS’ text are also both in the colour white because the text has only been used in white in the posters and brochure, therefore can show that they are all linked together and represents my chosen ritual within the entire television series.

After I had placed the images to their correct places on the ident, I went to ‘windows’, ‘timeline’ and ‘create a new timeline’. I then made every object that I was going to move into a ‘smart object’ by right clicking on the layer in the layers channel. This enabled them to be able to move during the ident. Firstly, I had to drag the playhead across the timeline so that the ident would play the whole way through. Secondly, I clicked the downwards arrow which was next to the object I wanted to move on the timeline, which was the main image of the girl as she was the main image in the foreground, and pressed ‘transform’. I then added a key frame at the beginning and at the end of the timeline so that Photoshop knew that the transition should happen all of the way through and finish moving at the end. I did this for every object apart from the the Channel 4 logo. For this one, I had to duplicate the object because when it moved during the ident, I wanted it to go off the document and then come back onto it at an angle. So the first logo appeared from the reflection of the girl and then went off the screen at the left. The second logo then appeared from where the first one went off and went onto the right corner at an angle. I chose to do this because it included more movement within the ident; making it look more professional. The ‘RITUALS’ text then came onto the screen from the image of the girl in the foreground. I then chose to do this because it was more exciting and eye-catching rather than it just appearing in a corner.

After I had finished, I then saved it and created a new file on Premiere.

I then went onto and found relevant sound effects to add my ident. I chose to find a crowd talking among themselves, a group of people laughing, hairspray being sprayed, and then I found a short piece of music too. I chose to find a sound effect of a crowd because the girl in my ident is backstage, I wanted to have the crowd talking in the back to make it seem more realistic. I then added some laughter because she could be in the dressing room with other people who are talking to each other and laughing. I added hairspray being sprayed because she is in the dressing room, someone would be using it for their hair and make up. Finally, the type of music that I chose is quite dreamlike which goes with my ritual, pantomimes as they are always based on fairytales, therefore the music represents it.

After that, I went onto Premiere and created a couple more tracks so that I could ft all my sound effects into it. Then, I downloaded the sound effects as MP3’s and then dragged them onto Premiere and arranged them where I felt was suitable. I chose to have the crowd talking sound effect being played throughout the whole ident because I thought it was a good effect that represents pantomimes.

I had to increase and decrease the sound of some effects as some were overpowering which meant that you could not hear the other effects or some were so quiet that you could not hear them being played. For example, the laughter sound effect was too loud which caused the music to not be heard. I then had to double click on the gap between the microphone and the audio bar that I wanted to edit the sound to which allowed me to alter the volume of the effect.

Finally, I exported it and posted it onto Youtube.


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