Evaluation (posters, brochure & ident)



I think that the font for the text ‘RITUALS’ that I have used in all of my promotional material is a bold text that suits my rituals topic; pantomimes. This is because pantomimes are quite a big and vibrant style of show, therefore, the fact that my choice of font stands out, it represents my ritual.

I think that due to the photo having negative space within it, it makes it a good choice of image to use as a poster because it allows me to add text in the space. Also, this allows me to still have the main focus of the image visible because the text can be spread around the photo and not just on the main subject. However, if I were going to retake this image, I would move the two younger children at the bottom of the photo so that the main subject of the image is only the older girl. This is because they were too small to get into the shot so you cannot see them as well. If I had decided to do this, I would have had to ask her to pose for the photo, which I did not want to do because I was trying to take photos of what was actually happening in that moment, rather them posing; making the image not natural.

To improve, I would have also changed the colour of the Channel 4 logo and web address as they are not completely visible to the eye due to them being black and white and the background of the image also being white. However, during the process of this poster, I did change the colour of them to black, but this made them even harder to read. Therefore, I would may change it to grey so it stood out from the black and white background.

Peer feedback:

I like the use of the yellow colour, against the black and white image. It stands out and is very eye-catching. To improve, in my opinion, I would possibly place the “RITUALS” title, in a negative space area, in which would then place then create more focus on the main subject with in the image.


The main focus of this image that I took was the clothing in the background as it was a good representation of pantomimes due to there being the actors costumes being there. This is why I chose focus the image of them, rather than the girl looking into the wardrobe. Also, the fact that the costumes are blurred, gives the consumers an idea of what the girl can see because they are in focus and she is not. The use of negative space has benefited this poster because it allowed me to have enough space to spread the text around; not covering up too much of either the clothing or the girl in the photo.

Also, the clothes rail in the background helps give the image context because costumes are an important feature within pantomimes, and the rehearsal side of them as they do dress rehearsals.

To improve this poster, I could have not put the entire photo in black and white: I could have kept some of the colours from the clothing on the rail so that the consumers can see how bright and colourful the costumes that they wear are. However, if I did do this I would maybe have to change the colour of the box behind the text because it may have clashed with the colours of the clothes.

Peer feedback:

I like the image used for the poster, due to the use of techniques used, to blur the person, and have the clothes stand out. To improve, possibly make the Channel 4 logo, and copyright slightly bigger, due to it being small people may not see it well.


In my opinion, the best part of this poster is the image because the only subject that is in focus is the girl holding the script. I think that this is effective because it clearly represents the rehearsals before a pantomime and you automatically are drawn to look at the girl because she is the main subject of the image.

The fact that she is looking towards the left has benefited the poster because she is now looking at the box that says when the documentary series starts. Therefore, when people look at the girl, they may then want to know what she is looking at, so then they look at the text explaining what the poster is about.

To improve, I could put more information to the left half of the poster because the majority of it on the right side. This would then allow the consumers to see the girl more as the ‘RITUALS’ text is covering part of her.

Peer feedback:

I like that the negative space is being used effectively, such as placing the yellow box in the negative space. This is effective, and doesn’t take away any importance from the main subject. One thing I would change in order to improve would be, to again make the Channel 4 logo slightly larger and easier to see.


The yellow box behind the text can represent the spotlight/ stage lights and lights that are around the mirrors, and in this image I think it works well. This is because the mirror lights are featured in this poster, therefore the yellow box can represent them.

I think that the white text contrasts with the darker colours of the bottom half of the poster, therefore stand out well so are easy for the consumers to read. However, if I were to do it again, I would see what the text ‘RITUALS’ would like in the same colour as the yellow box. This is because I am interested to see what it would look like if there were more colour involved.

Overall, to improve, I think that I could have made each poster slightly different from one another, rather than making them with the same style. However, this could then make it unclear that they are from the same project because the posters also have the same style as the brochure.

Peer feedback:

I like the image used, and how you can see her blurred in the corner; looking into the mirror. I think its a very effective photo! Another thing I would improve on is to maybe place the yellow information box up slightly higher, which would make it seem more spread out.



The image of the girl is attached to the right side of the page and they yellow box is attached to the left side. I think this worked well because it looks like the photo is coming out from inside the brochure and the yellow box is coming out from the back page of the brochure. This can make the consumers want to read it because they may want to know where the image / yellow box leads to.

If I created the front page again, I would choose a different photo to be on it because I feel as if the chosen photo does not clearly show what my ritual is. The reason for opting with this photo was because most of the photos I took were landscapes and not portraits. Therefore, I would take more portraits whilst being at the theatre.

I would also include more colour on the front cover so that it attracts more peoples attention due to the majority of it being black and white. To stick to my colour theme; black, white, yellow and grey, I would have included more yellow. For example, I could have had a yellow boarder going around the edge of the page to make it more vibrant and eye catching, however, it would need to be subtle as I would not want to make it too over powering.

Peer feedback:

I like the colour theme throughout the posters, and the front cover of the brochure, it ties in well, and how it is simple but effective. To improve I would again maybe make the channel 4 writing slightly bigger, which would be easier for the consumers to read.


For the first page, I like the fact that the image and the yellow box come from the left side because it is a similar layout to the front cover; making it look more professional. The image and box also carry on from the front covers image, therefore, when you open the brochure, they carry on from where to image stopped.

To improve, I would make the text the same size of the double page spread, rather than the text being smaller on the second page. The reason I did not do this was because there was more text for the second page to write about, therefore, I would write more on the first page so that they could be the same size.

Peer feedback:

Again, I like the use of colour through out the brochure. As well as the way the pictures are placed on the page, with the text surrounding them. One thing I would change would possibly be to make the text white on the grey box, which would make it easier to read.


In my opinion, I think the layout and style of the back page is the best out of all the pages because it is slightly different to the others due to the use of shapes. Also, the fact the shapes are still the colours that are in my colour theme I think it works well.

There is a lot of space left within the back page, so to improve I could think of more text to add in to make it look less blank. However, the use of space can be seen as being beneficial because it means that everything is not crammed into one space.

The image used on the back represents the back on the brochure because it is a photo of someones back. This could encourage people to read it because it is as if she is looking into the brochure.

Peer feedback:

I like the use of shapes, which creates a very eye-catching and interesting collage, as well as the image fitting in perfectly. I also like where you have placed the writing, going with the different lines. One thing I would change to improve would be, again, to make the Channel 4 logo slightly bigger.



I like that when the ident moves the Channel 4 logo moves from behind the reflection of the girl, goes off the screen, then moves to the right corner. I think this makes it look more professional rather than it just appearing on the screen. However, I would make the Channel 4 logo slightly smaller if I were to do it again because I do not think it needs to be this large from looking at previous Channel 4 advertisement.

To improve, I would also use Photoshop to edit the clothing rack in the background more, to make it slightly more realistic because some people may notice that I added new clothing items to it by using another photo that I took.

Furthermore, I could have created some fake hair to go around the girl and her reflections head’s because when I masked each one, I could not go around every strand of hair, therefore by using one of the tools on Photoshop to make hair, it may look more realistic.

Peer feedback:

I like the vibrant colours in the image. As well as the shot of her looking into the mirror, again being blurry creates a good effect. One thing I would improve on, is possibly make the rituals a little bit bigger.


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