Unit 7: 5 – Evaluation

Project metric-

Please give a critical response to the following, use the brief to establish answers.

Time (How long have you got?)

Week 1: I have got nine weeks in total to finish this project. I will make sure that I use my time wisely and give each task the correct amount of time so that it is the best of my ability.

Week 2: I have now got eight weeks left of this project. I am going to spend the next two weeks completing the rest of the planning, I will then spend the following next three weeks filming, and the final three weeks we include the editing process.

Week 3: I now have seven weeks to complete the rest of this project. If I stick to the pre-production schedule, this is the last week of planning, therefore, next week we should start to film. At this stage, there is a possibility we will not finish the script and storyboard due to it taking longer than we expected.

Week 4: I have six weeks left of this project, and the pre-production schedule says we should be starting filming this week, however, we still have not finished the storyboard and script. Therefore, we will finish them this week and then use the next three weeks, including the half term, to complete the filming. Then we would be editing in the final three weeks.

Week 5: There are five weeks left and this week Anna and I are going to start filming this week. Due to us going over with planning an extra week, we will then use the next two weeks to film as well.

Week 6: This is the last week until half term, which is when we will do the majority of our filming. After half term we only have two main weeks of editing so we will have to finish all of the filming during the break to ensure we are sticking to the time schedule.

Week 7 (half term): We only have two weeks after this week to complete the rest of our Revolution project, therefore, need to aim to finish all of the filming this week so we can start to edit as soon as we get back to college. One of our actors suddenly became unavailable to film, therefore we had to find another actor who was willing to be in our interactive video.

Week 8: The last couple of weeks consist of us mainly editing because that is the main task we have left to do. Within, this we have to add sound and upload it to Youtube with all of the annotations.

Week 9: This week we finished the editing of the video and uploaded it to Youtube. However, now we are doing all of the remaining paper work. This consists of all of the evaluations in our sketchbook, script and storyboards and the written essays.


Week 1: I am quite hardworking so I will get on with the tasks when I need to. Also, I am good at giving tasks the correct amount of time to spend on them. This ensures that everything gets finished.

Week 2: We have now made a time schedule that we plan on sticking to, to ensure that we are on track with each stage. Hopefully we will manage to as Anna and I are quite focused students. Even though I did not think I would be able to stick to the time schedule, at this stage, I am on track with the work I am producing.

Week 3: Since it is the beginning of the week, Anna and I are on track with the storyboard and scripts, however, there is a possibility that we will not complete them in time. I am working on the script and Anna is working on the storyboards, therefore it should not take as long to complete them as we are doing a task each.

Week 4: This week was meant to be for filming, however, Anna and I needed an extra couple of days to finish a couple of tasks. I managed to complete the script before Anna had finished the storyboards, therefore, to be more constructive, I completed some of storyboard so that we could start filming. We learnt that the storyboards were more time consuming due to the drawing involved. We may have some time at the weekend to complete some of the filming.

Week 5: We are planning on filming this weekend, so our aim is to get a couple of scenes done. All of the main planning work is complete now, therefore we can print the scripts and be ready to film. We are getting a tripod from the college this week so we will have the correct equipment to start filming.

Week 6: This week we filmed some b-roll in Penzance for the opening title sequence of our interactive film and for parts of the film and we do not think we will have to film anymore as we filmed quite a lot. Also, we have designed a rough option page on Photoshop, therefore, we know what we want the design to look like. However, there are things we want to change but we will do that once we have done more of the filming.

Week 7 (half term): We have filmed the majority of the interactive video, however, we are going to half to continue shooting next week as this is when our actors are available. Even though one of our actors had to be replaced, finding someone else to be in the film was quite easy and we know we can rely on her being able to film next week too.

Week 8: We think we will completely finish the editing within these next two weeks, however, it could be slightly rushed.

Week 9: We have done the majority of the paperwork, therefore, the only parts left is the written evaluations.


Week 1: I may struggle with sticking to the time schedule once we have created one, as I may not complete things in the correct order and I may start and finish things at not the correct times. However, I will still be ensuring that it gets the right amount of time spent on it.

Week 2: Due to it being the last week of planning next week, I am worried that I will not get it all done it time incase some tasks take longer than I expected.

Week 3: Now it is the end of the week, and Anna and I have not completed the script and storyboard. We are going to work on them over the weekend, however, are unsure whether that will be enough time. This has led us to decide to carry on planning in the fourth week rather than starting to film because we want to ensure all the planning is done before attempting to begin filming.

Week 4: We did not manage to complete the tasks over the weekend, therefore, we are going to complete them this week. This means that we are one week behind the schedule, however, we are going to use the half term to finish any filming.

Week 5: When filming this weekend, we only managed to film one scene because it took a lot longer to set up and film as we had never done anything like this before. However, next time we know what we need to do and we are more confident, meaning that it will hopefully not take as long next time.

Week 6: We were meant to film with Holly over the weekend, however, we were both ill so we could not. This means we are a bit behind schedule on filming so we will have to do more over half term.

Week 7 (half term): We are behind on filming because one of the main actors in our film had to drop out as she was, unexpectedly, going away in half term. This meant that the footage we had already shot was useless to us as we had to get another actor in to play the role of Ella. We then had to reshoot every scene again. It is the end of this week, and we still have roughly five scenes to film, therefore, we need two-three hours to film these scenes.

Week 8: We only have two weeks to edit and we think we will be able to do it in this time, however, we will have to work very quickly to ensure that it is done in time.

Week 9: It is the last day to finish the project and we are running out of time to finish the evaluations.

Cost (Do you have a budget?)

Week 1: We do not have a budget for this project, but if we do it will not be much. This is because to get to the location I am filming in, I have family members and public transport that I can use. However, the location we choose may end up being in walking distance therefore there will be not problems. With equipment we may purchase something if needed, however, if it is expensive we will most likely borrow it from college.

Week 2: Right now there is still nothing we have had to pay for because all the locations we are going to are public places therefore there will not be a cost for having to be there. We still have not bought a microphone as we have still not made a final decision on buying it yet as we can most likely borrow one when we need it.

Week 3: Due to us not have finishing the planning this week, we have not bought a microphone still as we have an extra few days to decide if it the best option. At this stage, I think we are going to borrow one as we want to ensure that it works and someone can explain to us how to use it.

Week 4: We still do not have a budget because the interactive film does not need any extravagant clothing, props or equipment; we only need the basics. However, if we do need to buy anything we will split the price between us and get the equipment that we need.

Week 5: There has still be nothing purchased for our film as we have not filmed the scenes with the stalker yet which is when we will have to buy a black hoodie. This will be done during half term when we film these scenes.

Week 6: Due to us filming the majority of the film over half term, we may buy a tripod because we will not have to worry about returning it to college or if we accidentally break it. If we do buy one, we will get the cheapest one we can find that fits our cameras and that is big enough.

Week 7 (half term): Anna and I had to buy a hat for the stalker to wear and a tripod so that we had steadier shots for the film.

Week 8: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.

Week 9: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.


Week 1: My parents are willing to drop me to the places that I need to go, as well as Anna and her family, therefore we will not have to worry about the cost of travelling. This is beneficial because we will not have to worry about getting to a certain place if that is where we are filming. If they cannot take us to the location, we have the opportunity to get public transport such as buses which is not very expensive.

Week 2: We have ensured that the final locations are close together so that the actors in our interactive film will not have to travel far. The majority of the filming will be done in Anna’s house in Heamoor, then some filming will be done in Penzance town which is about at 15-20 minute walk from her house. One of our actors lives in Madron, so it will be easy for him to get to the locations.

Week 3: Everything is still costing nothing at the moment, the only change is that the person we were going to use to be the stalker is unavailable, therefore, Anna has decided that she will be it because you do not see them that often throughout the whole film. Overall, it is not a problem because the role is not that big of a part so Anna is happy to do it.

Week 4: It is the beginning of the week, and there is still nothing that we have had to buy for this interactive film. This is because all the clothing the actors wear are their own clothes, and there have been no props to include yet. When we film the scenes that include the stalker, we may have to purchase a black hoodie, however, they are not expensive.

Week 5: Anna and I have thought that we should ask if our actors, Holly and Ella, have a black hoodie that we could borrow for this project for Anna to wear when she is the stalker. This is because it saves us spending money on one, and then neither of us using it again.

Week 6: The positive thing about buying a tripod between us is that we will both not have to worry if it breaks because we are not planning on spending loads of money on one. Also, this means that the next time we need a tripod for another college project, we have already got one, therefore, we will not have to worry about getting one from college or having to buy one.

Week 7 (half term): The hat that we bought was in the sale, so it only cost us £2, therefore we were happy with that purchase as it was a lot cheaper than we expected to have to pay for it. We then chose to buy a tripod because we thought that it could be handy in future projects within this course.

Week 8: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.

Week 9: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.


Week 1: We do not own a microphone so we will most likely purchase one as they are not too expensive so the budget will still be low.

Week 2: We do not have a microphone yet so may have to purchase one which is not a problem.

Week 3: We still do not have a microphone, however, we are most likely going to borrow one from the college as it is easier.

Week 4: During this week, I have discovered that the tripod I own has broke, therefore, we will have to always borrow one, or I will purchase another.

Week 5: We still do not have a black hoodie yet, however, this is not a major problem yet as we have not needed it yet.

Week 6: It could be seen negatively to be buying a tripod when we could borrow one from college, however, we know that it would be used again so we do not mind.

Week 7 (half term): The tripod that we bought ended up being too small, therefore, we decided to take it back as we thought it would be pointless to keep it.

Week 8: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.

Week 9: No money has been spend due to us only editing now.

Resources (How much time are you spending on the project, what resources do you have? Need?)

Week 1: As we are spending 9 weeks on this project, I will divide my time up wisely; ensuring that every stage has the correct amount of time spent on it so that the outcome is the best of my ability. We have two types of cameras between us: a DSLR camera and a GoPro. This will allow us to get a range of footage such as point of view shots. We also have a tripod that we can use which will ensure that the shot will look more professional as there will be no However, we do not have a microphone so we may have to purchase one so that the sound is better quality.

Week 2: We have checked that our DSLR cameras are both working correctly so that we know that in a couple of weeks when we go to film they will work. We have still not purchased a microphone for the cameras because we want to ensure that it is the right decision as we can most likely borrow one from college when we need to use it.

Week 3: We are going to be doing the majority if the filming at Anna’s house. Therefore, the only boundaries for filming there are if her parents need to be in a room where we are wanting to film a scene. The rest will be filmed around her neighbourhood, the town in Penzance, and outside of my house. However, there are only a one or two scenes needed to be filmed in these other locations.

Week 4: This weekend we filmed a couple of scenes at Anna’s house. They took slightly longer to film than we thought they would due us never having to film something so seriously before. However, we are more prepared for the next time that we film as we now know how to handle the situation better as we are more experienced.

Week 5: Last week I had only printed out the relevant script that we needed for the filming, however, I have now printed them all off so that we can see it more easily and have a much easier access to it. This is helpful because when we film next, there are definite copies of the script that I can hand to the actors.

Week 6: We filmed B-roll this week and we are planning on filming with Holly as she is in a lot more scenes than Ella. To film the B-roll we used Anna’s mobile phone because she has an iPhone 7, therefore, the quality is good enough to not be noticed in our film. The rest of our footage will still be filmed using a Nikon or Canon DSLR though as they will have Holly and Ella acting in them.

Week 7 (half term): This week we are planning to do all of the filming, therefore, we will be using both of our DSLR cameras. We are filming some scenes in Penzance, therefore, need to bring the cameras, scripts and storyboards there so that we know what parts we are filming and what shots we are doing.

Week 8: We are doing all of the editing in these last two weeks, therefore, we need to use the programme, Premiere and Photoshop. Premiere is used to video edit and then we will use Photoshop to create and make final touches to the option pages.

Week 9: We are finishing the editing and then the evaluations. We only have this week so we are in a rush to finish.


Week 1: Both Anna and I own a DSLR camera, therefore we will not have to borrow one from college which will make filming easier because we will not have to worry about giving the camera back to college. I also own a tripod so we will not have borrow one of them from college either so we will be able to use it when we want.

Week 2: Both of our equipment has been checked, therefore we know that it will all be working fine when we start to film. We have looked on Amazon for microphones so we know what the rough prices are.

Week 3: At the end of the week I checked to see if the tripod worked again, however, it had broke. It is not a problem though because we can borrow one from college and purchase one if needed in the future.

Week 4: We are planning on filming a couple of scenes this upcoming weekend and we have everything we need apart from a microphone, however, we can use ADR to re-record what they are saying.

Week 5: Holly and Ella are now able to have their own copies, therefore, they can look at it and rehearse it before we film which should make it quicker to film as they would know what they are doing more.

Week 6: We are at a better stage now that we have filmed the B-roll and we are now on track with our time schedule more due to this. The fact that we used a mobile phone to record some of the footage shows that we are using a range of different cameras to record our film.

Week 7 (half term): We are prepared to film this week with the cameras as we are now basically starting from the beginning. This means we have to work fast so that there is a chance we will complete the video. We have made the final decision that the volume of the sound is good enough in our film as we are running out of time.

Week 8: We know how to use Premiere and Photoshop, therefore, hopefully, it will not take us too long.

Week 9: We are doing the evaluating as fast as possible.


Week 1: Neither of us own a microphone, however, we are planning on buying one so we will not have to borrow one from college. We want to purchase one because it will make the quality of sound much better. Also, with our DSLR cameras they do not pick up sound very well but they do pick up background noises such as the wind, so it will ensure that you can hear the actors talking.

Week 2: We are not going to spend too much on a microphone as after this project we do not know when we would use it again. Also, due to us not spending loads of money on one, we do not know how good it will be and how much sound it will actually pick up.

Week 3: I discovered that the tripod had broke because a bit of plastic had snapped off. This then meant we had to borrow one from college to continue with the plan of filming the upcoming week.

Week 4: When we filmed this weekend, we did not have a microphone on the camera. When looking back at the footage, it is quite hard to hear what the actors are saying, therefore, we are going to have to re-record the dialogue, and place it over the videos. The only problem here is that the actors are going to have to ensure they are saying the dialogue at the exact same time as they did in the recordings, otherwise their mouth will not match up with the words.

Week 5: We said to Holly and Ella that the dialogue they have on the script can be changed slightly to suit what they would actually say to make it seem more realistic. However, we will then need to change the script to match that, or during the evaluating process say that we changed it for that reason.

Week 6: When we film with DSLR over half term, there is a chance that we will need to use ADR when we come back to college as the sound may not pick up. Holly and Ella may have to come into college or we will find someone else to record as their voices.

Week 7 (half term): We need to ensure that both, Anna and I’s cameras are fully charged when filming in Penzance as we will not be able to charge them there. This also means that we would have to film fast and effectively so that we film everything before they run out.

Week 8: Hopefully there are no technical difficulties so we can work as fast as possible, without having to stop and get help.

Week 9: It is quite a long process, therefore, we are doing the best we can.

Scope (What is the scope of the project?)

Week 1: Due to it being the beginning of the project, at this stage the project seems very challenging, therefore, I will need to put in a lot of effort to achieve a grade that I will be happy with.

Week 2: I have done more planning now such as the step outline, and have came to conclusion that it will definitely take a lot of time to film and edit when it comes to that. I realised this after watching videos on how they actually film short films and from editing a scene that we did as a practice.

Week 3: I have now researched more films that include the aspect of stalkers in them. This has taught me what needs to be included in one and that they are more psychological rather than physical. We both now know how to make our stalker more relevant in our storyline.

Week 4: This week we finished our storyboard and script which has shown me that this project is quite hard. This is because they took a week longer than expected to finish, therefore, it is challenging as I originally thought.

Week 5: We have also been reminded that we need to design the option pages which we forgot about as we were so focused on the planning and filming processes. This week we have been creating plans on paper and researching existing option pages from interactive videos so that we can get an idea of what we want to do.

Week 6: This week we were told that we have to make an opening sequence title for our films too. We were not expecting to have to do this, so now we are also thinking of ideas for that too.

Week 7 (half term): Due to us having to re-film this week, we are now having a wider understanding of how long this process can take when there are technical difficulties involved.

Week 8: We are learning that the editing process takes a lot longer than we expected because you have to be precise if you want the quality of it to be good.

Week 9: The evaluation process is taking a lot longer than we expected as we want to evaluate as much as we can so we get a better grade.


Week 1: Anna and I are both willing to put in a lot of effort to get this project done well, so we are ready to start completing it. We also want to achieve good grades so will ensure that we make it the best of our ability.

Week 2: I am now more confident with the filming stage as we have ensured both of us know the storyline, therefore, right now, we are not too worried about the overall project. Next week, which is the final week of planning, we need to then complete the script and storyboard.

Week 3: Due us researching stalkers more, we now know how to make ours better in our interactive film. For example, his behaviour has slightly changed from our original plan because he was meant to be quite dangerous at one of the endings of the film, however, there are now no weapons involved and our plan is for them to mess with the girls’s heads more.

Week 4: The script and storyboard took longer to complete, however, they were not a massive challenge to complete; they were just very time consuming. Out of the two, the script was the hardest to complete as we had only ever written a script once, therefore, the way you word sentences was quite difficult to do and get used to.

Week 5: We have also looked at fonts that we could use on the option pages on dafonts.com because we want to ensure that we use one which matches the themes of our interactive video.

Week 6: This week we filmed B-roll which is going to be featured in our opening title sequence as we think it will be good to show the audience where the film is based. We also are going to include videos of technology, such as computers glitching and feature Instagram in it as they are main features of the film too.

Week 7 (half term): The fact that we are re-filming is making both of us work a lot faster so that we definitely get it completed before the deadline. This is showing us that it is quite a challenge, however, we are doing our best.

Week 8: The process is quite interesting as we can reflect on how well the filming process went.

Week 9: Evaluating is a lengthy process, however, we are doing our best to get in done in the time we have left.


Week 1: The project will probably be quite time consuming due to the amount of planning and filming we know we will have to complete. This means that we need to always be focused in class and use our time wisely.

Week 2: One thing that we may be concerned about is how long it will take to complete the storyboard and script as we want to try and stay on track with the time schedule.

Week 3: We had to alter some parts of the script where it included violence from the stalker as we decided from watching some other film trailers that we did not want to include it. This took some time as it meant that some scenes were completely different, however, it benefited our story.

Week 4: The most time consuming work that Anna and I have had to complete so far were the storyboard and script. One of the main negatives about this was that it caused us to be behind our original time schedule. This showed us that this project is definitely a lot of work.

Week 5: This is another thing to think about that we need to complete, however, we knew that we have had to do this, so therefore, is not much of a problem.

Week 6: We were not expecting to have to make an opening title sequence, therefore we will need to work on that alongside filming and editing. During half term, we can think of more ideas for it and think of how we are going to edit it together. Also, we will have to think about what music we are going to have playing with it.

Week 7 (half term): We are slightly concerned that we are not going to get everything done in time as we still have not completed the filming, option pages and opening title sequence. However, we do not have much left of the filming, we have planned the design of the option pages and we have filmed the majority of the opening title sequence; we just need to put it all together.

Week 8: If you want the videos to flow properly – which we do – it takes a much longer amount of time.

Week 9: Evaluating is quite a boring process, however, it is very important so I am doing my best.

Quality (Are you reviewing and fixing quality problems?)

Week 1: I want the interactive video to be the best of my ability so I want to make it look as professional as possible. This means I will try to use the best quality equipment that I have, Anna has, and the college can provide.

Week 2: At this stage; still having two weeks until we film, we have not asked about or bought a microphone yet which will make the quality of our interactive video better.

Week 3: The planning has taken longer than expected, therefore, we have not been thinking about filming yet; most of our thoughts are there trying to get the final planning tasks done.

Week 4: We decided to film this weekend and did not have a microphone, therefore, some of the sound quality of the footage is not very loud because DSLR cameras do not tend to pick sound up that well.

Week 5: We did not manage to film this week due to the actors being unavailable for specific reasons. However, we looked at the footage that we shot last week again and decided that sound is not too bad. It is quite quiet, however, we may not have to re-film the sound.

Week 6: This week we filmed again and it went well and there we no problems with the cameras or the equipment we used.

Week 7 (half term): When one of the actors became unavailable, we sorted that problem out as soon as we could.

Week 8: There have been no problems so far.

Week 9: One small video clip got edited out of the final product somehow, however, we did not have time to go back and sort it as we had put it on Youtube, and we only had one day left.


Week 1: Due to Anna and I wanting it to be the best of out ability we are ensuring the work we do towards the filming is good enough to be marked.

Week 2: We are still both eager to make a well made interactive film, therefore are keen so start filming so we can use the camera and other equipment.

Week 3: We are looking forward to finishing the planning now so that we can make an interactive film that is the best of our ability.

Week 4: This week we finally started filming so we are both happy to have began this process. We have looked through the footage we have so far and are happy with it. We filmed the same scene multiple times so that when it comes to the editing process, we have a range of videos to select from and we can choose the best one.

Week 5: Anna and I are pleased with the footage we shot last week, and once looking at the sound problem again we have decided that it was not as bad as we thought it was previously. If we need to, we will get Holly and Ella to re-film the dialogue for us to make it louder.

Week 6: When filming the B-roll, we were happy to film it on the iPhone 7 due to the quality being very good. This was also easier as it they are easier to film with because they are smaller and easier to hold.

Week 7 (half term): The day we found out that Ella could not film, was three days before we were going to continue shooting. We worked hard to try and find someone else to replace her, who we knew would take it seriously.

Week 8: Luckily, there have been no problems so far.

Week 9: We learnt from our mistakes from the missing clip; to check multiple times that everything is there in the final cut.


Week 1: Once it comes to filming, there could be technical difficulties which effect the quality of our work, however, if we do not know how to fix them, they will be out of our hands until we go to college and ask for help. But at this point, it is not a problem as we have only just started planning.

Week 2: We need to ensure that we finish the script and storyboard for when we start filming so that we know what we doing when we are filming. This is because it will ensure that we do not waste time and it will make the quality of our work even better as we will have a set plan.

Week 3: Due to it being the end of the week and we are still completing the planning, we will complete it next week instead of filming as we do not want to rush filming as it could lead to it not being our best work.

Week 4: After looking at the footage, the sound is quite hard to hear which is quite inconvenient as we are already behind schedule, however, we expected this to happen as we were not using a microphone.

Week 5: Re-evaluating the sound problem we had last week, we do not think it is as bad now and the only way to solve it is to buy or borrow a microphone or to use ADR and re-film the dialogue completely. However, if we were to do that, this would mean Holly and Ella would have to come to the studio which could be difficult to organise due to them being younger and still attending secondary school.

Week 6: We did not have any problems this week using the mobile phone as we knew the quality was good enough to be used in our film.

Week 7 (half term): We only got told at the beginning of the week that Ella could not film, therefore, it was left quite late notice to tell us. We asked quite a few people but they could not, therefore we asked one of our friends who we knew we would rely on and who would not let us down.

Week 8: There have been no problems so far.

Week 9: We are slightly concerned that the interactive video will not make complete sense, however, we still believe it does, and a few people who have watched it say it still does.

Actions (Do you have action items outstanding)

Week 1: Due to this being the first week of the Revolutions project, there are quite a few small tasks that I need to complete. For example, completing mind maps and doing some more research into what the digital revolution is.

Week 2: Due to Anna and I working together, we now need to decide on smaller parts of the storyline. For example, the names of the two characters, which house would be more convenient and the personalities of the characters.

Week 3: We are now at the end of the planning and are completing the last two tasks: the script and storyboard. I think we have managed to stick to the time schedule with all the other tasks, therefore have completed them. Now we only need to finish the final two, time consuming tasks.

Week 4: This week we managed to finish the rest of the planning. At this moment I cannot think of anything that we have not finished, however, as the project continues there may be tasks that we did know we had to complete.

Week 5: We have the option pages to design, however, we have made a rough plan on what we think it could possibly look like. To help, we could look into more fonts and watch more interactive videos to help get an idea of what we could do.

Week 6: We had some B-roll to film which we completed this week. We need to photocopy and print off quite a bit of paperwork, such as, the scripts and the storyboards.

Week 7 (half term): All we are focused on this week is to do as much filming as possible so that we can start editing next week.

Week 8: We have B-roll that we never actually need to add into the main video.

Week 9: We have finishing touches of paperwork we need to do, such as the project metric.


Week 1: I have already started to complete my sketchbook which is good because it is very time consuming. My sketchbook will have mind maps and other ideas for the interactive film in. I will make it visual as that is the best way to remember information.

Week 2: We have decided on the main ideas of our story, for example, we have chosen the storyline, that we are going to have three main characters, who the actors are and how we are going to get from the locations.

Week 3: It is the beginning of the week and we are on track with where we should be. This is because we have tried to complete any additional smaller tasks as we have gone to use our time more wisely.

Week 4: This week we finished planning instead of filming but we have now finished it all and we are ready to film.

Week 5: Since we have researched existing option page designs, and we have designed our own, we now just need to make them all on Photoshop.

Week 6At this stage, we think we have completed most smaller tasks because we have now filmed all of the B-roll.

Week 7 (half term): We have filmed most of the film, but need to set a day next week where both actors can film so that we can film a few more scenes.

Week 8: It does not matter that we are not using the B-roll and it was not a waste of time because we used it in the opening title sequence.

Week 9: I have done my best to complete the project metric weekly, and have succeeded most weeks.


Week 1: I need to ensure I keep on top of completing my sketchbook as in the last project I did not buy one until half way through which meant I had to rush some of it. This time, I plan on completing it weekly so I do not rush.

Week 2: When choosing whose house is more convenient, we need to think wisely as we will be filming for roughly three weeks. This means we need to choose the house which will give us the opportunity to film in most. For example, we will choose the house where it is the quietist to film at.

Week 3: We are unsure whether one of the actors can still film for it as he may be unavailable, however, I am sure we will be able to sort something else out if that does occur.

Week 4: The only small, unfinished task I can currently think of it to add the type of lighting into our storyboards. However, this will not take long as the majority of it will be the same when we film in the house.

Week 5: Due to us only having a couple of weeks left, we need to use our time wisely and make complete the final design soon to ensure we finish everything by the deadline.

Week 6: We need to choose the best B-roll clips that we filmed in Penzance which suit the film the most.

Week 7 (half term): We were hoping we would finish all of the filming this week, however, there has not been enough time, therefore, we will finish it next week.

Week 8: We learnt for next time, to film more relevant B-roll that would fit into the video more.

Week 9: I have not completed in as much detail these last couple of weeks due to being in a rush with trying to finish the evaluations.


Unit 7-

At the beginning of this project, the first thing I did to help with my understanding of interactive videos was to research them, which then ended up with me writing an essay on it. This showed the progress from just research, to then putting the information I had learnt into sentences. This was beneficial as it gave me a deeper understanding of what I had to actually create; an interactive video. I then looked into interactive video examples on Youtube so that I could visually understand what I had to make. An example of one that I watched was called, Take The Knife, which was an educational one that taught about the negatives of knife crime. This gave me ideas for our own video because it helped me make the choice that I wanted it to have some sort of life lesson in it. Due to the brief saying that it had to be about ‘revolution’ and the digital revolution specifically, this is when we came up with the idea of an internet stalker.

Further on into the research, we watched interactive videos again on Youtube, however, I paid more attention to the option page designs as that is something else we had to create on Photoshop. We began to point out the positives and negatives of them so that we could use it to help influence our choices on the design on our one. I then sketched out ideas of what possible option pages we could have. I then did some on Photoshop so I could practice for when we make the final ones. To get the finishing product I interpreted ideas from all the designs and made the finishing product. This helped because we were more confident when completing them. We then started looking at the fonts and taking into consideration how we wanted it to make the audience feel and if it would catch their eye. This is why we decided to choose a bold font as it stood out and made the video more powerful.

One thing that I have learnt during this project is how to use Photoshop more. I  was able to remember most things I had learnt from previous projects which was beneficial because I could get on with the work, as well as learning new techniques. Also, it is very useful that I now know how to add annotations to Youtube videos. I learnt how to do this during this project whilst making a test interactive video. However, I now confident that I can make one independently.

During the editing and exporting process, there was one thing we could have improved; ensuring that everything is on the final cut. This is because we realised once uploading to Youtube and adding the annotations that we had forgotten to add in one specific clip. We are unsure of how this happened, yet it could possible cause some confusion when watching the video. However, Anna and I have watched it back with other people and they have not been confused, therefore, we hope that it goes being unnoticed. This taught us that in the future we need to check multiple times being exporting the video and to check after exporting that it is all there, before uploading it. We would have gone back onto Premiere and changed it, but we were running out of time because it was the day before the deadline and we had lots of other tasks to do, such as evaluating.

We chose each option for a purpose to try and add excitement within the video. Originally, we had more than three different different options, however, we thought about it and discovered that it would take too long. I am glad we made that decision because it was a very stressful process of filming. This is because Ella dropped out last minute as she had to go on holiday so we had to quickly find another actor. This took a few days to sort out and we were already behind, therefore, if we had more than three option pages, we would be extremely behind and would have struggled even more to get everything done.

Overall, if I were to do this project again, I would have added more colour into our option pages because they were not that bright. One reason for this is because the background of the pages that we added a ‘gaussian blur’ to were not that brightly coloured, therefore, it was difficult to make them eye-catching. However, one way of doing this would have been to change the colour of the fonts from black and white to a more bright colour on each one. This would have then meant that they did not all look similar and would have not had the same colour theme; possibly making them look untidy.


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