Unit 7: 1 – Assignment

Unit 7-

Interactive media essay:

Interactive media ensures that the consumers have an input, whether it is an app or a responsive website. Furthermore, there are choices involved – you basically get to choose where you go next and what you want to see on the platform. Examples of interactive media include, apps, interactive television, games and virtual environments, social media, virtual reality, responsive websites, augmented reality, and digital art installations. Apps can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube which are also a type of popular social media in this day.

More specifically, Instagram is a social media app which is a very popular, with 600 million active users. This app is interactive because you get to choose who you follow,  who follows you, and what images or videos you post. The fact that it has so many active users is a pro because it gives people a wide range of people to follow, therefore they get to see a wide range of photos / videos of what they are interested in. The consumers find Instagram popular and participate within the app because Instagram is all visual. Whatever your interests are, you get to choose whose photos / videos you see based around that. There are also hashtags which people tend to put on the caption of their photos. They choose what hashtag they type depending what the photo is because it tends to be something about the photo. Consumers can then go through different hashtags that they are interested in to view the photos that they want to see. However, a con of Instagram is that once you post a photo or video on the app, they no longer belong to you. For example, a business can use your images to promote their product without your permission. This can be dangerous because the users do not know and will not know who has their photos and where they have gone if they have been used / taken.

Secondly, virtual games are a type of interactive media. There are many life simulation games, such as the The Sims series, where 5 million copies were sold of the newest series. With these games you get to choose what your characters do in the game; this is what makes it interactive because you choose how the game plays out. Furthermore, you choose what your characters appearance is, choose their job, and design their house, therefore, the consumer is completely in charge of the game. A pro of these types of games, is that you are completely in charge of them and have full choice of what happens, you are also then completely absorbed within the game too as it can be as if you are there. A con is that people can become addicted to the virtual world: becoming obsessed, and acting like their real life is not as important.

In general, the pros for apps are that you can use them on a number of different devices and platforms. For example, you can use Twitter on android and Apple mobile phones, then a number of tablets and laptops. This makes it easy to be able to access yours and others accounts wherever you are. Another pro is that you can go on the apps on the go, for example, when you are out and about because you can go on them on most mobile phones these days.

Interactive television is when you, the consumer, have the opportunity to get involved with voting and having a say of what happens on some TV programmes. For example, it is most popular and relevant on reality TV programmes such as The X Factor and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of here, where you get to text in, or use their app to choose who you want to stay. A pro of this is that you get to be involved with who wins the shows so it can make it more interesting and exciting. But a con is that sometimes the shows can be fixed so the show actually chooses a winner but the consumers do not know and think they are the ones choosing.

Traditional media includes television, radio, newspapers, books, and magazines which were used more before new media was created – this is how information got around the world. Nowadays, new media is used which mainly refers to different types of digital media, such as online information which can be shared on websites, emails and apps. The benefits of new media is that you can access it on smart devices and laptops so it is easy to access if you are out. However, a con is that not everyone has a smart device to be able to access the information online, so they would still use traditional media to find out information. A pro of traditional media is that with newspapers, all the information that is relevant that day / week is right there, therefore you would not have to go on the internet to find other information. A con is that new media is easy to access but with traditional media you have to go out and buy the newspapers / magazines.

A type of interactive media can be interactive videos, which are normally found on the app, Youtube, where 4,950,000,000 videos get watched everyday. On this app you can post and view videos that you are interested in. Interactive videos are when the video will play but choices appear on screen that you get to choose from. They take you to different parts of the video, which allows the consumer to determine where the story goes. Types of interactive videos can be used for education, crime prevention, advertising, promotion, training and introductory. In general, the con of interactive videos within recreational purposes are that they are not very popular because the majority of them are made by students so are not as professional. Therefore, they do not get that recognised in the media. However, the pro is that I think this is a good platform to post videos because it is a popular app, therefore, lots of people do have the opportunity to watch the videos. Another pro is that when they are for crime prevention purposes, they are a good way to demonstrate the consequences involved if you commit the crime. An example of an interactive video is Take The Knife which is on Youtube. In this video are a group of males who are trying to encourage another male to commit a crime. The video is quite realistic as it shows something that could happen, therefore is a good way to publicly show the dangers of doing it. If a company chooses to make an interactive video as a form of advertisement, it would benefit them because they are a fun way to show something. This is because they tend to be quite short and exciting to complete.

There are technical problems that we need to think about when filming an interactive video. For example, we need to ensure that we have suitable and good quality equipment. This means we will need to ensure that we are shooting with a DSLR camera as they have good quality and fit most tripods. This will ensure that the film looks professional. Secondly, we need to make sure that you can hear the sound of the dialogue that is spoken by the characters. To ensure that the audience can hear it, we may need to use a microphone so that it picks it up and you do not hear the wind if we are filming outside.

Also, there are narrative problems we need to consider when completing the script and other planning. For example, we need to make sure that it is not predictable and that we have not copied someone elses idea completely. This is because it will be boring for the audience to watch as they will have a rough idea of what is going to happen.









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