Unit 6 – Evaluation


The first stage of this was when we had to create a mood board which represented how I wanted Anna and I’s interactive video to look like. It included photos of some specific shots, such as low-angle shots, that we wanted to use because we thought that they represented the persona of the characters and how they were feeling in the scenes. Overall, I think it was very beneficial for when we started planning the storyboards and filmed because we had an idea of what we wanted everything to look like on screen. I then completed a project visualisation page which showed the progress I had made since the mood board. It gave a deeper understanding of how I wanted more specific parts of the film to look and certain points of the story.

Another starting point was that we looked into different lightings in the studio, for example, low-key lighting, which is one type of lighting that we wanted to use in the video. However, we struggled with getting the lighting we wanted to use due to us having no professional lights and equipment. It was especially difficult when filming outside as we could not control the natural light. From looking at these different lightings did help because it taught us what lightings are appropriate for certain scenes and what lightings we would be using if we were to work in the media industry in the future.

Everything we did during this project was for a reason, for example, the locations. We chose to film in Penzance because it is the closest town to us, therefore, it was the easiest to get to and benefited Anna and I, and our actors. Originally, we were meant to film in an alleyway in town because they seem more sketchy and edgy than a main street which would be very busy. However, we ended up filming in a side street instead because the alleyway we were planning on filming in is a popular route for people to go through. This meant that people kept walking into shot and looking at the camera; making the quality of the film go down. This then meant we had to go to another quieter street to ensure that not as many people would walk into the frame.

The main piece of information I learnt, was that everything in the frame (mise-en-scene) is there for a reason. For example, in our film, Holly’s bedroom is specifically designed the way it is because it reflects her personality and the audience can see who she is as a character a lot more. This is more of a fun and exciting way of discovering information about a character because instead of them just saying it, you can to visualise what they like. Especially because we showed photos of the character; allowing the audience to see that she is a friendly person who clearly likes to spend time with her friends and family. This is a positive because our plot line is quite negative at some points, therefore, knowing the audience can see that the main character, Holly, is a good person, makes them feel sorry for her a lot more.

This is one thing I am pleased with most is that the characters came across how we wanted them to be. Not only did Holly, Ella did too because of the way she reacted when texting Holly after seeing the video the stalker had posted. She seemed very caring and was not only panicking for herself, she was worried about Holly. Their clothing they wore was casual yet presentable, therefore, represented who they are as people. I think that it reflected that they are not posh or uptight; they are genuine nice people.

Another thing I learnt in this project, was how to set up the studio when we were experimenting with the different lighting and learning when we should use these types of lightings in our own interactive film. This helped me as it gave me the knowledge for future projects when I may have the opportunity to use specific lightings.

Overall, if I were to do this project again, I would possibly include more personal items in other rooms of Holly’s house; indicating that it is actually her home that we filmed in. We could have added a couple older photos of her so that you could actually tell that it was her in the photos. Also, I would see if there is any chance I could use professional lighting equipment so that I could get a range of different lighting sources which would make the final edit look a lot more professional and eye-catching. Even though we knew when we wanted to include specific lighting, if we included it, it would show that we definitely know what we are going on about.


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