Unit 5: 4 – Evaluation

3.1 Analyse the effectiveness of solutions to an audio based problem in creative media production.

Unit 5-

At the beginning of this project, one of the first things I did to get an idea of how audio is added in and recorded is to research it using some questions we got given. This benefited us in the filming and editing stages of our interactive video because we understood more techniques of how to improve the sound quality. Also, we learnt how the majority of sound effects are added to film / TV in the media industry. For example, they add it in during a process called foley, which is when there are a couple of people in the studio which are watching the video and creating suitable sounds that match what the characters are doing. One popular sound they have to make, is to run or walk on the spot; matching to how fast the characters are walking or running. This is because these sounds are not picked up when filming.

Another starting point of the project, was to watch and analyse other film / TV which is similar to what we were making so that we could get ideas of what sound effects we should add in to make the video seem more realistic. A web series called, ‘t@gged’, influenced our decision on what sounds to be added as well as some of the content. The reasons for this is because the story line included things that we wanted to include in ours, such as the fact the characters in it get tagged in a video and it is all based on social media. This show was very relevant to this project and by watching it, it benefited our final piece.

Throughout this project, we had many questions about the audio for the interactive video when we were creating it, and once we had made it. For example, when we were in the planning stages, we were unsure to use a microphone as we did not know if you could borrow one from college or whether we would have to buy one. However, in the end we did not use one because we decided that if the sound quality of Holly and Caitlin speaking was not understandable, we could use ADR and replace the dialogue by saying the lines at the same time they are said in the video. This could have been done professionally in the studio, however, we chose to record it on a mobile phone and email it to where we were editing the film because we could not go to the studio as we were running out of time. Now the video is complete, one of the ways we could have improved it would be to record the ADR properly because some parts of the interactive video do not seem as professional due to the audio not matching the video at a couple points.

Due to us having to add foley in at some stages when some sound was not heard when we recorded it, we learnt how to find suitable sounds that fitted with the context of the video, as well as sounding realistic. I am pleased that we successfully used this as it was a new skill that I had learnt. An example of when it was used is when we had to add the sound of the mobile phones going off. The reason for adding this is because when filming, the actors phones did not actually go off, the pretended they had as it would have been difficult to make them come in at the correct time and they would have not been loud enough. Foley makes the audio incredibly clear so that you can easily hear what is going on.

The skills I would need to improve for the future is how the ADR studio works as we never used it during this project, therefore, if I was to make another video which had dialogue in which needed to be replaced with ADR, I would need to be shown how to use the studio. This would then improve the video as the sound would be very clear; making the audience appreciate it more and think that it is more professional.

Overall, if I were to do this project again, I would consider the audio slightly more and make time to go into the studio if I need to re-record specific parts of it. This is because it would make the quality of the interactive film a lot better and it ensures that everyone can definitely understand what the characters are saying. Luckily, in our film there is not that much dialogue and considering that it is only a short film, the dialogue of the actors is not that bad because the majority of it is filmed inside, therefore, there is no wind which is what we struggled with when watching back the footage. The main thing I would do to differently next time, is to borrow or purchase a microphone to use when filming outdoors so that the wind is not picked up; ensuring you can hear the dialogue the actors are saying.


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