Unit 5: 2 – Planning

1.2 Apply research activities to support solutions to an audio-based problem in creative media production.

2.1 Demonstrate the ability to plan, organise and present solutions to an audio-based problem in creative media production.

Planning for sound:

Diegetic sound

Atmospheric / background

  • Dogs barking
  • Birds

Man made sounds

  • Cars – driving, horns, engine running, door slamming
  • Buses – driving, engine running, doors opening
  • Taxis – driving, horns, engine running, door slamming
  • Motorbikes – driving, engine running

Human sounds

  • Single voices / groups – talking, shouting
  • Characters in the scene
  • Breathing
  • Footsteps

Non diegetic sound

Narration / voice over

We will have voice over so that you can hear the dialogue of the characters better.


  • Creepy / eerie music when something bad happens to build tension for the audience. The majority of the music will be like this as it is this genre of film / video.
  • Light hearted music at the beginning when you first see the main character to set the scene.
  • Pop (relevant) music for the main character to be listening to as she is a stereotypical teenaged girl.

How we will obtain sounds?

We will obtain these clips by going onto the website soundsnap.com and download them from there because there is a very wide range of sounds to choose from. Also, the sounds from there are clear to hear as they were recorded well. This is the easiest way to get sound without having to worry about how we are going to get the correct sounds which are good quality.

What equipment will we use?

If we do choose to record some sounds, we will purchase / borrow a microphone so that it is the best quality that we can do. We would not use apps because they would pick up unwanted background noises which would make it seem less professional. Also, we will use the studio to record some specific sounds such as people running if we needed to. The studio will then be used to record dialogue so it is clear for the audience to understand.


The webseries, t@gged, was a big influence for our plot on our interactive film so we re-watched the first episode to listen to the sounds closely to see if there were any that we could include in our interactive video.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.44.32.png

During this clip, lighthearted happy music is playing as it is setting the scene to where one of the main characters lives. Also, at this point nothing majorly weird or creepy has happened, therefore, the episode is still “happy” so the music is suitable for the story so far.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.44.43

In our interactive film, we are going to include a scene when the main character is in there bedroom and wakes up, therefore, seeing this scene helps as it includes possible sounds for us to use. The music in the background is still lighthearted and happy because it is still the beginning of the episode so nothing bad has happened yet.


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