Wonderland – Project metric

Time (How long have you got?)

Week 1: This project started on the 6th March and ends on the 26th May; giving myself roughly ten weeks to complete it. I will ensure that I use my time wisely to ensure that the final product is produced to the best of my ability.

Week 2: These first few weeks will consist of me planning and researching so that I have a good understanding of my initial idea. I want to use a variety of different research, such as primary and secondary so that it shows that I have used range of techniques to collect information. For example, I could do surveys, use books and then use the internet to obtain information.

Week 3: Three weeks in and I have currently stuck to my time schedule. So far I have only really done research, however, I have gone into detail more specifically with the style of product I want to create.


Week 1: As this is the final major project, we have the longest amount of time to spend on it compared to previous projects. This means that I should be able to create a final piece which matches my target grade.

Week 2: I have made a time schedule as it will help ensure that I am on track with the work I need to produce. As the first few weeks only consist of researching, I think I am in a good position with the amount of information I have gathered so far.

Week 3: As this is the third week of research, I have looked into how I want to style and represent my clothing brand, Wonderland. As I am making four promotional material posters and a mock up of a website on Photoshop, I have started to analyse clothing websites such as Zara, and began to consider the smaller details on my posters.


Week 1: As this is the final major project, I feel as if there is quite a lot of pressure to do well as it will majorly effect my final grade for this year. I have roughly ten weeks to complete it, and I will try to use the time I have effectively to make a product that I am proud of.

Week 2: To achieve a good grade, I need to ensure that I use as many research techniques as possible and to always evaluate every choice I have made; saying why I chose it and why I think that it is a good idea which will benefit my project. However, I also need to evaluate the bad decisions I have made and say why I have no chosen them to use for my project.

Week 3: Due to all of the products I am wanting to make include photographs, I need to ensure that I book the photography studio out in enough time so that I can organise the models, clothing and props if I need them.

Cost (Do you have a budget?)

Week 1: As I am doing fashion promotional material and website, I will most likely need to buy clothes for the photo shoots. This is because, at this stage I have not decided the style of clothing I want my fashion brand to advertise, therefore, if it includes a clothing style that I personally do not own, or my friends do not own clothes to, it means I will have to purchase some.

Week 2: From carrying out some research, I have decided that the style of clothing I want to use are retro clothes. For example, clothing like dungarees, denim jackets and old-style jumpers. This is because I like these styles of clothing, and at this moment, they are in fashion and are popular, therefore, due to them being relevant, my posters and website will be more accurate.

Week 3: Due to further research of looking at clothing websites, such as Gucci and Dior, I have decided that I want to have more of a classy look as their clothes clearly look more expensive and high-end which is what I want mine to be. This means that I will have to purchase some clothes so that it fits the style that I want.


Week 1: There is a chance that I will already have the majority of the clothes that I need to use as I could use my own clothing and my friends. However, I will not know for definite until I made the final decision on the style I want.

Week 2: If I choose this retro style of clothing, I have the majority of the clothing myself and my friends will allow me to borrow their clothes. This is one of the other reasons I am leaning towards choosing this style, as well as the fact it would mean I will not have to spend much money.

Week 3: Since my idea has changed from average looking clothes to more expensive clothes, this means I will have to find clothes which look similar to these costly clothes but are not expensive. I could look in charity shops for clothes like this because they tend to have decent looking clothes in there for as cheap as £3.


Week 1: As there is a chance that I will have to purchase clothes, this means that I will have to spend my money, however, I do not mind if it benefits my project and the final grade that I achieve.

Week 2: One of the reasons for choosing this style is because it is the easiest option to go for as I have quite a few items of clothing which are this style. However, this is the easy option to go down, therefore, I may change this initial idea to something more exciting and challenging. Also, I need the clothing to suit the style of promotional material I am making, meaning another style of clothing may be better.

Week 3: As my idea has altered, I am now going to have to purchase some second hand clothing so that the style is matches the design of the posters and website. Furthermore, this means that I will have to buy clothing, but to spend as little as possible, I will go to various charity shops to see what they have for sale.

Resources (How much time are you spending on the project, what resources do you have? Need?)

Week 1: I have ten weeks roughly to spend on this project, therefore, I will divide my time up carefully; ensuring that I do not waste any of it. To complete this project I need to use a computer so that I can edit on Photoshop and complete secondary research online, I will need to have a camera so that I can take photographs of the models for the promotional material posters and mock up website, and I will need to use the photography studio so that I can use the lights and the white backdrop.

Week 2: As I have purchased Photoshop, this means it should make it easier to produce test products because I can work on them at home, as well as at college. This is beneficial for when we do not have college as I can still improve my Photoshop skills and ideas.

Week 3: Not only do I want to use the internet to obtain secondary information, I want to use books, therefore, this means using the libraries which are provided at the college. This is useful as it will help with my final grade because it shows that I can use different resources to help with my project.


Week 1: At college, I have access to computers which have Photoshop on, but I also have Photoshop on my own Macbook, therefore I have the opportunity to work on both. Also, I have a camera so I can take photos, however, the majority of the photos will need to be taken at college as I will need to use the photography studio. This is because by using the lights available there, they make the photographs look a lot more professional which is obviously very important as my fashion company is meant to sell high-end products.

Week 2: Due to buying Photoshop, I can practice making products which should benefit this project when it comes to creating my final four posters and the website for Wonderland.

Week 3: There is a section in the library at college for photography and media related topics which should help as it means there are a variety of books I can look at. I think the photography ones will specifically help as that is a main part of my project. For example, I can look at one which may include the type of lighting which suits fashion photography.


Week 1: From looking at existing, successful clothing websites, the images on them do not only include studio photography, they also include images of models posing outside. This then means I will have to organise a day when the people I use as my models can all go to s specific place where I will take photographs of them.

Week 2: The Photoshop on the computers at college is an older version to the one I have on my Macbook. This means I cannot open the test products I make on my Macbook on the ones at college. Therefore, I will either have to ensure I bring it in to college most days that I know I will be creating something, or I will just have to remember to make my final products on the computers at college.

Week 3: As I will have to read quite a bit of the books I use to find information which is relevant, there may be times where there is nothing actually useful in it to help with my project. Even though this will be frustrating, I will still have to evaluate why it was no help.

Scope (What is the scope of the project?)

Week 1: As this is the beginning of the project, at this stage it seems incredibly daunting as my final grade relies on it. This shows me that I need to put in a lot of hard work to ensure the grade is something that I am happy with.

Week 2: From making my time schedule for the project, it has shown me that there are a lot of different tasks that need to be complete to achieve a successful product. I need to try and stick to this schedule as I do not want to be behind with lots of work, for example, I need to try and regularly update my sketchbook with the work I produce.

Week 3: Due to the first three weeks on this only really consisting of research, it has shown me that I need to consider lots of different things when creating the posters. For example, I need to think about the clothing and lighting. Therefore, I have came to conclusion that this project is very time consuming and that I need to evaluate every choice that I make.


Week 1: I am a hardworking student and I always want to produce work which is the best of my ability, therefore – hopefully – I will be able to make products that I am proud of and that I am happy to submit.

Week 2: So far, I have completed all the work I have done in my sketchbook, so I am hoping that I carry on doing so if I have enough time every week. The only thing that will stop me is if other parts of the project become too time consuming; allowing me no time to complete my sketchbook.

Week 3: As long as I stick to my time schedule and remember everything that I need to do when creating my products, the process should go smoothly. Furthermore, I can practice making posters and website layouts, then evaluating what I need to improve or include in future mock ups, so that when it comes to the final products, I know what I need to include.


Week 1: The project will probably be quite intense due to the amount of planning and making of the posters / website layout we will have to complete. This means that I need to always be focused in class and use my time wisely.

Week 2: Now I have a time schedule in place, I need to try and stick with it so that everything is finished in time and I am not getting stressed. One thing that I think I will get behind on it completing my sketchbook because it is quite a tedious process as it can take a while to write everything out.

Week 3: To achieve a high grade, I learnt from the last project that I need to evaluate everything I choose to do. This is because it shows that I know why I wanted to made a specific decision or why I did not want to choose to do something that will not benefit my project.

Quality (Are you reviewing and fixing quality problems?)

Week 1: I want the promotional material posters and website layout to be the best of my ability so I want to make it look as professional as possible; which is very important because the fashion brand I am creating, Wonderland, is supposed to seem real. This means I will try to use the best quality equipment / resources, for example, Photoshop and the photography studio to give this skilful effect.

Week 2: As I am researching and still will be next week, I am just gathering ideas of what I want to actually create right now. This means I have not really thought about how I am going to make the products yet. However, I know I will need to use Photoshop and the photography studio, which both do not cause any problems as I have easy access to them.

Week 3: There have been no major problems so far, the only thing that I was indecisive about was the style of clothing the brand would be advertising; however, now I had decided. My decision for choosing a high-end fashion look should benefit my project as it suits the style of how I want to create my posters and website.


Week 1: To make the quality of the products seem professional, I need to research lots of different existing promotional material created for fashion brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry. This will help because it will show me how high-end, popular brands create successful advertisement. Also, I will look at these fashion brands’s websites so I can learn how the pages are laid out because I want my one to appear like their ones.

Week 2: Luckily, the college has lots of resources I can use to make the best work possible. The photography studio will make the photographs seem a lot better quality compared to me taking photos against a white wall with no lighting, which is important since my promotional material is supposed to be for a successful brand. The computers at college have Photoshop on them which is essential to what I am creating because that is the software I will use to create them. However, I also have Photoshop on my laptop; therefore I can use both.

Week 3: By choosing more expensive looking clothing to use in my promotional material is beneficial because it suits the style of how successful the brand, Wonderland, is supposed to be. It will represent it to look like it is just as strong as other fashion brands such as Burberry and Calvin Klein.


Week 1: As the photographers, graphic designers and everyone else who is involved in the process of creating the promotional material and websites of brands such as, Tommy Hilfiger and Zara are professionals, it will be hard to replicate their work in mine. However, I can try to use ideas from all the fashion brands that I like and interpret it all in my own way so that it is unique to everyone else’s.

Week 2: When using the photography studio, I have to book a week or two in advance as it is a very popular place which is used. This means being organised and remembering to book it in advance. Also, not all the computers at college have Photoshop on, therefore, I will have to work around that problem and try to access one which does when I can.

Week 3: A problem which could occur from wanting to use more expensive clothing is that I can not afford to buy clothing which is from the high-end shops. This means the clothing I use will have to be similar items to what brands like Gucci use because on camera, it will seem as if the clothing is of that quality: the audience will not be able to tell as they will never see the clothing in person.

Actions (Do you have action items outstanding)

Week 1: Due to this being the first week of the Wonderland project, there are quite a few small tasks that I need to complete. For example, completing mind maps and doing continuous research into what Wonderland means to me.

Week 2: As I am still in the researching stage, there are still not that many other small tasks that I have needed to do. For example, all I have done is research my Wonderland and then ideas of what I can create.

Week 3: I am looking into the more specific styles of the posters and more of the detail that I want to include. I have always wanted to include a small part of Alice in Wonderland within the posters because that is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the word, wonderland.


Week 1: At this stage there are only small tasks which need completing; therefore, I am not worried yet as they will not take that long to complete. For example, I need to complete a mind map on how I interpret the word, wonderland, and ideas of what product I could possibly create.

Week 2: I have chosen to create four promotional material posters advertising a fashion brand called Wonderland, and I will make a website layout on Photoshop of what the website would look like if I created one. This links to the brief because Wonderland could  be anything – you could interpret it anyway you like as long as you explain. Therefore, I chose to do mine relating to fashion because it is something that I like, and I see Wonderland as being something you like.

Week 3: I am glad I am interpreting a part of Alice in Wonderland within my fashion brand, Wonderland. This is because I will only include subtle hints within the posters that Alice in Wonderland was an idea of mine. For example, I might have a poster of a girl with shoes as rabbit ears as one of the main characters in the films is the rabbit.


Week 1: I need to ensure I keep on top of completing my sketchbook which I managed to do most of the time with my last project. This is to ensure that I do not end up just rushing it last minute which is sort of what I did in the first project.

Week 2: I need to make sure I have enough time to create the four promotional material posters and the website. However, if it takes longer than I expected and I only have time to create one product, I will not make the website layout as the posters are my main priority.

Week 3: As I am only being subtle with including Alice in Wonderland, some people may not understand and notice but that should not effect their opinion on the posters as they will look right pass it.


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