Wonderland – Final evaluation

4.1 Critically evaluate a creative media project against the agreed requirements and parameters.

The starting point of this project included annotating the brief to ensure that I understood what I had to do in this project and what I should do to try and achieve the grade I wanted. Next, I completed basic research on the word, Wonderland, so that I had a better understanding of what this project could consist of. I then transformed this new knowledge into a mind map to ensure that I did not forget any possible ideas. The first major idea that I knew I somehow wanted to include in my work was, Alice in Wonderland. Furthermore, once I had discovered that I wanted to create something that was print based, I went onto, Pinterest to obtain more ideas – every part of research that I did was documented in my production log. When I had realised that I wanted to create some sort of posters which related to fashion, Alice in Wonderland and graphic design, this meant I could start to pin point specific ideas on Pinterest. The easiest way for me to think of a more specific idea was to create a test product because it meant that I could evaluate it and see what I liked / disliked. After making this, the last major part of the beginning of my research included creating my mood boards because these clearly demonstrated everything that I wanted to use and include in my work. However, later on in my research, I discovered that I wanted to create a mock-up website to go alongside the posters I was going to make because it was another format that I could display my brand, Wonderland in. The research I had done on my posters was still very beneficial to my website because I wanted the style of it to be the same as these posters so that it clearly showed that they were linked and from the same brand. Additionally, the research I did from after my mood boards consisted of being quite precise and broke down my initial ideas into more detail so that I could choose every aspect of it clearly. Overall, these starting points of my project definitely helped me shape the way my project is now and every aspect of it helped me create my final posters and the mock-up website.

My inspiration for my project mostly consisted of, Quentin Jones’s work because her work includes collages and is very abstract which is the sort of style I was going for when creating my products. Each poster of mine has some sort of inspiration from her in it because her work is very unique and quirky, which is what I wanted to include. This is because I wanted to add subtle hints of, Alice in Wonderland, and as these films / books contain weird concepts, the inspiration of her work allowed me to see that I could include this without my products looking childish. This is due to the fact that, Quentin, includes abstract aspects in her work and successfully creates an effective poster, without it looking tacky. Another inspiration was, Karen Rosalie, however, this was more based on her work ethic as she is very organised and the way she approaches creating a product was very useful to know and helped me create mine. For example, she said that she can obtain ideas from anything; that it does not have to specifically be about the format of product. This helped as it meant that I could look at another creative format, such as a music video, analyse it and see that there are aspects of it which I could use in my own work. Overall, from researching these two photographers / illustrators, it gave me ideas for my products and definitely inspired me to make my products look the way that they do.

Something that I learnt from this project was how to link everything I made together; to have a theme. This is because I made four separate posters and then a homepage and the ‘new in’ page to go with it, which meant that they all had to have similarities in them so that it ensured that looked as if they were from the same brand that I made up, Wonderland. To do this, I ensured that the colour theme was the same: pastel colours, that I had a house-style used on both products: white boarder, and that they all included abstract shapes in the background. Overall, I think that every poster and website page that I created work well together and clearly look as if they are from the same brand. This is important because if they did not all have similarities, they would have the appearance of complete random products.

I have enjoyed many aspects of this project, but most importantly, the fact that I have been able to express my interests and ideas all into this was very interesting to do. As this project consisted of all of my work, everything I did with it was because I wanted to do it; making it more exciting because there were no barriers to what I had to create like the other projects where we got told the format of the product. This project enabled me to create the style of product that I am interested in and in which I have complete control of. The only barrier I had in this project was that it had to be based around the word, Wonderland, however, we could interpret it anyway that we wanted to, as the word means ‘a land or place full of wonderful things’. This meant that it could be about whatever we thought was wonderful and what we were interested in, therefore, I made mine based on fashion, photography and graphic design. Another aspect of the project which I enjoyed, included using the photography studio to take the photos for my posters and mock-up website. This was because I had never used it properly before and had spent a long time in there. Also, as there were only a few of us in there, I was more comfortable when taking the photos. Overall, out of all three projects I have done so far, this was definitely the most interesting and exciting because I had more control of what I could do and create within it.

Throughout the project, there have been moments where something did not go according to plan and were not very successful. For example, when I started to create my test product for my website, this was originally going to be the final mock-up website, however, the style of it did not resemble my posters enough, therefore, did not look as if they were from the same brand. This is when I learnt that I needed to transfer key aspects of my posters onto the website, such as the abstract shapes and colour theme, otherwise, they would like complete different brands. In the end, my final mock-up website represents, Wonderland, well and clearly resembles the four promotional material posters that I created. Even though there were times where things did not go as well as I wanted them to; some things did. For example, my initial ideas for my posters have roughly stayed the same if you looked back at my test products. From the beginning, I wanted to include abstract shapes, pastel colours, include, Alice in Wonderland, and to use female models to advertise my clothes, which is what I have done and used in my final posters. I think the reason this was always used and was a successful idea is because they are the styles that I was interested in including in posters; which I thought worked well together. Therefore, my initial ideas were strong concepts, in which I hoped would turn out to be a successful outcome. In my opinion, I think that they these initial ideas look eye-catching together and relate to each other well because they all have unique and abstract aspects to it. More specifically, the abstract shapes relate to, Alice in Wonderland, and these films / books include unusual themes. Overall, I am pleased with the work I have produced and the way all of my products look because without the times that were unsuccessful, they would not have the same appearance as they do now.

Wonderland poster 1

I wanted every poster I made to represent, Alice in Wonderland, in a very subtle way because this is what one of my initial ideas were and it went with the abstractness I wanted to include within them all. The first poster which is shown above represents these films / books because of the numerous hands the model has got. This subtly portrays the character, Absolum, who is the caterpillar because he has hundred of legs. The way I have portrayed, Alice in Wonderland within my posters may not be noticed if you are not huge fan of the films / books, however, it still is eye-catching because of how interesting and surreal it looks. Another character that it portrays is the, White Rabbit, this is because the model has her hands by her head; imitating a rabbits ears. Also, the, White Rabbit, in the 1951 version of, Alice in Wonderland, wears a yellow / orange waistcoat; a similar colour the jumper the model is wearing. Overall, I think there are quite a few subtle clues in this poster which link to the films / books.

Wonderland poster 2

In the second poster shown above, the main aspect of it which reflects, Alice in Wonderland, is the shattered image of the model and the grey shapes attached to them. This represents the films / books because one of the ways, Alice, travels to, Wonderland, is through a mirror and the model and the grey shapes are supposed to act as a broken mirror. Another subtle aspect of it which represents, Alice in Wonderland, is the top the model is wearing. The stripy top is meant to symbolise the characters, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, as one of the main costumes they were in, Alice in Wonderland, are matching stripy tops. However, this subtle hint may only be noticed if you are a fan of the films / books, otherwise it may become unnoticed. In my opinion, it does not matter whether you notice the subtle hints to, Alice In Wonderland, because the posters are still very eye-catching and surreal. Overall, I think that the mirror effect resembles this theme quite well as it quite clearly looks like a mirror.

Wonderland poster 3

The third poster above has a few aspects of it which represent, Alice in Wonderland. Firstly, clothing the model is wearing consists of a blue t-shirt with a red rose on it, which symbolises the dress, Alice, wears in the films and in the books, and the rose resembles the flowers which are in the forest / jungle in, Wonderland. Secondly, the pose the larger model is doing is very similar to what Alice is doing on the front cover of the 2010 version of, Alice in Wonderland. Also, the way I have cut out the larger model, makes it seem as if she is wearing a skirt; symbolising the dress, Alice, wears even more. Finally, the fact that the model which is sat down is floating on the inside of the larger model, represents the other dimension, Alice, is in when she is in, Wonderland. Furthermore, the outside of the larger model acts as the rim of a mirror and the model floating is the reflection in the other dimension. Overall, I think this poster has the most aspects of it resembling, Alice in Wonderland, however, they are all mostly very subtle, therefore, the consumers may not notice them.

Wonderland poster 4

On the fourth poster which is shown above, is my favourite one when linking it to, Alice in Wonderland. This is because the way it signifies to a character is very subtle, but when you realise it, it is very interesting. The model in the poster is actually made up from three images, all of the same model, wearing the same clothes, only doing slightly different poses. As the character, the Mad Hatter, has a split personality, the images of the model above represent this. This is because, as they are all of the same model, and the, Mad Hatter is one character, the different parts of the model imitate the fact that he has a split personality; it represents how he is one person with multiple personalities. Overall, I think that this is the most interesting, Alice in Wonderland reference as it is not based on what the model is doing or wearing, it is based on how I edited the image to look the way that it does to represent the split personalities.



The mock-up website does not really represent any particular parts of, Alice in Wonderland, because it is a general representation of the posters and the brand, Wonderland, in general. As the website is where the clothing would be sold, there are no major graphic design edits on there to express subtle hints of the films / books like I did on the posters. The websites design included using the same pastel colours, interpreting the house-style in a website format and using the same models to reflect what some of the main aspects were on the posters I created. I wanted it to have lots of similarities to the posters because they needed to link to clearly show they were from the same brand. Overall, I think that the website clearly resembled the posters due to the main aspects of it which I used on both products.

If I were to do this project again, I would definitely have started creating my posters and website a lot sooner than I did this time. For example, I did not complete my website until week nine; meaning I had only one more week to complete my WordPress blog and my sketchbook. If I had started it earlier, it would have meant that I would have not been as stressed and worried I was going to run out of time to complete the project. Another thing I would do differently is that due to the fact the idea of creating a website was sort of late on in the project, I did not do as much research into them as I wish I had done. Therefore, next time, I would ensure that I knew what I was going to create so that I could complete as much research as possible. However, overall, I think this project has gone very well and I am pleased with the products I have created. Also, I feel as if I have completed quite a lot of research, therefore, hopefully, I will achieve a good grade as I have obtained as much information as possible in the time I allowed myself.



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