Wonderland – Production log

3.1 Apply practical skills, knowledge and understanding to complete a creative media project within an agreed timeframe. 

Week 1 (6th March):


This week we were given the brief to the Wonderland project, so I read through it and annotated it so that I had a good understanding of what I had to do. Also, I explained that I would find some parts of the project challenging, and I then went on to say how I would overcome these challenges.

Mind maps

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 15.11.11The next step was creating mind maps of what Wonderland meant to me and another one on the possible products I could produce as my final product. When given the word Wonderland, the first thing which came to mind was the 2010 version of Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland. Furthermore, this meant that I knew that I wanted to include some part of this within whatever product I made because it was an immediate idea that I thought of. Also, I created a a mind map on the different formats I could create for my final piece. This helped as it showed me all the different products I could make and what ones would appeal to me more.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 14.12.35

From here I just did general research on the word Wonderland as a whole, and then once I found how I wanted to interpret it, I did further and more extensive research on this idea. I discovered that I definitely wanted to go down the photography and graphic design route from looking at existing posters and magazines. This then led me to the idea of fashion as it is an interest of mine that I would enjoy making into a magazine or promotional material of. Then I went onto Pinterest and researched relevant products that I could possibly want to create myself for my final piece. I discovered posters which include lots of random shapes and objects which I wanted to create and make them into promotional material for a fashion brand thatI would call, Wonderland.

Existing products

Whilst researching, I discovered many different products that I could possible want to create for my final piece. These three images are examples of the style of work I am interested in and I many try to replicate myself. In my opinion , not only does the left image represent fashion, it could also represent Alice in Wonderland because the shoes could represent rabbit ears. This is the type of subtly I want to include within my product to show that Alice in Wonderland was an inspiration, yet it is not the main theme within the products. If I end up doing a magazine, the middle image is something I would want to create for the front cover. This is because I would want draw over the photo that I would take in different colours because this would still represent my Wonderland as it would be colourful and still stand out. The third image is similar to the first image in some ways, yet this one is more full on and abstract. I may put the first image and third image together to make a very visually appealing advertisement poster for a fashion brand called Wonderland. By putting these two ideas together, in my opinion, it is a clear representation of what my Wonderland would be; abstract and colourful.

Test product

image (5)

This week I created this test product so I could experiment with what I want to create as my final piece. This is a rough idea of the design that I want to make, however, I want to add real objects and include more shapes / objects so that it is more exciting and vibrant to look at. This is a very basic idea of what I would possibly like my products to look like as when I made this I was unsure of what I wanted to create for my final product. However, I know I want to do something to do with fashion, photography and graphic design.


When creating this test product, a main feature of it was the text because the title, Wonderland, is the name of the brand, therefore, needed to be clear and stand out.  To choose a unique style of font, I went onto dafont.com as they have lots of different styled fonts to the ones on Photoshop. I chose this font because I thought that it was similar to Times New Roman – which I like – but was slightly different so it was original, and, coincidentally, the font was called, Wonderland. However, after creating the product, I have decided that I do not like the text in the bottom left corner, only the text when it is in capital letters, therefore I will not be using it for my final product. The reason I do not like it is because it is not very eye-catching, so if it was on a poster, it would not attract people’s attention.

Color theme

In my opinion, Wonderland, is quite random and abstract, therefore, in this test product, I wanted the colours to represent how I visualise Wonderland. The pastel colour theme I chose is quite simple yet represents Wonderland to me, therefore, this is something that will be included in my final product. The pastel colours work well because I can choose most colours and just edit them so they are not as bright, and they will match each other quite well.

Mode of address

The reason why I chose this specific model for the poster was for a few reasons, but specifically because of the mode of the address that she presents. She is looking directly at the camera; staring at the audience, which makes the product seem more personal because when reading the poster it could be seen as that she is reading the words as she is looking at you. This eye contact shows that she is trying to get the audiences attention to look at the poster and notice the advertisement because, again, it is presented as if she is looking at you.


Whilst I was creating this, the composition and layout of every piece of text, object and image was put in a certain place on purpose so that it went well with the other things I added to the test product. The text, Wonderland, went at the top of the page because it is the title, therefore, needs to be somewhere the audience would be able to locate it. The size of the model was important because if this was a promotional material poster for a fashion brand, the model would be advertising the brands clothes, therefore, the model needs to be large enough so that you can see her outfit. The shapes and lines around and on top of the model are placed so that they fill and consume the whole page; ensuring that everything gets the same Wonderland feeling that I have described before.

Feedback of test product

“I really like the attention to detail in the product”.

“I like the fact you have interpreted it in your own way – it is original”.

“The smaller font could be changed as it is not very appealing to the eye”.

From the peer feedback, it has helped conclude that I am going to definitely change the font for my future products because I agree that it does not stand out that much. This is because when it is in lowercase, it is not very bold, therefore, is not that eye catching to the consumers. Certain aspects of the poster, I will agree, have some detail to it; specifically around the model, however, in the future I want to include more objects and shapes like some of the existing products so that it is more bright and abstract. When creating this product, I had not looked at many existing products, therefore, when creating this test product the ideas I had were original as I had not copied anyone else’s design. Overall, the feedback I have received I agree with so I will use this to improve my future work and products that I produce.


This week from starting the research and creating a test product, it has shown that there are lots of different views and ideas that I could use towards creating a product for my final major project. When creating the mind maps, we shared our ideas with the class, therefore, I have a range of different products I could make and I have lots of routes that I could go down with the topic of Wonderland. Once I had created the product, by explaining why I chose to do everything that I did helped because it made me think in more depth of what I want to create and what I think should be included with the product that I finally make. After I had a rough idea of what I wanted to create, I then was able to look at existing products which helped the process of discovering what I want to do because it made me more aware of what I would need to include if I wanted to make a fashion / graphic design styled product. Also, they inspired me on what I would want to create as future test products; giving me more of an idea of what I did want to make. Then by having peer feedback on the test product that I made, it made me more aware of specific things which would need improving and changing if I were to go down a similar pathway. Overall, by doing all the research I have done now, and from creating a test product and getting feedback, it has definitely shaped the style and direction of what I want to do as my final piece.

Week 2 (13th March):

Mood boards

From last week, I now know the format that I want to go down; I definitely want to include, fashion, graphic design and photography. Therefore, I can now do further and deeper research into what I want to create. Therefore, this week I have created four mood boards to represent my current ideas and themes. The two images above are only parts of two mood boards that I have made; the one of the left represents the colour theme that I want to use: black and white and pastel colours, and the one on the right represents the style of clothing I want the fashion company, Wonderland, to advertise. The other two mood boards that I have created represent the poses that I want the models to do when I am in photography studio with people who will model for this project, and the other one represents the product ideas that I have so far.

Firstly, I chose to use a pastel colour theme which contrasts with black and white because I watched Katy Perry’s music video for Chained To The Rhythm, and a main colour theme within this video are pastel colours. I then thought that they worked well together and it meant that I could use most basic colours, as long as I keep the brightness of them the same; giving myself more of a variety for when I create the promotional material. The reason for the contrast of black and white is because I had the idea of making the models monotone, then having the background very abstract and colourful as it would represent that they were in my version of a Wonderland.

Secondly, I want the clothing that the models to wear to be clothes you would find on the high-street, such as Topshop, New Look and River Island. This is because the target audience that I am trying to achieve is for teenage girls from the age of fifteen, to young adults at the age of roughly thirty. The reason I chose this age was because it meant that I could create a clothing brand that represented the style of clothing that I wear and that I am interested in. However, I wanted to make the promotional material for the clothing brand to still be classy, therefore, I need to ensure that the clothing does seem of decent quality as I am trying to achieve a look that would appeal to the middle-class.

Thirdly, I created a mood board for the poses I want the models to do because it would mean that when I go to the photography studio, I would be prepared and know what I want the models to recreate. Not only do I want the models to look at the camera with a straight face, I want to capture some shots of them doing more abstract and weird poses so that it goes with my theme of how I am presenting Wonderland. As I am linking my brand with, Alice in Wonderland, I want some of the poses to clearly relate to this, therefore, I want some poses to be representing the characters. For example, I could make one of the models stand as if she has a lot of power to represent the Queen of Hearts.

Finally, the last mood board has some of the ideas I want to include within my promotional material. I chose to create a mind map for it because it would clearly show what I am aiming to produce because it only includes visual images. By collating these existing products, it helps me think of ideas whilst creating a test product; making me stay inspired throughout as I have some to look at which is very visual which represents the route I want to go down.


Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 16.25.14.png

I wanted to use more than looking at existing products to gain ideas for this project, therefore, I decided to look at another music video, after I had looked at Katy Perry’s which has inspired a colour theme. I decided to watch Pink’s music video for, Just Like Fire. This song was included in the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass, so the music video relates to Alice in Wonderland. Overall, this video has interpreted Alice in Wonderland slightly differently to how it is in the film; the directors have made it their own, which is something that I want to do in my promotional material. Everything in this music video relates to Alice in Wonderland, and clearly shows that it is about the films, however, the costumes that, Pink, is wearing are different to what they originally are in the films, they have made them into a slight different style, yet completely represent Alice in Wonderland. The reason why I want to take the Alice in Wonderland theme and change it slightly is because I want it to be original but I want it to clearly represent the films, so that when people look at the promotional material, they can easily identify that the films and books were one of my inspirations when creating the products.

As well as this I have looked into more fashion collage posters on Pinterest so that I can create a final piece which has all of the ideas I am inspired by in it. Also, I have researched Taylor Swift’s song, Wonderland, because from researching posters, some tend to have quotes and text on them, therefore, instead of using quotes from Alice in Wonderland, I could do a more unique idea, and use lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song.


Here is a link to my pitch: Wonderland – Pitch.

This week we had to create a pitch so that next week we could show it to the class. It had to include the basis of our ideas, therefore, the mind maps and a definition to what Wonderland meant to us. Furthermore, it had to show existing products of what we want to create now, so that it showed the process of ideas developing into what we want to create now; the second week in. I included the mood boards that I had made so that I can easily present the more detailed ideas that I had in a visual manner. Also, by showing them it will make it easier to explain what I have planned to do as I have examples I could show. The videos that I watched which inspired were also included in the pitch because it presented another format of how I obtained ideas. It showed that I did not only look at existing posters and collages, it showed that I had done a deeper level of research and looked at music videos which was irrelevant to my project; yet still gave me ideas. The last thing I have in my pitch is the test product that I made as that is the easiest way to present what I want to create, or a rough idea of what path I want to go down. I know that I want to make promotional material for a fashion brand, but I am still not completely sure how I want the style of the posters to be, but the test product is something that is a rough idea of what they will look like.

Test product

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 19.59.55

This week I created this test product which is a more thorough and improved version of what I created last week. This product represents more of what I want to create as my final project that my first test product because I have done more research since then, therefore, I now know what style of posters I am into. Again, I had to use a photo of a model from the internet because I still have not been to the studio to take images, however, it still presents all of the ideas I currently have.


The main piece of text that this poster has on it, is the logo at the bottom of the page which says, ‘Wonderland’. This is because it is the name of the fashion brand, therefore it is the most important as this is a main way of how people would recognise the brand. The style of font which I used is a serif font, more specifically it is Times New Roman. I think these style fonts have a very classy look about them, which represents the style of what I want my posters to be. As well as the fact that it stands out and is easily recognisable. However, when I create my final pieces, I will use a font from dafont.com because they have unique styled fonts which are not the same as existing fonts which are fashion brands logos. This will ensure that my brand will be different to existing brands and show that my ideas are original.

The second piece of text that I have on the poster is the piece which says, “We both went mad”. This is a lyric of Taylor Swift’s song which is about, Alice in Wonderland. I chose to use a different text to the logo because the logo should be the only piece of text that is used in that font, therefore, I downloaded a font from dafont.com which suited the piece of text. I thought that this text suited the lyric because it is a swirly sort of font which could represent craziness. This then matches the piece of text because it talks about going mad, therefore, I think that the font goes with what I am creating.

Color theme

The colour theme to this was inspired by a Katy Perry music video, therefore, I chose to have a pastel colour theme. I think this matches, Wonderland, because it means I can use lots of colours so it is very eye-catching, yet has a theme; meaning it looks tidy and well ordered as it gives it more of a structure. I then chose to add the yellow flowers in because they are a brighter yellow to the outside part of the text, therefore, stands out and adds another type of pop of colour. They are quite a bit brighter than the pastel colour theme, yet match with it because the poster is very colourful. This makes the poster seem more abstract and random which relates more to the Alice in Wonderland theme because Wonderland is very abstract which I think my poster has an element of.

Mode of address

I chose a similar model to the one which is in the first test product because, as I have said before, she is looking directly at the camera; as if she is looking at the consumers. I think this eye contact between the model and the audience could represent that she is ‘speaking’ to them; meaning there could be a more likely chance that they will buy the product as they may feel as if the model is telling them to.


Everything that was placed and created on this poster has a reason for being there as I think that it is where it suits the rest if the poster the best. The model is placed in the centre because she is the main part of the poster because it is a promotional material poster for a fashion company, therefore, she is advertising the clothing she is wearing. I like the fact that she is stood at a slight angle because it makes the poster seem more interesting. The logo of the clothing brand is at the bottom of the page because this is a place where it is visible and can easily be read. Then the other text which is around the model was placed there because it fit around the model well, and due to her standing slanted, it ensured that it could be placed around her, without obstructing her head. I added in the clock in the bottom left corner because a major theme in, Alice in Wonderland, is time, therefore I thought that it would represent the films / books well. This could be something that I do in every poster – it could be the house-style to add in the same clock so that they all link together well. Finally, the background shapes were created to give a colourful, texturised feel so that when you look at them, they are visually pleasing to the eye.

Peer feedback

“I think that the colour theme works well”.

“The use of different patterns is eye-catching”.

“However, the writing is hard to read on the black and white striped pattern”.

From the peer feedback that I have received, it has shaped the way that I am going to create my final promotional posters. I am definitely going to use a pastel colour theme in my products because I think it works well with the way I am interpreting Wonderland, and my peers believe it works well too. Overall, this is the best colour theme to have to advertise what I am doing, as well as with the way I have interpreted the brief. The background includes different pastel colours and then a striped section, I agree with the feedback that it is quite eye-catching because that is what I was trying to create when making the poster. This is because it is an advert, therefore, they are meant to catch people’s attention because they are trying to get people to buy the product. Also, the patterns and colours I have used go well with my theme of Wonderland, so overall, I think this poster works well. There is a small piece of text on the striped background saying who the model is, however, it is very hard to read due to it being on the stripes. Therefore, next time, if I include this piece of information, I need to insure it is visible. Overall, I agree with this peer feedback, so my next product that I create should be similar to this, yet will be slightly different so I have shown that I change my products to the constructive criticism I get.


This week I have done a more deeper amount of research, for example, I have looked more into specifically what I want to do, rather than just researching Wonderland in general. By researching and looking into videos, it has shown that I can look at a range of different formats and still gain useful ideas that I can take on and use in my promotional material. Also, by looking into Taylor Swift’s song, Wonderland, that showed that I could be inspired by music, which is completely different to my graphic design posters. From researching other formats, this then meant that I could find even more posters and collages that related to what I wanted to create because they gave me even more ideas. Due to this week being the second week that I have created a test product, the improvements and changes that I wanted to do from last week have been taken in account, and now this week I have evaluated the process of why my poster looks like it does again. Therefore, this now means that when I next create a test product it should be even closer to what I want to make as my final piece. The peer feedback that I have received will help with this and will definitely shape the way my next product appears to look like. From the research I have done and feedback been given to me, I have learnt that I want to try and subtly include more of Alice in Wonderland in my products because this was one of my original ideas that I still want to stick to. Overall, this week has been a constructive week with the research I have done and I know I am closer to defining what I want to make as my final promotional material posters.

Week 3 (20th March):

Presenting pitch

When presenting my pitch, originally is was meant to only be to one class, however, I had to present it in front of both classes. This meant that I would have more feedback than some others who only presented it to one class. Overall, the majority of my feedback was positive, and most people liked the test product that I showed. This was important because this is what my project is about; promotional material for a fashion brand in the form of posters, therefore, realistically, I needed the feedback to be good otherwise I would have had to change my idea. Another important aspect of the pitch was that whether my peers thought my ideas met the theme of ‘Wonderland’ because that was the brief for this project, therefore, if they thought that it did not, my ideas would have to change. Finally, in my opinion, another important part was whether they thought I was demonstrating creativity and flare when talking about my project. Luckily, the most people thought that I was, so I did not have to worry about adding more original aspects to what my Wonderland is.

Fashion advertisement campaigns – high-end

As I am creating promotional material posters for a fashion brand, I needed to look at existing fashion advertisements so that I knew the style of what I had to create. When I first started this project, instantly – without any research – I wanted the fashion brand that I am creating the promotional material for to be high-street clothing as I thought that it would be the easiest option because they are the style and price of clothing that I wear. This is when I created my mood boards which suited this style I chose. However, I started researching into high-end products, and this week I changed my mind, and I now want to do it on high-end fashion. I chose this instead because I think that it would be more of a challenge to have the fashion brand, Wonderland, be aimed towards the higher class rather than the middle class. Furthermore, I think that it could be interesting to explore a style of clothing that I do not wear, as clothing by Gucci and Chanel is a lot more classy, therefore, I think basing my project around it could be fun.

However, this means that I am going to have to find clothes which look as if they were of this quality and standard. People have suggested that I should look in charity shops for clothing as sometimes you can find random clothing like this but of a much cheaper price. This is what I will probably do as a main source of the high-end clothing. Another option is to ask my friends if they have any clothing of this standard I could borrow, or if they have any classy clothing that looks as if it could be this quality. A positive from this though, is that in photos, you will not necessarily be able to tell how good the quality of the clothing is, and as this is not an actual shop, no one will ever see the clothing in real life; being unaware that the clothing is of much less quality.

These promotional material posters all have a very classy look to them and all look very professional because there would have been a large budget which would mean that their equipment would have been of very good quality and they would have a team which would consist of styling the models and having a professional photographer. However, in my project I will be doing it all apart from modelling as I will have a few of my friends do this. Therefore, when I create my posters, they will not necessarily have such an expensive look to them; they will have their own style as I am going to create a collage look with them.

When I make my own posters, they are not just going to include a photo that I will take, I will use my graphic design skills and make them have aspects on collages and make them seem more surreal so that it goes with how I interpreted, Wonderland. The only part that I want to seem high-end with my posters are the style of clothing, other than that, I am creating something that so far, I have not really seen as advertisement for a fashion brand. The images I have added in Week 1 as existing examples are what I am going to make, therefore, promotional material for this is not very popular, but I will still make it as I can put lots of ideas together to create what I planned and obtained research from.

Fashion photographer – Karen Rosalie

This week I looked into the photographer, Karen Rosalie, to learn what sort of photographer she is, what style she goes for when taking her photographs, and how she stays organised. These aspects will help me when I end up taking my photos in the photography studio at college. As she does editorials, and is a fashion photographer, all the research that I have collected about her can be helpful with my work to make this project seem more organised and will help me learn techniques that she does which may help myself.

As she is an editorial photographer, this can benefit my work as her job is to take photographs to be published in newspapers and magazines. These images then tend to accompany text and can cover a wide range of subjects. By looking at her work, it can give me ideas for my own as the posters I am making are advertisements which would go in magazines, therefore, as she is successful, researching her work will help with my own.

Another aspect of work which I can learn from, is that she is very organised and is prepared for what she is going to do in her next photoshoot. Furthermore, she always knows what she wants to take photographs of and always plans in advance to ensure she gets everything done in that shoot. Therefore, when it comes to my photoshoots, I need to  consider what she does so that I am just as organised and have a plan of what I intend the model to do. This then includes knowing the sort of poses I want the model to do, which I have already planned in a mood board, however, I need to ensure that I have included all of the ones I want them to do so that I do not waste time researching and thinking of poses the model should do.


This week I started off by presenting my pitch to the class which has definitely benefited my project because it showed me what did work with my ideas and what things need to be changed slightly so that it fits with the brief as best as possible. The next step is to analyse the feedback sheets that were filled in and create pie charts for them to show the data I collected in an easier form to read. This will then clearly show what I need to change and it will make it easier for me to understand when I need apply these changes to my project. I then researched fashion advertisement campaigns to ensure that I knew what the style of my posters had to look like so that consumers could tell that they were advertising the clothing brand. Furthermore, it meant that I would know and include the possible parts of the poster which would need to be on it so that my posters do seem like promotional material. For example, most fashion campaigns have the logo of the brand included on the posters, therefore, I will include, Wonderland, on them somewhere. This is to show what brand the posters are advertising; making consumers want to then shop from the clothing company. Finally, this week I researched a fashion photographer called Karen Rosalie so that I could learn how she is successful and I could obtain tips on how to make this project seem slightly more professional and organised. I think this will help with the project because I now know that one major part of it is to be organised, therefore, I shall try to keep on top of all my work and remember to book the studio in plenty of time. Overall, this week has been very helpful and I have learnt quite a few things which should help with how this project goes for me.

Week 4 (27th March):

Posters: A Concise History by John Barnicoat


To obtain more research, not only from the internet, I went to the library at college and chose a book which would help with my research. I found a book called Posters: A Concise History by John Barnicoat, which showed the development of posters throughout time. I thought that it would be useful to analyse a couple of older posters so that I could see the difference between them then and to how they stereotypically look now.


The first poster that I analysed was an advertisement for a fashion company called Nelbarden which was advertising swimwear. The reason why I chose to analyse this is because it is similar to what I am doing; I am creating a promotional material poster for a fashion brand called Wonderland which sells clothes. Therefore, I thought that I could look at the main factors of this poster and bear them in mind when creating my final posters so that I would know whether I had included all of the major conventions of a promotional poster. As this poster was created in the 1960s, I thought it would be interesting to see the how they advertised clothing back then. I learnt that this poster is quite similar to how they advertise swimwear on women these days too. For example, the model here looks very confident whilst she poses in minimal clothing, which is similar to how they still promote it now. Even though I am not advertising swimwear, it has still taught me that advertising has not really changed much with clothing, the only major aspect which has changed is the style of clothing the model is wearing due to different time periods.


This was the second poster that I analysed which is promoting a film called The Man with the Ciné Camera. The reason why I chose to analyse this poster is because there are many conventions of it which appeal to me, as well as ones that I may use when creating my own posters. My favourite part of this poster is all of the different lines and shapes from the buildings and the text. I think it gives the poster a lot of depth and makes it very visually appealing because there is so much to look at. From analysing this poster, the thing I learnt the most was that you can get ideas and inspirations from anything you look at, it does not necessarily have to a product which is about the topic you are going to create something for. For example, I did not have to look at a poster which is related to fashion to gain ideas, I looked at this poster which is about a film, and thought that the woman who is falling looked fascinating as she has been chopped into pieces. This is an idea that I could be inspired by when creating my own posters. However, I think it was easier to look at this poster and just analyse what I saw because the text which is on it is in another language, therefore, there was nothing stopping me or making me think that this was not related to what I am doing; it made it easier to analyse.

AnOther Magazine


Another book that I thought I could analyse and collect ideas from was a magazine that I own called AnOther Magazine. This magazine is full of promotional material of large, popular brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior. This promotional material is very relevant to my project because I am advertising clothes for a high-end brand, therefore, analysing a poster from this book should benefit my knowledge of what I should include in my own posters.


I chose to analyse this Chanel poster because there are similar aspects to it which I may use in my own posters. For example, I like the fact that there are a lot of bright patterns and colours as it makes the advertisement extremely eye-catching. As the patterns and colours are quite random, it gives quite a surreal and abstract feel to the whole poster. This is a similar product to what I would want to create with the surreal aspects it shows because my Wonderland is like this, therefore, researching existing products like this are very beneficial because they clearly demonstrate the possibilities of what I could create. When looking at the style and design of this poster, it takes you to an alternate reality because the way it is presented is not how most fashion brands advertise their products. I want my posters to make people feel like this, as if I am taking them to Wonderland, because that is what I have been inspired by, therefore, I want people to understand and see what my ideas originally came from. However, there are aspects of this poster which I will not use as I do not want my promotional material to seem too overpowering and busy. For example, there is not much of a colour theme, they have used lots of vibrant colours and which is what I want to do, but in a more organised form; ensuring all colours work well with each other.


This week I researched some fashion brands logos as my brand, Wonderland, will need a logo as it is a company. I looked at high-end fashion logos because this is the quality and price my fashion brand is going to be, therefore, I want my logo to resemble these so it looks of the same class. Also, all of these brands are popular so by having a logo with a similar style to this, it would ensure that it would look relevant. By analysing lots of logos, it has taught me that not all fashion companies always use their full logo when using it in advertisement because they are so well known that consumers can recognise it from only a certain part of it. For example, Louis Vuitton tends to only use the ‘VL’ part, yet people know what it stands for because it is so popular in todays fashion. My preferred logo style is one in a serif font which only has the logo brand in, such as, Dior and Zara. This is because I think that they have a classy look to them; making them seem very fashionable and chic. I like how Louis Vuitton has the ‘VL’ logo and the name logo, and I would want to use a logo like the ‘VL’ one in my work, however, I do not think it would look organised on the page, therefore, I want a logo of the brand, Wonderland. Also, I would not use a logo such as Tommy Hilfiger because I think logos look more professional when they are in one colour – black – rather than being in multiple colours. Overall, by analysing these logos, I have learnt which sort of style will suit my fashion brand and which will suit the main piece of work I am creating: four promotional material posters.

Quentin Jones

Also, this week I researched the director, illustrator and photographer, Quentin Jones, as whilst on Pinterest I discovered that some of the work that I liked was created by her. The format she goes for when creating her products includes: photomontage, loose paintwork and dynamic video editing. To look at her work and learn the style she goes for in her products, I went onto her website, where she has all of her work displayed on one tab and then another tab where she describes what she is and does. Her work is similar to what I want to create as she uses photography and collages together to create this abstract piece of work. It fits around my version of ‘Wonderland’ because of how random the piece of work is, therefore, she will be a major inspiration when creating my final four posters. Furthermore, she sometimes creates editorials, creating magazine covers and promotional material for fashion brands in the form of posters, which is what I am creating. Therefore, by looking at this, I can create a similar piece of work to hers but change it slightly so that it fits with the themes of Wonderland more. For example, I can add more of Alice in Wonderland in by subtly adding the theme of time in as that it is a major part of the films and books. Also, I could ensure that the clothes the models are wearing are the same or similar colours to the characters. Overall, by analysing Quentin Jones’s work, I have finalised my ideas so I now know what I want my style to be.


This week began with me analysing different styles of posters from two books: Posters: A Concise History and AnOther Magazine so that I could practice analysing work similar to my own so that when I have completed my posters, I can explain why I have placed everything more specifically. Secondly, it was because it helped me understand why a poster looks the way it does and I was able to identify specific conventions of a poster that are always included. Finally, it was a way to learn how to Harvard Reference which is the way we have to reference every website and book we use in this project. Next, by analysing logos and trying to find a style which would fit my fashion brand was an important part of, Wonderland, because all clothing lines have their own logo to ensure that people know who created the clothing that they like. Now, I think I have decided that I want the font of my logo to be a serif font due to the fact that most high-end fashion companies choose to have their font like this in their logo. However, I have not started to make my posters yet, therefore, I may change my mind when creating them as the style of font may not match what the posters look like. Finally, I looked at the mixed-media artist, Quentin Jones who has been and will continue to be an inspiration in the work that I create because her style is something that I think will work well with the themes within my project. Overall, this week has been beneficial as I now will be able to create a logo much easier as I have analysed logos to do with fashion, and I have looked into a professional photographer / illustrator which will help me gain ideas for my work. 

Week 5 (17th April):

Test shoot

To begin the week, Anna and I went to a garden on the college campus and began taking test shots for our work as we are both creating products based around fashion photography. However, the photos did not go as planned as the lighting was extremely temperamental and neither of us could sort the settings out on the camera so they did not cause lens flairs or too much high-key lighting. As we could not get the correct lighting we were both looking for, we both stopped as we would not use the photographs we were taking on our final work.

However, I have now decided that I am going to create a mock-up of a website for my fashion brand, Wonderland, as well as the four promotional posters because I think that I need to challenge myself slightly more. This is due to the fact that there are roughly ten weeks in this project and making a poster a week from here onwards is quite an easy target. Also, by creating a mock-up website, I will be able to show more of the brand I have created, Wonderland, and it will be a good opportunity to present the themes of it in more detail. For example, I can express the, Alice in Wonderland, theme in more depth which will help display that one of the themes is clearly based on these films / books.

By taking these photographs, it inspired me to want to take some images for the website in a garden setting as from my knowledge of fashion websites, they do not always only include shots from inside a studio. However, I will need to do more research into this to make a final decision. I will look into high-end fashion websites – the same ones as I have looked into before- such as Dior and Gucci, to learn how they present everything on their websites and to learn the style of photos they include.

Overall, by going to the garden and taking these images, it has benefited my project as it has given me new ideas which should improve my final grade in this project. Also, it will help express more of my ideas as I have a new platform to show them. The next step is to analyse these images in my sketchbook, and then do more research into fashion websites so I know what the basic conventions are to include them in my own.

Fashion advertisement campaigns – high-street

This week, as I have chosen to go back to high-street clothing, I completed some research on clothing brands that I would be using clothing from, and which are similar styles and prices to the ones I will be using in the photo shoots. By looking at existing promotional material posters from high-street clothing, it will benefit the posters that I make because it will mean that I will have a rough idea of how they should look. For example, it would mean that they should not really look like high-end fashion posters because otherwise consumers would think that they are something that they are not. I chose to go back to my original idea of my fashion brand selling high-street clothes because I was unable to find clothes which looked like high-end products and I did not want to spend lots of money on them as they are very expensive. As I own high-street clothing it made it a lot less stressful trying to find expensive looking clothing by using my clothing and my friends clothing for the models to wear in the shoots.

The fashion brands that I have clothing from include places such as, New Look, Topshop, H&M and Zara. These places are high-street clothing shops, therefore the prices of the clothing are reasonable from the middle class which is what my target audience is based around. Also, these shops have a large target audience for teenagers to young adults from the age of fifteen to thirty, which is also what the target audience is for my brand, Wonderland. By using my own clothing it means that I will not have to spend lots of time trying to find suitable high-end looking products and I can begin having my photo shoots soon. Also, we are roughly half way through this project, therefore, I did not want to waste any time and to start my promotional material posters soon.

These posters I could recreate myself as they are quite basic, however, with my posters I want them to be include more colours and surreal backgrounds so that it looks as if the model is absorbed and a part of, Wonderland. Comparing these posters to the high-end ones, these are slightly more plain, however, the bold colours of the background and the abstract patterns on the clothing ensure that the posters do stand out and are eye-catching. Furthermore, the design of my posters will not really be effected by the change in quality and price of clothing; except from the fact they may not seem as classy as the clothing is not as expensive anymore.

All of the fonts used on these three posters are in a sans serif font. Originally, I wanted the font of my logo to be a serif font as they are a lot more classier and most high-end fashion companies used them and I wanted mine to fit the style conventions of them to ensure they looked as of the same quality. However, now I am doing high-street clothing, I am unsure to change my original idea and choose a serif font instead. I will carry out some research and make a poster to see what it turns out like, then I will decided whether to choose a serif font.


I have chosen to have a house-style with my promotional material posters because it will help link the four posters together as it will hopefully show that they are all from the same brand, Wonderland. The border which will appear in all four posters will be the one on the left which has the thin white one which is on the image of the model. As well as having this house-style, the colour theme of all four posters will all be very similar as I am using pastel colours, therefore, hopefully, they will all look as if they have came from my brand, Wonderland.

Clothing websites

I have recently have decided to make a mock-up website as well as my four posters because I think I should be able to finish the posters with time left to create another product. Also, by only making four posters, I am not really challenging myself, therefore, by creating a mock-up website too, it should benefit my final grade as I am presenting my fashion brand, Wonderland, in another format. I hope to complete my posters either in week seven or week eight so that I can work on my mock-up website in the last couple of weeks. I do not think that it will take long to create, as I know that I want to include some photographs from a garden and not only a studio as most fashion websites include other photos, not only ones from the studio. Therefore, I need to organise when I am going to go to a garden and who I will use as the models.

I researched a range of fashion websites to obtain ideas and their main conventions so I ensure that I include them in my own when I make it. As I am going to create the homepage of the website, the ‘new in’ page, and a couple more, I need to ensure that the website has a theme and does not a complete different layout on every section. This is because it will make it look unprofessional as all websites are tidy and every section of it has the same style. To ensure that it looks realistic, I need to know exactly what I am going to create, and what I want the appearance of it be like so that I do not waste any time as when I start creating it, I will only have two to three weeks left of this project.

My preferred website was Zara’s because I thought that the layout was quite unique compared to other fashion websites such as Topshop, New Look and River Island which I looked at. The page which I liked the most was the homepage because I liked the fact the background image covered the whole page. This is something that I will probably do when making my mock-up homepage as I like the style of it. The next stage I need to look at within creating my website, are the other pages that I am going to create, for example, I already know that I am going to make a ‘new in’ page, but I need to decide what other pages to include.


This week I started to take photographs for my project in a garden which is located in the college campus, however, the images did not look as if they were good quality as the lighting was too high-key and we had technical difficulties with the camera. However, it did inspire me to definitely want to create a mock-up website for, Wonderland. It also helped me decide that I want to take some photographs in a garden so that I have a range of images on the website, not only ones from the studio. As well as this, I changed back to my original idea of being a brand that sells high-street clothing, rather than high-end as I came to conclusion that it would be a lot of easier and would not take up as much time because it meant that I would not have to look in charity shops for clothes which looked like high-end products. I then analysed high-street fashion campaigns so that I knew the style of poster that I would be making. They are similar to high-end promotional material posters, however, in those ones, they are wearing more classier and expensive clothing, therefore, I do not have to start a load of new research as the previous information is still relevant and useful to what I am going to create now. From looking at fashion campaigns, I discovered that they tend to have a house-style so that when you look at every poster, you can easily see that they are from the same company. I want to include this in my work because I think it will help show that they are posters that I have created. Finally, I researched fashion clothing websites such as, Zara and Missguided so that when I create the mock-up website, I know what I should include to make it seem as realistic as possible. I have now learnt what specific conventions should be included, therefore, the website should look quite genuine. Overall, this week has been very useful as I made the final decision on creating the website and I decided that I am going to have a house-style. Both of these will benefit my fashion brand, Wonderland, as it gives me the opportunity for it to be presented on another platform, as well as for it to have a house-style which will make everything come together more as it will all be linked. 

Week 6 (24th April):

Shoot 1

This week I started off by having my first photoshoot in the photography studio with my friends, Anna and Dora, who modelled for me. These are a few of the better shots that I got of them which I may use in my posters, however, I have also got the studio on Thursday this week, therefore, I will probably use images from that shoot too. In my next photo shoot, I have another friend who is modelling as well, so I will have a range of different photos of different people. This is important because on fashion websites, there normally tends to be more than one model; meaning the website should look quite realistic.

I used the mood board on model poses for inspiration when telling them what sort of poses they should do. This made the process a lot easier because it meant that we did not waste that much time trying to think of things for them to do. As well as having them do some odd / abstract poses, I needed them to do some basic, ‘looking at the camera’ ones so that they could be used on the website for the clothing adverts. Even though I have some rough ideas for what I want the posters to look like, I wanted a range of photos so that when creating them I had a lot to work with so that I would not be lost for ideas on what to create.

Within some of the photos, I had ideas of how they could relate to Wonderland. For example, the one of Anna with her hands acting as rabbit ears links because there is a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, therefore, it showed that it was related to it. Another example are the ones where she is holding her hands out – as if she is holding something – as I could Photoshop a teacup on them. This clearly links to Alice in Wonderland because the Mad Hatter likes to host tea parties which some of the other characters attend.

Overall, I am glad that both, Anna and Dora, could model as they were both relatively confident which is shown in the photos; making them seem a lot more professional and experienced. Hopefully, on Thursday they will be as confident and Elli, who is also modelling will come across the same in photos. The next step is to now start editing them on Photoshop and document it in my sketchbook.

Panel review

In my panel review meeting, I had to present all of my ideas and explain the current stage I am at in this project. I brought in my sketchbook and showed them my blog so that they could see and understand my ideas easier and then they would be able to give me feedback as they could visualise what my final products would look like more. I showed them all of my work so far, including the research so that they could see the existing examples of what I wanted to create, and I showed them my test products as they are the only posters I have made so far. As I had completed one of the photo shoots at this point, I explained that it went well and that I can now start to create my four posters on Photoshop, but I could not show them the images as I did not have the memory stick which they were on. After, I showed them my mood boards so that they could try to envision the style of posters I was going to make and how I was going to make the existing products that I showed them my own. This panel review meeting was beneficial as they have written down feedback which I will get back next week saying how I can improve and what I am doing well with. One thing I remember specifically, is that I have done quite a bit of research and have documented it well.

Shoot 2

This is the second photo shoot that took place this week and is the final one that will be in the studio. I will need to go to a garden to take some for the website, but I have all the photos I need which will be used for the posters and the photos which advertise the clothing on the website. Since the last photo shoot I collected some more ideas from Alice in Wonderland for what the models could wear and do. For example, the colours of their clothing and some of their poses were slightly more meaningful this time.

For example, I brought in some stripy tops which would represent Tweedledum and Tweedledee. I then had the idea of Photoshopping two photos together of Anna wearing the black and white stripy top to make it seem as if she were both characters. When I start to create the posters I will experiment and see if this works. Also, I have used the colours red and white to represent the White Queen and the Queen of Hearts. The bottom image of Anna and Dora shows the comparison of both of the Queens in the film. Dora (left) looks a lot more serious and angry compared to Anna (right) who is showing a slight smile. This shows the contrast of the two characters in the films, but for people who have never watched / read Alice in Wonderland would think that they were two models in a photo shoot together.

Another example is with the ones of Anna wearing the blue t-shirt with the rose on. I chose for her to wear this item of clothing in particular because it was blue, like the dress Alice wears in Alice in Wonderland, and because it had a rose on and these flowers are in the forest scene in the films / books too. Therefore, this t-shirt showed that the project is related to Alice in Wonderland, without clearly having to express it. The way I have interpreted it is very subtle yet you will notice it if you know what you are looking for. The one of Anna standing up with her looking as if she is peering around a corner was inspired by the DVD cover of the 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland because Alice is seen to be doing a similar pose. I chose for her to do it so that she resembled the character, Alice, as much as possible in that moment.

Overall, now that I have completed both studio photo shoots, I can now begin to start creating my posters. As I have roughly three and a half weeks left, I feel as if I am in an adequate position to start editing. I will try to create at least two posters a week so that that last couple of weeks can be spent creating the mock-up website and evaluating. The next stage is to document this in my sketchbook by printing out every image and annotating them.

Poster 1

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.25.48

This week as I had completed both photo shoots, I was able to start creating my posters. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to create as my test products have aspects of what I want to include in my final posters. As the second poster was a more closer idea to what I wanted to do than the first one, there were many ideas from it which I wanted to include. For example, I liked the background style of it, therefore, I decided to do the same in my final posters.


The only piece of text on this poster is the logo which is, Wonderland. This is because from researching existing promotional material fashion posters, I came to conclusion that the logo is the only piece of text ever included in it. It took me a while to choose the font that the logo should be in, therefore, I tested quite a few out on Photoshop to see what suited the poster best. At the beginning, I originally chose to use a serif font which I found on dafont.com as the fashion brand was going to be high-end and most companies of this quality had serif fonts as it has a classier look to them. However, when I chose to go back to the brand being aimed towards high-street clothes, I changed the logos font to a sans serif font. I started off by looking on dafont.com again as there are thousands of different fonts on there. However, I could not find which I thought suited the poster so I went onto Photoshop and looked at the fonts there. Finally, I chose the font, Helvetica, but I changed the spacing from each letter so that they were closer together. I then added a drop shadow so that it would stand out against a light colour background.

Color theme

The colour theme is very similar to my second test products as this is where I started to lean towards going with a pastel colour theme, as well as being inspired by Katy Perry’s music video, Chained To The Rhythm. As this project is based around our own Wonderland, my Wonderland consisted of pastel colours as I think they work well together and it also kind of went with the Alice in Wonderland theme due to there being lots of different colours involved in the films / books. For example, the locations and characters are all very colourful and abstract, which is what I was aiming for. I then added the stripes in so that it showed different textures and made the poster more attractive.

I wanted the colours and patterns of the clothing the models were wearing to go with the colour theme so that when I made the posters; everything went well together. In this poster, I think the orange / yellow of the jumper goes well with the other colours as the jumper is not too bright, therefore does not stand out, and it is not too dull, therefore does not make the poster not appealing.

Mode of address

The mode of address used is direct as it is as if the model is looking at the audience. This eye contact can persuade people to buy the products because it the look the model is giving them is bold and confident, therefore, some people will believe that if they buy the clothes they will be able to be this bold and courageous. Also, as the model is doing an odd pose, it could make the audience think that they can being themselves and still feel this self-assured.


As this is one of my final posters, I thought everything through before finishing it. Firstly, the model is placed in the centre of the poster because she is the main focus of the image as she is wearing the clothes which I am trying to advertise for the fashion brand, Wonderland. Secondly, duplicating the hands of the model was something that I am glad I chose to do it because it makes the poster seem a lot more surreal and relates back to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. This is because it relates to the White Rabbit because she has her hands by her head as if she is imitating a rabbit and it could relate to the caterpillar as well because caterpillars have lots of legs, therefore, by adding multiple hands to the model; the two resemble each other. Thirdly, I included a white boarder because this is something that I can include in all four posters; therefore it can be the house-style. This is useful because it will help link all of the posters together and it will be clear that they are made by me. I think the use of the abstract shapes in the background is beneficial because it also gives the same Wonderland effect as the image of the model. As the films / books of Alice in Wonderland were an inspiration when creating the poster, I think that you can see it. However, as I interpreted it in my own way, some people may not be able to notice, but if you know what you are looking for, it is apparent.

Peer feedback

“I like the hands – it makes it very surreal and interesting”.

“The use of the colour theme stands out and works well”.

“You could have experimented with using the arms as well as the hands when duplicating them”.

From the peer feedback, I have came to conclusion that I think the poster does have a very surreal effect to it which I am glad people agree with as that was the style I was trying to create. However, the feedback shows that I could have perhaps experimented even more and made it look increasingly bazaar. I can understand where they are coming from, but in my opinion, I think that would have been too much and would have become too overpowering. This is because I think it would have ended up looking quite childish and not sensible for the way I am trying to promote the brand. Another positive from the feedback is that they said the colour theme works well and stands out which I also agree with. This is because the pastel colours are very eye-catching and due to it enabling me to be able to use a range of colours it makes it more colourful and interesting to look at. Overall, I can understand and see where the person giving the feedback is coming from with the feedback, however, I do not agree with the part on including the arms as well as the hands when duplicating them. But, in the future, I will try it out to see if it does look better.


This week has probably been the most important week as I have completed both of my studio photo shoots and I have completed one out of four of my promotional material fashion posters. I am happy with the style of the poster and how it turned out, therefore, I have an idea of what I want to create next. The feedback I received from my poster is positive and I am glad that this is what people think as this is what I was trying to portray when creating it. I feel as if I am in a good place for creating my posters as I think that I will definitely be able to create two next week, possibly three, then I can focus on the mock-up website. Overall, both photo shoots went well and I am very happy with the photos that I took as I feel as if I have a range of them which I can use for possible ideas for the other three posters. I want to use the ones which represent Alice in Wonderland the most, however, in a subtle way. This is because the brand, Wonderland, is not only based on the mainstream Alice in Wonderland; it is my interpretation of it. In both shoots, I remembered to take photos for the website as I need images of models advertising the clothing. Also this week, I had my panel review meeting which was useful as I could see if I was actually on target and not behind with this project. I discovered that there were a couple of things that I needed to add and try to keep on top of, but apart from that I am making progress. Overall, this week has been been very successful and I am now slowly on my way to completing this project. Currently, I think that I will finish the project in time, however, I need to start updating my sketchbook as I will need to evaluate everything once it has been completed. 

Week 7 (1st May):

Test product – website

This week I made this test product of my mock-up website. I decided that if I thought it looked suitable enough for my final website I would use it, however, I decided that I did not like and that I could improve it. My main inspiration for this product was Zara, as you can see from the homepage. This is because I think that the fashion companies website is very stylish and is different from most other websites; it stands out. The reasons for choosing to discard this one and create a new one is because this did not resemble to my posters at all due to the photos used in the background not been abstract enough. Furthermore, they were not cut up enough and there was no pastel colour theme to link the two products together.

If I were to keep this as my final product, I would have to change the background images because as I have said before, these images were not very successful from the test shoot due to the lighting being unpredictable and the camera settings not being set up correctly. I originally wanted to use background images like these in my website because I thought it would represent, Alice in Wonderland, because of the flowers the nature. However, as my posters so far are more pastel coloured and have subtle hints of the films / books, I think using images like this would not link the products together enough.

Overall, I am glad I have came to conclusion that I should make a new mock-up website so that I can ensure that when you look at the two products, it is easy to see that they came from the same brand, Wonderland. However, as this website is slightly different to most websites (as Zara’s is), I still want to create a more interesting and unique styled website so that it still remains eye-catching.

One page websites

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 11.14.03

This week I decided to change the layout of my website, and I discovered that one page websites are currently very popular styles of websites, therefore, I thought that I could create one as mine as it would show that my fashion brand, Wonderland, is up-to-date. As this style of websites enables me to show more options and icons of the website, this will allow me to express more ideas of it. To keep with the theme of my posters, I want to include lots of pastel colours and shapes so that they can easily be identified to be from the same brand. I think that having a one page website will definitely benefit this because the style of them makes it a lot simpler to use lots of colours and shapes as the layout is tends to be in boxes. Overall, I am happy that I have chosen to create a website with this layout as it enables me to create a much more similar style to my posters. Hopefully, I will be able to reflect the same style as my posters because I want to ensure that they all link together.

Panel review feedback

This week, I received the feedback from my panel review meeting. On the form that they filled out they wrote down that I was creating promotional material in the form of posters for a fashion brand which is correct. However, since then I have started to create a mock-up website. An example of a fashion brand that mine may be similar to, they wrote down, Asos, as this is also a high-street clothing company. The first positive they wrote down was that I have included lots of images in my mood boards, which I agree with because I have four different mood boards, each representing a different aspect of my project. For example, I have one which includes existing products which have inspire me to create what I am making and another which includes the colour theme I am going to use in all of my products. A negative is that they wrote down that I had not researched any specific photographers, however, this is something that I have completed but have not documented on this production log, therefore, I will have to back track and fill this in. The final point they wrote down is that I will have completed both the studio shoots that day so that they can keep track of where I am at in the project. Overall, I am happy with this feedback because I have completed everything that they wrote about, I just need to document this so that there is evidence of it.

Font change

This week I decided to change the font of my logo for the brand, Wonderland, to a sans serif font because I think it will suit the style of the brand more as it is a high-street brand, not a high-end brand. I discovered from previous research from looking into logos that high-end companies tend to use serif fonts because they look classier, but due to the fact that I changed my brand to high-end, a sans serif font will suit it more as it is more casual and not as expensive. I think that this font change suits the posters a lot more as it suits the style of them and does not give a false impression that the brand is better quality than it is actually is.

As well as changing the font, I changed the colour of it from black to white because the black was too bold and overpowered the rest of the poster. As the other colours in the poster were pastel and included pink, blue, green and grey, the darkness of the black did not suit the poster as the rest of the colours in it are quite pale.

The font I now have chosen is, Helvetica, which was in Photoshop’s font library, however, I changed the character style of it so that each letter is closer together. This slight change makes the font seem as if it is a completely new font. I think this works well with the poster because the font, Helvetica, is portrayed to be quite a trendy font. This works well with my brand because it is aimed towards teenagers and young adults, therefore, everyone thing about it should be popular because that is what the younger generation, stereotypically, would rather be associated with. The last part of the font that I changed is that I edited a drop shadow to it because the font is white, therefore, on a pale background does not stand out enough. I learnt that drop shadows go in and out of fashion throughout the years, and at the moment, they can be classed as in or out of fashion, so I used it.

Overall, I think the font change has made my posters seem a lot more trendy and it suits the target audience of the brand more. When I create my website, I will continue to use this font because it will help show that they are all linked together. However, I do not want it looking exactly like my logo as otherwise it will get too boring as it will keep repeating it.

Poster 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 14.15.49

This week I have completed my second poster for the, Wonderland, project. As this is the second one I have created, you can start to see the similarities between them and that there is a theme throughout. It is clear to see that the pastel colour theme is being used and that there are subtle hints of, Alice in Wonderland. This will be continued throughout the next two posters I make and aspects of it will be included in the mock-up website too.


Again, the only piece of text used on this poster is the logo for the brand, Wonderland. As all four of my posters will be the same style; the only differences will be the image and the abstract shapes, therefore, I want the logo to be in the same place in every poster so that it helps them all link together. Also, this then means that the logo will be in the exact same font and will have the same character style to it, as well as being in the same size as each other. Therefore, I will be using the font, Helvetica, in every poster that I create because, from research, every fashion brand sticks to the exact same logo in their promotional material.

Color theme

The colour theme is still the pastel colours which I have used in my first poster as this is something I am using in every poster so that it clearly shows that they are from the same brand, Wonderland. However, in this poster I did not use the colour blue because I want to use slightly different pastel colours in each poster so that they do not all look completely the same. This still ensures that they are all eye-catching and have different features to them.

As the clothing is a very important part of the posters, as I am advertising them, I needed to ensure that they would go with the colours of the background shapes as well. The use of this top acts as the stripes that I created in the first poster, however, in this one, it is the piece of clothing instead of graphics. I think this is effective because it still makes the poster seem eye-catching; it ensures that the poster does not become too overpowering with too many different patterns and colours.

Mode of address

As the mode of address used is indirect, I think that this shows that the model has quite a lot of power. This is also shown as she has her hands on her hips which, stereotypically, represents that she is very assertive and has a lot of confidence. Even though normally posters like this include the model showing direct eye contact with the audience, I think this can show more power because the model can represent that she feels this strong and powerful by the clothing she is wearing. This can then make the consumers think that by wearing these clothes, they will feel this dominant.


Firstly, the model is in the centre of the posting because she is the main aspect of it as she is advertising the top that she is wearing, therefore, having her in the centre clearly shows that she is important. Secondly, I wanted to break the image of the model up so that it represented a broken mirror because this is a prop used in the films to get through to the realm of, Wonderland. I then decided to add the grey shapes around the parts of the model so that it resembled the mirror even more. Finally, I added the white boarder in because it is going to be featured in every poster as it is part of the house-style.

Peer feedback

“I like the way the model is posing because it looks modern and fashionable”.

“The fact half of her face is larger than the other half makes it seem very surreal”.

“However, I think the white boarder should go over her head at the top of the page”.

From the feedback, I have came to conclusion that I agree with everything they have said. Firstly, they said that the models pose looks modern and fashionable which I can see why they think this because I looked at current existing promotional material posters from popular brands to obtain ideas from. Secondly, my peer thought that due to the right side of the models face being larger than the left, it makes it look very surreal. This is something that I agree with because, originally, her head was not split into two and was not enlarged. However, this changed because it did not seem surreal enough together and did not make the poster seem as exciting. Finally, they think that the white boarder should have gone over the models head at the top of the page. This is something that I wish I did because I think that it would have made it seem as if it had more dimensions as the models arms are over the boarder on either side. Overall, I think this was positive feedback as I agree with what they are saying and can see how it would possibly improve my poster. In the future, I will try to remember to experiment with the smallest details of the poster to see if it could make it look more interesting and eye-catching.


This week was especially useful in terms of my website because I have decided to make a complete different styled one to my original idea as I have discovered that it will suit my brand, Wonderland, more as it is more of a current and popular style; like how I want this fashion brand to be presented as. By creating my first mock-up website, it showed me that it was not something that I was happy to submit as my final product of the website because it did not represent, Wonderland, in a way that I originally thought it would. Therefore, I am glad that I came to conclusion this week that I wanted to change the style of it as it will benefit the rest of my work. When looking at my original first, Wonderland, poster, there was something about it that I did not like. I then discovered that the font and its colour did not suit the poster because the font was black and overpowered the rest of the poster and the font did not suit the style of it either. Furthermore, this week I changed the font of the posters to, Helvetica, and edited the character style of it to make it look more modern. As well as this, I changed the colour of the font to white so that it stayed with the light, pastel colour theme. I am glad that I did not discover I did not like the font at the end of this project because now, I had more time to choose something else which suited it more. Finally, this week I created my second promotional material poster for my brand, Wonderland. I think this poster coincides very well with the first poster and you can clearly see that they are from the same brand and fashion campaign as I ensured that I used the same colours and style. Overall, I am in a good position with completing my posters as I should be able to finish the other two next week, however, now I am starting my website again, I may be in a rush to complete it. In the future, I will start creating my products earlier on in the project so that I can spend more time evaluating them and discovering what suits each one best.

Week 8 (8th May)

Poster 3

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.39.00

This week I have managed to complete my final two promotional material posters from my fashion brand, Wonderland. Firstly, I created this one which I think goes with the other two posters I have made due to the colour theme staying the same, the logo, and the white boarder. I think that I have included subtle hints of, Alice in Wonderland, in this poster too, which also links to the first two posters.


As I am on the third poster now, the typography will be the exact same in every poster because all of the posters are from the same brand and the same fashion campaign, therefore, there is not much to write here as it is the same for every poster.

Color theme

Again, the colour theme is the same in this poster as well as it shows that they are from the same brand. The only difference with this poster is that there are more colours and textures used. This is because I wanted it to show more dimensions as this could represent, Alice in Wonderland, due to the fact, Wonderland, is in another dimension. Out of all of my posters so far, I think this is the most eye-catching because it is the busiest poster I have made. Furthermore, I think that it works well with the subtleness of, Alice in Wonderland, that I am trying to portray.

Mode of address

As there are two images included there are two modes of address: direct and indirect, however, with the larger image you cannot see her eyes that well, therefore, it is easier to only include the smaller image. The model in the smaller image is using direct mode of address. As I have said previously when evaluating my posters, this is effective because as the models are looking at the consumers, it can make them feel as if they can be this confident if they buy the clothes. Also, as the model is doing an unusual pose, consumers may believe that they can be different without worrying people may judge them.


To ensure that I stay with the same colour theme and include the same textures, I have included all of the ones I have used so far so that it clearly represents, Wonderland. The two images of the models are in the middle because they are advertising the clothing so need to be visible. The reason I have erased the larger model and placed a photo inside of it is because it subtly represents, Alice in Wonderland. This is because, Wonderland, is in another dimension therefore having the model floating inside of the other image shows that she is another another place or world. Furthermore, as a mirror is used in the films / books to look into, Wonderland, the fact that the larger model has been erased in the centre shows that she is looking through; as if it is a mirror. Finally, I have included the white boarder as it is the house-style and has been / will be included in every poster.

Peer feedback

“I like the way you have used a cut out of the model to have the models picture inside the larger model because it subtly represents, Alice in Wonderland”.

“The fact both of the models are the same person wearing the same pose; just doing a different pose makes it seem more organised and keeps it looking like an advert”.

“The text does not stand out that well”.

From the peer feedback, I have came to conclusion that this poster does represent, Alice in Wonderland, clearly, but in a subtle way. This is because my feedback says that the cut out model with the model inside of does represent the films / books. I am glad that other people can pick it up without me having to explain it to them as it helps ensure that the consumers can identify a theme in it. Also, they said that the fact both models are the same person; wearing the same clothing, it still shows that it is an advert. I think this because you can still see the what the model is wearing; the clothing is still visible, therefore, it ensures that the consumers are still getting an opportunity to view the sort of style and clothing, Wonderland, presents. Lastly, the final point they said is that the text of the logo does not stand out that well. I agree where they are coming from because the text is white and does not contrast well with pastel colours as they are not that bold, however, I needed to keep the logo the same in every poster and in the website because that is one thing that does not change in a brand. Also, originally, the logo was black, however, that contrasted too much with the pastel colours and looked out of place. The reason I have a drop shadow on the text is to make it stand out more, and in my opinion, the logo is visible, but I can see how they think it should me easier to see. Overall, I think this was useful feedback as, specifically, the logo not standing out enough, is something that I could change and improve in the future.

Poster 4
Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.52.51

This is my second poster that I have created this week, and is the final one that I am going to make. In my opinion, this is my favourite one I have made so far because it is the most basic but is still very interesting to look at. Now that I have completed all four of them, I can happily say that I think all of them go very well together and they clearly show aspects of them all in each other.


This is the final poster, therefore, the font, colour of the text, and size will be the same as the previous three because they are all for the same brand and campaign.

Color theme

The colour theme is very similar to the last posters, every colour and texture used in it has been used previously in either the first, second of third poster. This is to help ensure that they all link together and can be clearly seen to be from the same brand.

Mode of address

As this poster includes three different images of the same model, and two of these images are of her head, there is two types of mode of address; direct and indirect. However, the mode of address in this poster does not necessarily represent anything because the main purpose of splitting the image up was so that it would represent the, Mad Hatter, from, Alice in Wonderland.


When creating this I created the background shapes and added in the textures so that it would have similarities to my last three posters. I then put the model in the middle of the page because she is advertising the clothing, therefore, is the most important part of the poster. The reason for splitting the model up into different pieces and including three different images is to represent the, Mad Hatter’s split personality in, Alice in Wonderland. By including three different images of the same person reflects the different personalities the, Mad Hatter experiences. I included the white lines on the model to show where each part was a different image of the model and to make it more detailed. Also, I added the black lines and made one go over and one go below the model to create more dimensions as it looks more interesting. Finally, I added the white boarder in as it is part of the houses-style and has been used in my past three posters.

Peer feedback

“The use of the black lines give the poster more depth”.

“I like how some of the models hair matches up with different pieces on the other image of her”.

“You could add a brighter colour to make it more colourful”.

From this feedback, I have came to conclusion that even though this is the most basic poster I have made, it is still eye-catching due to the slight details of it. My feedback says that the black lines give it more depth which is what I was aiming for when adding them in. This is why some of them go above and beneath the model and why on the left, they are below the white boarder and on the right, they are above it. I think this helps to make the model stand out as it makes it seem more 3D as it gives the impression that it has more dimensions. Another point was that some of the hair from the model links up to parts which are on the bottom section of the model. I wanted this to happen because it helped ensure that each section went well together and did not look completely out of place. Finally, they said that I could have added a brighter colour in when creating this poster, which I understand because I have chosen to use the darker colours out of all of the ones I have used so far. However, if I chose to use pink again, the background became to similar to previous posters and I wanted the background of each poster to include different aspects. Overall, the feedback is quite positive and made me think that I am glad that I chose to include little details to it to make it seem more engaging. In the future, I could include another brighter pastel colour in my posters so that it gives me more options to use in other posters.


This week has been very productive as I have now completed all of my posters. This means that I can now completely focus on creating my website next week and then the final week can be used for completing the rest of my sketchbook and finishing any other work on my Wordpress blog. As I have spent a whole week on these two posters, I have taken my time whilst creating them so that they include similar aspects to my previous two and look as if all four are from the same fashion campaign. Now I have finished them, I need to begin creating my website because I need to ensure that I finish it next week, otherwise, I will start to run out of time and will not finish the project in time. Overall, as this stage of the project is finished, I am very happy with the way the posters turned out and I think that they all go very well with each other. However, if I were to to do this project again, I would begin creating my products a lot sooner; meaning that the photo shoots would need to be happening a lot earlier on as well. This is to ensure that I have enough time to complete everything and I am not in a rush as much.

Week 9 (15th May)

Website mock-up – Homepage

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.15.01

This is the homepage of my mock-up website that I created on Photoshop for my brand, Wonderland. I think that this resembles the posters very well as I have included the same colour theme and I have used the house-style (the white boarder) which I used in the posters too. Also, the models are the same in both products, therefore, when you look at my website, you should recognise some of them from the posters.


To make it resemble the posters and the brand more, I used the same font as the logo. This is also because it makes the page look a lot tidier as loads of random fonts are not used, only one. As I have used the pastel coloured objects and shapes in the background, for some of the text I had to use a drop shadow so that it stood out and was visible for the consumers to read. However, in a way, this makes me wish I used a different font as I think it then looks too similar to the logo.

Colour theme

As I have said, I have used the same colour theme as my four posters because it clearly shows that they are from the same brand as they look so similar. I decided to do this because I only made four posters, therefore, I needed to ensure that the website then somehow linked to them so it showed they were for the same company. I am glad that I did this because I think that it clearly shows they are both for, Wonderland.


I chose this style layout for my website by completing some research for one page websites. I looked on Pinterest because I found that it was the easiest website to find stylish and popular looking website ideas. Therefore, this inspired me to do different sections to represent different parts of the website. To obtain ideas for what to include, I looked at clothing websites such as New Look and Zara, so that I new what basic options I should include to make it seem as realistic as possible. To make it seem organised, I then chose to have the header and the footer pink, and then I filled in the gaps with other colours I used so that it did not keep on repeating the same colour. Also, I included white in some of the sections so that it was not too colourful and overpowering. As I wanted it to resemble the posters, I masked around all of the models so that it had the same effect as the posters and they looked more similar, which I am glad I did as I think that they link together well. Due to having a house-style on the posters, I thought that I could use it on my website, however, interpret it slightly different so that it did not go on the outside of the whole website. I chose to use it to box off some pieces of text and one of the sections of the page because I thought that it was a more subtle and stylish way of using it on the website.

Peer feedback

“I like how it clearly resembles the posters as you have used similar aspects of it on both products”.

“You have used some smaller conventions which are used on websites, such as the small arrows to turn the page; making it more realistic”.

“Some text does not stand out that well”.

From this feedback, I have came to conclusion that this website clearly represents the brand, Wonderland well and that it goes very well with the four posters I have created. The feedback says that it resembles the posters, which I definitely agree with because I purposely used the same aspects in it that I also used in the posters. I think that the style is the same as the posters, therefore, you can clearly see that they were made by the same person. They also said that I have used smaller conventions which are used on websites which I glad they noticed because I included smaller details on purpose so that it would made the website seem more like a fashion website. For example, I used the small arrows which are used to turn the page and I included a small heart by the piece of clothing which you can click and it can put it into your ‘wish list’. I am glad I included these because I think it helps the website seem more real as it was only made on Photoshop and is not an actual website. However, they said that the text on some sections does not stand out as much as it should which I do agree with as this was a problem which happened with one of the posters. Next time I could increase the boldness of the drop shadow so that it makes the white text stand out. Overall, I think the feedback is very constructive as I have discovered things which I can improve on if I ever had to do this project again.

Website mock-up – New in

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 13.54.19.png

This week I also created another section of the website: the ‘new in’ part which basically shows the most recent clothing that has came into stock. I wanted to use the same aspects I used on my homepage so that they clearly looked like they were from the same website. For example, the header and footer were obvious parts that would need to be included in it, however, I also used the ‘new in’ section from the homepage because it made it more clear to what you were looking at.


The font and text is the same as my posters and more specifically, the same as the homepage. Some parts I have not used a drop shadow as the text stood out enough without it, however, some of it needed a drop shadow to stand out more.

Colour theme

The colour theme is then the same as both products as they will link together more. I clearly have used the same colours as the homepage for some sections like the header and footer because these would not change as it would look unprofessional and the website would not look as realistic.


This layout has similar aspects of the first one, however, as I am actually advertising pieces of clothing on this one, I had to include a slight different design so that the clothing pieces stood out more. I then decided to do this design as I saw a website on Pinterest which inspired me. In my opinion, I think that this works well because I think that it represents, Wonderland, due to the abstract shapes. Next to every model wearing the clothing, there is a zoomed in image next to it of the same model wearing the clothing. Even though you can not see the clothing that well, it is a unique way to advertise it, also allowing the consumers to see the piece of clothing up close so they can see the style of it more easily. The colour theme then is the same as the homepage and the posters as this is what I have done so they look like the are all from, Wonderland.

Peer feedback

“I think that this page clearly looks like the homepage”.

“The zoomed in parts of the clothing work well with the page because it is quite random and goes with the whole abstractness of, Wonderland”.

“You could use a different model to advertise the clothing as you tend to use the same ones”.

From this feedback, I have came to conclusion that both of my website pages work well together and look as if they are from the same website. The feedback I received says that is clearly looks like the homepage which I am glad someone agrees with because it is important as this is what I was aiming for as they are from the same brand, Wonderland. Another piece of feedback was that the zoomed in parts of the clothing worked well with the website because it was quite abstract. I agree with this because it is an unusual aspect to include as you cannot see the clothing that well, however, as it looks interesting, it may make people want to look at it more. Finally, they said that I could use a different model as I tend to use the same ones, which I also agree with. However, during the photo shoots I have many options of people to photograph as people were nervous to be in front of the camera, therefore, I had to use the same ones over and over again. But, using the same models does help to link the products together more are you can recognise a couple of them from the posters and then you can see them on the website. Overall, I agree with this feedback completely, and next time, I will try to find more confident people to use in my photo shoots so that I have more of a range of models to use.


This week has been the final week on actually creating my final products and I am glad that I have finally completed them. I think that I am very happy with the way they turned out as they all clearly represent my, Wonderland, which was the aim of this project. However, I now only have one week left to finish the rest of this project, more specifically my blog and my sketchbook. I would have had more time to complete these two major aspects of this project this week, but my ‘new in’ page that I originally created deleted or was not saved from Photoshop, therefore, I had to recreate the same product again. This used valuable time that I did not much left of, however, it did not take as long as I expected because I just had to recreate the same product again. Next time, I will ensure that the product I am making has saved before closing down, Photoshop, so I do not have to go through this stress again. Overall, this week has been very constructive due to completing the practical pieces of this project, however, as I have said before, next time, if I were to do this project again, I need to start creating my products earlier so I am not rushing as much in the final couple of weeks. 

Week 10 (22nd May)

Sketchbook and blog

This week only consisted of completing my blog and sketchbook, therefore, there is not much to document. As it is the middle of the week, I hope to finish this project in time.


As I am still completing my sketchbook and blog, all I can say is that I should have started to complete the practical products earlier in on the project to ensure that I would finish these in time. 

Skills log

Trial 1:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 21.17.52.png

Firstly, in order to make this, I went onto Photoshop and chose to work on an A4 document. I then went onto Google and found an image of a girl which was a transparent, therefore, had no background so I did not have to mask it. I had to use other people’s images because at this stage I had not taken any of my own images, so I found which could be similar to one that I will take in the future. Also, I chose to use a photo which had already been masked, also known as a PNG, because it meant I did not have to mask it myself, therefore, was a quicker process. I then edited the model so she was in black and white by going on image, adjustments, and black and white. I wanted her to be this colour so that the shapes would stand out more. Also, I erased the text on her top and the black shadow because I wanted it to be blank and I did not want the shadow as it was not what I thought would look good in my work.

Secondly, once I had added the model in, I wanted to make the colourful abstract shapes. I chose the rectangular and ellipse tool to create the shapes and then used the paint bucket tool to change the colour of them. To represent Wonderland, I thought that they should be all different sizes and shapes, and then the colours of them should all be different because this is how I interpret Wonderland: weird and random. However, even with the different colours, they needed to match and look suitable, therefore, I chose to make them all the same saturation, so that they all had a similar brightness to them. Next, to create the blue lines which are on the models shoulders, I used the brush tool and changed the colour if it by going onto the colour palette and choosing a colour which suited everything.

Again, I went onto Google and found a quote from Alice in Wonderland and added it in. I then went onto dafont.com and chose a font which suited the style of the poster. When I found one, I downloaded it onto Photoshop. Finally, I added the word ‘Wonderland’ in as that is what the project is about.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.51.27

Trial 2

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 19.59.55.png

Firstly, to make this promotional material poster, I went onto Photoshop and chose an A4 sized document. I wanted to create the background layers before adding the model, text and other objects as it meant it would be easier as I would not have to create around it. Also, it meant that I could get the sizing and the shadow right on the model because I could work it around the background colours.

I started with the pink triangle as it is the largest shape, and I chose the rectangle tool. To begin with, the shape was a rectangle, but then I chose the delete anchor point tool and deleted one of the points that made the shape a four sided shape. This then turned it into a triangle, so I adjusted the size and place it where it is now on the poster. The last step was that I clicked the paint bucket tool and chose the colour I wanted the shape to be. For the blue shape, it is actually a rectangle, however, I placed the triangle over it. Then I just changed the colour. To create the stripes, I chose the rectangle tool again, and made long, thin rectangles and then changed the colour of them by choosing the paint bucket tool. Once I had created one grey strip, I copied and pasted it as many times as I needed to and spread them out evenly across the white space. Finally, I then created two thing green rectangles and put then on the outside on the poster, however, the corners of them are triangles, therefore I erased them to fit with the pink triangles corners.

Next, I went onto Google and found an image of a model as I had not taken any photos at this point. I saved it and went back onto Photoshop and place embedded the image. Then I masked around the model so that it did not have a background and turned the image into black and white by clicking image, adjustments and black and white. To create the white shadow, I duplicated the layer of the model and adjusted the exposure so that it went fully white.

I had to go onto Google again, and search for a clock and some flowers: I wanted them to be PNG’s so that I did not have to mask them. The clock was originally black, however, I coloured over it in a pastel orange so that it went with the rest of the pastel colour theme.  I chose the clock in the first place because in Alice in Wonderland, the pocket watch is a prop in it, and a main concept of the books / films is time, therefore, it was a subtle way to represent it. The flowers stand out from everything else; which is what I wanted, because they are quite random, yet go with the Wonderland style I am aiming for. They also stand out from the colour theme as they are brighter, however, they match with the outside colour of the font so match. I masked the stems off of the flowers so that looked like a head piece.

Finally, the last stage was to add the text in. The font I used from the fashion brands logo, Wonderland, was Times New Roman, however, when it comes to creating my final piece, I may choose a font from dafont.com. I chose this font because I thought that it was quite classy and stood out from the rest of the poster. The font which says, “we both went mad”, is a lyric from Taylor Swift’s song, Wonderland, which I said I may do when I was researching. This font is from dafont.com which I downloaded to Photoshop. To create the yellow on the text, I duplicated the first layer and then changed the colour from white to yellow so that it matched the flowers.

Poster 1

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.25.48

Firstly, to make my first promotional material poster for, ‘Wonderland’, I place embedded one of the images which I took in the first photo shoot this week. I chose this photo because it clearly represents, Alice in Wonderland, because the model has put her hands by her head to imitate the White Rabbit. Coincidentally, the waistcoat the rabbit is wearing is the same colour as the jumper she is wearing, therefore, that helps reflect the character. I then turned the image into black and white by clicking image, adjustments and black and white.

I then started to create the colourful and abstract shapes; similar to what I created in my second trial poster. To do this I selected the rectangle tool and started to make different shapes rectangles. Every time I created one, I went onto the colour wheel and chose a pastel colour, and to ensure that every colour went well with each other, I kept the saturation the same throughout. To grey and blue shape are triangles, however, they are two rectangles but have been placed on different parts of the layers panel so that they lie on top of each other. Next, I wanted to add some black stripes into the white section on the poster, like I did on my second trial poster as it makes the poster have different textures; making it look more interesting.

However, I then decided that I wanted the model to be in colour as I thought the black and white drained the whole poster and made it less eye-catching. I then duplicated the image and placed it where the black image of the model was. This then gave me the idea of having the black version of the model act as a shadow, so I moved the ‘shadow’ version to the left slightly. To make the poster more eye-catching I went onto the internet and found a royalty free textured image. I then place embedded it over the grey triangle as I thought it would stand out the most there.

The last shape / text that needed to be added was the logo which said, Wonderland. As I was unsure to whether I wanted it to be serif or a sans serif text, I originally chose a serif font as from looking at other fashion logos, lots of them seemed classier as the serif font is more curly compared to a sans serif font. I went onto dafont.com and looked through the serif fonts, I then came across one called, Morva, and I downloaded it onto Photoshop. I got the text tool and typed the text, then adjusted the size of it so that it looked suitable.

However, after I made it I felt as if it did not look quite right, therefore, I went back onto dafont.com and looked at sans serif fonts instead as I thought that they may look more suitable as I now now creating a high-street brand rather than a high-end, and high-end brands tend to be classier so use serif fonts. I downloaded a few which could be possible logos and tried to work out which one I thought worked best. Yet after I had done this, I still did not like all of them. I then went onto looking at the fonts which were available on Photoshop. I chose the font, Helvetica, but I made the each letter become closer together as that made it look more stylish. To do this I went onto the character panel and set the space between each letter to -100. I the decided to add a drop shadow as the colour of the font was white, therefore, it needed to stand out more. In order to add this I went to layer, layer style and drop shadow. I did not want the shadow to come across to bold, so I set the opacity at 40% so that you could notice it but it did not over power the rest of the poster.

As I wanted it to be more surreal so that it matches with the theme of Alice in Wonderland more, from looking at existing posters, I decided to duplicate the models hands, so that in total she has six hands. Firstly, I selected the coloured layer of the model, then I chose the rectangle marquee tool and selected around the models right hand. I then used the shortcuts ‘CMD+C’ and ‘CMD+V’ which created a copy of her hand. Then I erased around the hand so that it was only the hand and no background or arm. I duplicated the hand then 4 times and turned two into black and white by clicking image, adjustments and black and white. After, I laid them out so that it was went with the black and white layer of the main model. I then did the same for the left hand.

Finally, I wanted to add the white boarder as that was going to be included in all of the posters as it is part of the house-style. I went to the rectangle tool and made four rectangles, each of the same size. I then rasterised them and selected the paint bucket tool. I selected the colour white on the colour chart and then clicked all four of the rectangles; turning them white. Next, I placed them around the edge of the poster, ensuring that they were the same distance apart from the edge of the document. As there are stripes on the left side of the poster, I decided to only put the stripes on the whole coloured shapes as otherwise it looked as if the stripes had a section missing out of them.

Poster 2

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 14.15.49

Firstly, to make my second promotional material poster for, Wonderland, I place embedded the image of the model onto the A4 document on Photoshop. Then I rasterised the image so that it able to be edited. Next I selected the polygonal lasso tool and started to cut up the image of the model into pieces. This tool allows you to make as many points as possible so that you can create any abstract shape. However, when I used it I then copied and pasted the sections I had selected so that when they pasted, they were cut up how I wanted them to be so that the model was in sections. I then did this on the whole of the model so that she looked more surreal.

I had not cut up the models head as I thought it would be too much and make the poster seem a bit messy, however, I decided to chop it up to see what it looked like. To make it seem more surreal, I then decided to chop it up using the polygonal lasso tool again. I chose to split it in half as I thought that would be the best way for it to be cut up, if it were to be cut, without it looking careless. Furthermore, once I had done this it ended up looking not abstract enough! Therefore, I enlarged the left side of the head so that it made it seem more surreal and weird. To enlarge it, I used the shortcut ‘CMD+T’ then held down SHIFT so that the image did not become distorted whilst making it larger.

As I used, Quentin Jones’s work as inspiration for this product, I then decided to add grey shapes to fit with the sections of the models body. This was because it made the whole poster seem more abstract and surreal; relating it to Alice in Wonderland more. To make them grey I went back onto my first Wonderland poster and selected the eyedropper tool. Next, I clicked the grey triangle so that I had the exact same colour to use for my second poster. I went back onto the second Wonderland poster and the grey colour was selected on the colour wheel, I then clicked the paint bucket tool and clicked the abstract shape. This ensured that the colour themes were staying the same. I then continued to add grey shapes for all of the different segments of the model.

As it needed to have similar aspects to it as the first Wonderland poster so the themes of it stayed the same and so that you could see that they were from the same fashion campaign, I started to create some coloured shapes to go in the background of it. Firstly, I created the pink triangular shape using the polygonal lasso tool, however, I did not make the edge of it straight so that it looked more abstract. I then selected the eyedropper tool and went back onto my first Wonderland poster again and clicked the pink shape so that it went into the colour wheel. I then selected the paint bucket tool and clicked the shape; turning it pink. I then created another shape using the polygonal lasso tool and made it a pastel green. As I had not used this colour yet, I went onto the colour wheel and ensured that it stayed the same saturation as the pink, but I changed it to green.

Again, as I wanted to keep a theme going throughout the posters, I decided to place embed the textured background into this poster as well. I put it on top of the layer of the green shape, but under the layer of the pink one, the model and the grey shapes. This gave the poster different tones and made it seem more eye-catching.

To keep with the house-style, I then added in the white border. To ensure it was the same size as the one on the previous poster, I dragged it from poster one to poster to. As the white boarder on the first poster had a piece missing from is due to the striped background, I deleted the left side and duplicated the right section of the boarder and moved it to the left side. To make it seem as there are more dimensions I brought the layers of the models arms above the layer of white boarder.

Finally, I added the Wonderland logo in and as I wanted it to be exactly the same, I did the same thing as before and dragged it in from the previous poster. Then I needed to line it up so that it was the same on both pages.

Poster 3

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 14.39.00

Firstly, to make my third promotional material poster, I place embedded the larger photo of the model onto an A4 document on, Photoshop. I then chose the eraser tool and erased the inside of her body so that it was transparent and I could place other images / shapes on her. After, I place embedded another image of the same model, wearing the same clothes, but doing a different pose. This time I chose the mask tool and the brush tool and masked around her so that the image had no background to it. I then moved the image so that she was sat as if she was the other side of the larger photo. Next, I erased any parts of the model which was sat down that were on the outside of the larger model. This then made it seem as if she was sat through the other image; giving the photo more depth.

To make it look similar to my other posters, I needed to include the abstract shapes and patterns again. So I selected the rectangle tool, selected the pink that I had been using in previous posters which I saved to my library and created a pink rectangle. As I wanted it to be a triangle, I selected the eraser tool and deleted half of it. Then I made a green rectangle and placed it behind the pink triangle, and finally made a grey rectangle which I also placed behind the pink triangle. To ensure the colours I was using were the same as the ones on previous posters. I selected the eyedropper tool and went onto previous posters and clicked the colour.

As I wanted to include the black and white stripes that I had previously used. I opened the first, Wonderland, poster that I had created and dragged across the striped layers. As the stripes did not fit the whole section I wanted to cover, I had to duplicate some of the layers to make it larger.

The image of the model sitting down did not stand out enough, therefore, I decided to create another shape that would fit around the larger image of the model. I selected the polygonal lasso tool and made a shape which went around the larger photo of the model. As I wanted it to be blue so that it would stand out and still go with the pastel theme, I selected the eyedropper tool and clicked the blue from my first, Wonderland, poster and then pasted it onto the shape. As I have used this texture in my past two posters, I wanted to include it in this poster too. Therefore, I selected the layer on my first poster and dragged it onto this one. As I had quite a lot of colours and patterns on the outside of the model standing up, I decided to put it over the blue to make it more eye-catching. I adjusted the size so that it covered the whole of the blue area, and then selected the eraser tool and erased the parts around the outside of the model stood up.

The last two parts of it which I needed to include were the logo and the white boarder. The easiest and quickest way to do this was to drag them from a previous poster. When adding the logo in, I positioned it as similarly as possible to previous posters so that it would be in the same place. Finally, I had to rotate the white boarder so that it fit with the black stripes on this poster.

Poster 4

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.52.51

Firstly, to create my final poster for the, Wonderland, project, I created an A4 document on Photoshop and place embedded three similar images of the model. I then masked all three of them by clicking the mask button and the brush tool. I adjusted the brush size by using the shortcut on the keyboard which are the brackets so that when colouring the model in, the brush was an accurate size and did not go out of the model.

After, I began to place the images on top of the main image I was going to keep and started to erase them by selecting the eraser tool. I had to ensure that the images matched up to the main photo so that they looked surreal, but not incredibly unrealistic. To make the three sections of the model stand out more, I decided to add a white line on the parts where the section changed. To do this, I selected the line tool and the colour white so it went with the model and was not too bold. I then adjusted the size of the two lines so that they were thin as I only wanted them to be subtle.

I then needed to create the same colourful, abstract background as my other three posters, so I selected the rectangle tool and I created a pastel green rectangle. To ensure that the colours I were using were the same as the other posters, I opened up an older poster, selected the eyedropper tool and clicked the colour. Next, I created the grey triangle, however, originally, it was a rectangle but I selected the eraser tool and erased half of it to make a triangle. Then I created a blue rectangle, and finally, I opened an older poster and dragged the texture from it to this poster and placed it over the large green triangle. As it was a different shape to the poster I took it from, I enlarged it and put it over the green rectangle layer, but under the grey triangle and blue rectangle layer.

I then needed to add in the logo and white boarder, so again I dragged it from an another existing poster onto this one.

As the poster looked a bit bare still, I added some black lines by selecting the line tool to contrast with the white ones. To make the poster seem as if it had more depth to it, I put part of the black lines over the white boarder by putting it above the layer of the boarder on the layers panel. I then selected the eraser tool and erased part of the black boarder to make it seem as if it were under part of the white boarder.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 12.38.30

Website – Homepage

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 14.15.01

Firstly, to create this homepage for my mock-up website, I created an A4 document, however, as soon as it opened, I went to image, canvas size and adjusted the size of it so it became longer. Next, I created numerous sections for the website, similar to examples I had researched, and changed them to the colours I had been using on my posters to ensure I kept with the same colour theme. To make it more eye-catching, I selected the brush tool and chose a round angle brush, chose the same colour of pastel green from previous posters, and drew a few lines. This ensured that I stuck to the colour theme, however, it was a different way to present it; making it more interesting and different.

The first box that I started creating was the header, so I opened up a previous poster on Photoshop, and dragged the logo in so that it was the exact same as the others. I then had to make it smaller by using the keyboard shortcut CMD+T. Next, I selected the same font, Helvetica in bold, and started to type out different icons to click on. I made every bit of text a different layer as it meant that it would be easier to move them. To separate each bit of text more clearly, I selected the line tool, and made a white line between the first two parts of the text, new in and women’s. To make it easier so that each line would be the same, I duplicated the layer and moved them into the correct position. Finally, I added a non-copyrighted image of a search icon and placed it in the corner.

I then went onto creating the second box, as it made more sense going down in order. Firstly, I place embedded an image of a model, placed it on the grey rectangle, and rasterised the layer. Secondly, I clicked the brush tool and the mask tool and began masking the model and then, once done, I clicked select and inverse. Thirdly, I selected the, Helvetica, font with the same character style, and typed the words, ‘spring collection’. As the piece of text did not stand out much on a grey background, I decided to add a drop shadow by clicking layer, layer style, and drop shadow. In my posters, I included the white boarder around the posters as it was my house-style, therefore, I wanted to include it within some parts of my website. I went to the line tool and created a white line, then I duplicated to create the exact same sized one for the opposite side, I then did the same for the other side. Finally, to make it seem more like a website, I went to the line tool again, and created a small arrow, again, I duplicated it for the other side.

For the third section, as I had already created the backgrounds green stripes there was not much that I needed to do as I wanted this section to say ‘sale’. The first step was to select the same, Helvetica, font, but in a much larger size than before as the text needed to be bold. Once I typed ‘sale’ it did not stand out that much, therefore, I went to layer, layer style and drop shadow. This then caused the piece of text to stand out from the light coloured background.

For the fourth section, I selected the text tool, ensured that the text was the, Helvetica, font  in bold, and typed the piece of text. To make the text stand out more, I went to layer, layer style and chose the drop shadow effect. As I wanted to create a boarder, I went to the line tool and made a white line. I then duplicated it, and created another white line, and duplicated that too. I then place embedded an image of a model, selected the mask tool and the brush tool and coloured it in. Next, I clicked ‘select’ on the top bar and inverse. Again, I wanted a white boarder to go around the image, so I clicked the line tool, created one line and duplicated it three times as I wanted to make a square. Finally, I did the same for the last two images of the models, and did the same to create the white boarders.

Firstly, to create the fifth section, I place embedded an image of these two models, rasterised the image, and then chose the mask tool and the brush tool. After masking it, I clicked select and inverse and then the shortcut CMD+D to deselect the layer. Next, I chose the text tool and chose the font, Helvetica, and added a drop shadow to the piece of text so that it stood out more. I wanted to create a boarder around this section, therefore, I went to the line tool and made a white line. I duplicated that layer and then created another small line and duplicated that too to make a rectangle. Finally, as I had text at the bottom of the image and the line was going through it, I selected the eraser tool and erased that part out so the writing was more visible.

In order to create the sixth section, I chose the font, Helvetica, and ensured that it had the same character style as my logo. I then added the text by choosing the text tool and added a drop shadow. Next I place embedded an image of a model, rasterised the layer, and selected the mask and brush tool. I then masked the layer and decided to put a white boarder around it like the fourth section I made. I chose the line tool and created a white line, then duplicated three times to make a square. Next, I place embedded another two images, masked them and created a boarder like the first one. Finally, I remembered to add a boarder to the text, so I selected the line tool and created a white line, then duplicated the layer, and did the same for the other side until I made a rectangle.

To create the eighth section, I chose the, Helvetica, font again, however, made it slightly larger than usual and added the text in. Also, I had to add a drop shadow because the font was white on a white background, therefore, could not be seen. Next, I place embedded the image of the model and masked it. Then, I duplicated the layer of the model and went to image, adjustments and exposure and increased it until the image was completely white. I chose the paint bucket tool and selected the pastel blue and clicked the white image so it went blue. This was going to act as a shadow for the normal image of the model, so I the layer below it on the layers panel. As this section is for a competition, I wanted to include more information, therefore, I chose the rectangle tool and made a pastel blue rectangle. Finally, I added text in the box, using the same font as usual, Helvetica.

This was the final section I had to make: the footer. Firstly, I selected the text tool and created two text layers with a list of text on each one, using the font, Helvetica. Next, still using the text tool, I created two smaller pieces of text in the right corner. I then selected the line tool and separated these two small pieces of text with a white line. Selecting an even smaller font size, I added the copyright text and moved it to the centre on the bottom of the page. Then I place embedded an image I took from a clothing website which was the security logo to show the website is real. Again, I place embedded another photo from a website which was the social network sites, however, both of these images needed to be rasterised, I then took the magic wand tool and selected the outside of them so that they had no background. As the links to the social media accounts were not white and did not match the white text theme, I selected the paint bucket tool and turned them all white. After that, I chose the rectangle tool and made a white rectangle in the middle of the section. Then, I selected the text tool again and added some text, one part smaller than the other. I added another small grey rectangle inside the white one, added more text in white and put it on the grey rectangle, and finally, added another piece of text and put it in italic, turned it grey and placed it on the white rectangle.

Website – New in

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 13.54.19

Firstly, to create this ‘new in’ page for my mock-up website, I dragged over the header, ‘new in’ section and the footer as these would be included on this page. Once I had added these three sections in, I began to create the rest of it.

As this was the ‘new in’ page, this meant items of clothing would be for sale here, therefore I needed to create a bar which is on all clothing websites that makes it easier to find a specific piece of clothing you are looking for. I selected the rectangle tool and made a rectangle the same width of the page. Then, I selected the pastel pink from my library, chose the paint bucket tool and clicked the rectangle to make it pink. Next, I selected the text tool, ensuring the font was, Helvetica, in bold, with the same character style as my homepage and posters, and added the pieces of text in; all in different layers. I went to file, place embedded, and added an image I took from a clothing website of the different viewing sizes. As it had a white background to the image that I did not want, I rasterised it, selected the magic wand tool, clicked the white background and clicked the backspace key to delete it.

To create these four sided shapes, I selected the rectangle tool and made a square, then selecting the eraser tool and erasing part of it to make an abstract looking shape. Next, I selected the eyedropper tool, went to the homepage, clicked the pastel green and used the paint bucket tool to paste the colour on it. As I wanted another two of these shapes, I went to the layers panel and duplicated it twice. Then, I rotated the image by 180 degrees and placed it the opposite side for the middle column, and for the bottom column I kept it the same as the top one. Finally, again, using the eyedropper tool selected colours I had used on the homepage and pasted them onto the shapes.

To create the squares which go next to the abstract four sided shapes, I selected the rectangle tool and made a square. Then, I clicked the eyedropper tool and selected the blue from the bottom blue shape and clicked the square; turning it blue. I duplicated the layer twice so I could ensure that I had the exact same shapes and placed each one next the abstract shape. Finally, using the eyedropper tool, selected a pastel colour and used the paint bucket tool to paste it on.

Now I needed to add the images of the models in, so I went to file, place embedded and selected the first one. I chose the mask tool and brush tool and started to mask the image of the model. Once I was finished, I went to select, inverse and then used the shortcut CMD+D to deselect the image. After that, I did the same for the next two images. Then, I needed to include the close up images of the models, so again, place embedded the first image. Next, I began to mask the image, however, I was only masking the part which I knew I needed to save time. When I was finished the masking process, I adjusted the sizing of the image by using the shortcut CMD+T and selected the eraser tool to erase any parts of the model that were outside of the square. I then did this to the next two images.

To add the text, I selected the text tool, using the, Helvetica, font. Firstly, I added in the prices of the clothing, however, I decided to add a drop shadow as it did not stand out enough. To do this, I went to layer, layer style and drop shadow. After, I added in the text of what the clothing piece is, again, adding a drop shadow to it all.

The last few stages included adding more smaller details in to make it seem like a real website. Firstly, I dragged in the arrows that I used on the homepage, and added a drop shadow to them all so they stood out against the white. I then place embedded small enlargement icons and placed one in each corner of the squares and small heart icons so that you can add the item of clothing to a wish list. Next, I selected the rectangle tool and made a pink rectangle and added a piece of text on it by clicking the text tool.


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