Wonderland – Planning and research

2.1 Review a range of research sources to support a creative media production project.

2.2 Interpret research to develop ideas and effectively communicate to an audience. 

What is wonderland?

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.18.18.png

The definition of the word, ‘wonderland’ is very extensive for this project, therefore there are a variety of different ways we could interpret it to make a media product. In my opinion, I always relate it to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll; so I imagine lots of colours, weird shapes, patterns and objects, as well as some characters from the book / films. When I create my media product, I want to include bright colours then contrast it with some monotone colours so that the colour stands out a lot more and is more bold.

Alice in Wonderland

When Lewis Carroll wrote the book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, there were rumours going around that he was under the influence of drugs whilst writing the novel due to it it being so surreal. Secondly, people think that this is true because the story includes Alice eating ‘magic’ mushrooms which is a drug that makes you hallucinate; making sense as Wonderland is very weird and peculiar so could be made up due the drugs.  Finally, the caterpillar is seen smoking, and some people believe that he is high on drugs because he is presented to be so laid back and does not care about anything.

The books were then made into films which are very popular to this day. The first Alice in Wonderland was released in 1951 and the second was released in 2010. A sequel – also written by Lewis Carroll – was then released in 2016. Even though I do not know what I want to create for this project, I want to design something that does link to the films or book of Alice in Wonderland. This is because I like the idea of how abstract they are presented and that the visuals are very eye-catching and appealing.

Wonderland magazine

Another popular search to appear was a magazine company called Wonderland. This gave me ideas for what type of media product I want to make. I decided that I either want to make a magazine, promotional material for a product or an album cover because I like the idea of taking my own photographs, then adding graphics to it on Photoshop. The target audience for this magazine is for men and women, however, I think it will be more popular for women as it is a fashion magazine, and the age group is roughly 16-35 years old because the content includes fashion, art, music and film for younger people. The clothing that the artists / models are wearing is something that someone in their forties would not wear as they would think that it is not suitable. I want my media product to have this target audience as it relevant for someone my age to make it and I will be able to relate and appreciate the content involved.

Pink – Just Like Fire – music video

I watched Pink’s music video for Just Like Fire because it was for the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass. The video is based around the film and uses very similar sets and costumes to Wonderland, however, this video has interpreted them slightly different so they are original and more creative. For example, Pink, is playing all of the characters in the music video and portraying them all differently to how they are in the film.

Firstly, the left image shows her dressed as the White Queen, however, each outfit she is wearing is completely different to what the character would wear in the film. Nonetheless, the audience can identify that she is portraying her because she is wearing white clothing; which is all the White Queen wears throughout the films.

Secondly, the middle photo is of Pink dressed as the Mad Hatter. Even though the costume if different to what he wears in the films, the audience can tell that she is meant to be him because she is wearing a blazer, has a similar hat to him and has curly, ginger hair. Also, she is sat at a table that has tea cups on; making fans of Alice in Wonderland think of the scene in the film where the Mad Hatter hosts a tea party. All these things people associate with the Mad Hatter; therefore, can easily tell that she is portraying him.

Finally, the right photo shows a shot of a young child following a blue butterfly. This mirrors the film, Alice Through the Looking Glass because this happens at the beginning of the film where a butterfly goes through a mirror which Alice follows; taking her to Wonderland. The young child is then meant to represent Alice because she is a child.

Overall, I want to use similar techniques that were used in this video. For example, this video is clearly for an Alice in Wonderland film, however, the director has interpreted parts differently so that it is not the same. I want to do this in my media product, as I want it to be clear that I have been inspired by Alice in Wonderland, however, I do not want it look like the stereotypical Alice in Wonderland; I want to create my own version.


Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 14.12.35

I went onto Pinterest and searched for ‘graphic design’, ‘posters’ and ‘magazine covers’ and came across these collages. I then decided that I could make similar products to this as promotional material for a fashion brand that I will create. The posters I make could be advertising the clothing the models are wearing. In some fashion advertisement, the clothing the models are wearing is shown to the audience because that is what they are selling, but lots of people like looking at it because of the way the advertisement is designed; not for the clothing. This can then lead people to buy the clothing because the more they look at it, the more they like it due to the design of the promotional material.

These are more close up examples of what I want to create. I like the idea of this because it is quite abstract and has a pop of colour which makes me think of Wonderland. The models facial expressions are quite exciting as they are not just looking straight at the camera, they are either making an unusual face, or they are using other body parts to show expression; making the image more interesting. This then links into Wonderland because the images are quite wacky and weird.

I like the first collage because it used lots of abstract shapes to advertise the piece of clothing. I think this works well and would if I chose to do it because it represents that Wonderland is quite quirky and different. Also, I like the random text that is added as it does not really make sense but fits with the poster because it is just filled with random objects, shapes and text.

The second collage is something that I want to make one of my posters similar to. This is because the shoes above the woman’s head could represent rabbit ears, as well promote the shoes as I will be making a fashions branding. Also, I would ensure my model is dressed in white to represent the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Thirdly, I like the final poster because I think that the fact they have replaced the heads with random objects is very relatable in the way that I have interpreted Wonderland. If I were to recreate this or something similar, the objects that I would overlay on top of the heads of the models would be more relevant to Alice in Wonderland, for example, a rabbits head and a clock.

Taylor Swift – Wonderland

Taylor Swift - Wonderland.png

Taylor Swift has a song on the deluxe version of her album called, Wonderland, which is about Alice in Wonderland. On the majority of the collages that I have looked at they include text on them, therefore, I thought that a possible idea could be to include lyrics from this song. This is something slightly different as I am interpreting Wonderland differently again, however, I may just stick to using lines from Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland.

Katy Perry – Chained To The Rhythm – music video

I watched Katy Perry’s music video for her latest single, Chained To The Rhythm, and thought that there were ideas in it that I could use for my promotional material. I thought about this video when given the brief because I know that her music videos tend to be quite unique and abstract which is what I want my posters to be like. The idea that I want to use from this video is the colour scheme within some shots. For example, some shots include lots of pastel colours which inspired me to make the colour on my posters to be this. This is because it still ensures that I have a colour theme but it can include lots of colours which have the same sort of tone. Due to these colours all being at the same brightness, I then think they will go well with black and white, which I think the photo of the model will be in the posters.

High-end fashion advertisement campaigns

I have researched existing promotional material for well-known fashion brands so that I can visualise the sort of product I need to produce and what I should include within it to make it seem more professional. This is just the beginning of my research within advertisement posters as the more I learn about them; the better idea I will have with the style I want mine to be. I searched these brands as they are popular fashion companies, however, I am planning on discovering other fashion brands that will suit the style of work I want to produce.

Firstly, with the Burberry posters, I like where the logo is placed and the fact that it is in the same place on both posters shows that they have a house style which is what I would like to show in my posters. However, the style of photo is not what I am planning on creating for my brand, I want it to be more colourful and eye-catching to the audience so that it resembles ‘Wonderland’ more.

Secondly, I like the Chanel posters because the first one is quite classy and neat; it has a set layout which looks well presented. However, the second poster is a lot more abstract and random which is more what I am aiming to do in my posters. I like this because it matches and goes with my interpretation of ‘Wonderland’ more, therefore, I feel that my posters will be more similar to it.

Thirdly, the main feature of the Dior posters that appeal to me, is the font that Dior is written it. This is because it reminds me of the font, Times New Roman, which is what I want my font within my logo to look like. However, I do not like that they have changed the size and place of the logo on the poster because it makes them all appear to be more untidier and that they do not have a house-style.

Furthermore, I researched more fashion promotional material posters to try and find some which were more relevant with what I want to create. The three on the left include random objects and shapes which I want to include as my ‘Wonderland’ consists of abstract objects and colours. However, the colours included are not the theme that I am going to use; I am planning on having a pastel colour theme. For example, the sort of colours which are included in the poster on the left. The reasons for this are because I prefer these sort of colours, therefore, in my ‘Wonderland’, they would be there.

Karen Rosalie

Karen Rosalie is a photographer, who started off her career as a wedding and school photographer, but now she does editorials and is a freelance photographer. The way she approaches finding inspiration is that she is a thinker – she observes everything she sees. She looks at books to source ideas, and says that she is constantly looking and learning. This will help with my project because it I can now try and be more aware when I am looking at images and videos when obtaining ideas. Also, as well as using the internet, I will continue to look in books for ideas and inspiration because it shows that I can use multiple research techniques to find information.

The look she goes for includes desaturated colours, which are punchy, bold, and likes to use black and white neutrals with blue tones. This is is useful to know when creating my posters because she has a set style for the images she takes and creates, therefore, I should have a house-style that I use in every poster so that the work is clearly mine. Another technique she uses is the use of shadows; creating more dimensions and depth, saying that they tell a better story. This could be because they create a mysterious and moody effect; making the images have more meaning and thought behind them. Again, this is helpful because I can remember this when I take my photographs so that I can have more meaning behind them. This should then help with me trying to relate them to Alice in Wonderland because it may make me think more of how I can connect the fashion advertisement and the theme of Alice in Wonderland together.

A major part of taking the photographs is booking the photography studio, organising which clothes need to be brought into college, and deciding whether I need to bring and use props. Karen Rosalie says that she normally books the studio she uses two weeks in advance, therefore, she is showing that she is organised when it comes to do this. I need to remember to be organised as well, so I need to book the studio as soon as I know when the models I am using are free. Also, when she uses props, she tends to discuss with her clients what they may want to use; meaning I should perhaps ask my models if they have any ideas that I could use for mine if I use props.

Posters: A Concise History by John Barnicoat

ANONYMOUS – Nelbarden Swimwear – 1969


This poster is an advertisement for a fashion brand called Nelbarden Swimwear which was released in 1969. It is useful to my research because it shows an example of a fashion advertisement poster from the 1960s which I can then learn from. Also, I can  compare it to one which was made recently and see the development of the style, form and content.

As this image was taken from a book, it is in black and white and I do not know whether it was originally in colour. However, they have used the space well when taking the photograph of the model because they have left room for text to be included on the poster without it covering the model. The text is quite bold so it can be easily read and the dark colour of it contrasts with the lightness of the sea in the background; making it stand out a lot easier. The colour of the font also matches the swimwear the woman is wearing, therefore, they have thought through a colour theme of the poster. As well as this, the text at the bottom of the page matches the colour of the swimwear too. The lighting seems to be quite high-key which works well with what they are advertising because they are shooting on a beach as the clothing they are trying to sell is swimwear. Furthermore, the lighting goes well with the summer season as it is quite bright and clearly shows that they are on a beach; ensuring that the setting matches with what they are advertising.

The mode of address of the poster is direct because the model is looking straight at the camera. This is effective because it is as if she is looking right at the audience; making eye-contact, which could imply that she is talking to them. This may persuade people to buy the swimwear because they may feel as if she asking them to buy the product. As her body is facing left and her had is turned towards the camera, this could show that she was walking off then she looked back at the camera; signifying that she could be saying to the audience, “if you buy this swimwear, you could be like me”. Due to the look she is giving the camera being very confident, it could persuade the audience even more to buy it as she looks very bold and fierce.

Overall, I think this poster is quite effective, mainly due to the model looking extremely fearless; suggesting to the audience that they could be this courageous if they wore this swimwear. There are a similarities with this poster to modern ones, such as that they have included the logo of the brand, however, on this one it is rather small compared to the ones placed on posters these days. But, they have included the name of the brand ‘Nelbarden’ when stating that it is swimwear they are advertising. This could benefit my work because it will help ensure that I use a variety of techniques when making my posters, from both time periods.

Dziga Vertov – The Man with the Ciné Camera – 1928


This next poster is advertisement for a film called, The Man with a Movie Camera, which was directed by the creator of this poster, Dziga Vertov. This poster was made in 1928, and the experimental / silent film was released in 1929. Even though I am not creating a film, this poster has some similarities of its style that I like and may include in my own.

Again, as this image was taken from a book, I am not sure whether it was originally black or white or whether it did come in colour. However, if it was in black and white, I think that they both contrast well with each other. I think they have used the space well as the main, largest piece of text is on the left corner at a curve, which I think works very well with this poster. This is because the background image of the buildings was created / taken from the perspective of somebody looking up at the sky; giving the effect of the buildings being in a circle around them. Furthermore, the fact that all of the text is then curved is powerful because it gives the same effect that the buildings do. The poster is very interesting to look at because of all the different shapes and lines, which is something I may want to include in my posters.

The woman who seems to be falling from a building, does not have her body; only her head, arms and legs. This could be because, Dziga Vertov, is showing what will happen to her when she hits the ground; she will fall apart. Even though the fact that the woman is missing her body could have a message behind it, I think that the look of it is quite surreal and engaging. It gives the poster more parts to visualise and makes you think about the poster for a longer time (also due to the fact that it is in a different language, I do not know what it is saying). When creating my promotional material posters, I want mine to make me people look at them and think that they look quite surreal because it goes with the theme of, Wonderland, as my Wonderland is quite abstract and random.

Overall, in my opinion, this poster is very appealing to the eye which is mainly due to all of the different angled objects and the different shapes. Therefore, this is something that I will include in my own posters so that they are also eye-catching. Due to this poster being in another language and for it being a film poster, it has shown me that it does not matter what the poster is advertising or promoting, there are ideas on anything that I can use and develop for my own products.

AnOther Magazine


This is a promotional material poster for a fashion brand called Chanel. It was featured in the Autumn / Winter copy of AnOther Magazine which was released in 2016. This is a useful poster to analyse because the posters I make are for the same purpose as this one; to make people want to buy the clothes which are by Chanel. Also, I want my brand, Wonderland, to be promoting high-end fashion, therefore, by looking at existing high-end fashion, it will allow me to understand the conventions I should include to make the poster match the quality of the clothes being advertised.

This poster is very vibrant and colourful which makes it very eye-catching and exciting to look at. The colours are all very bright which is useful when it comes to advertising because it means that it will stand out and be seen by the public; hopefully causing more people to buy the clothes and accessories. This is a very graphic design styled poster and the majority of it would have been created in a programme such as Photoshop, therefore,  it is digitally made. Furthermore, it means that you can create a lot more different patterns, enhance colours and make the poster anything you want it to, which is something that I want to do. I will be using Photoshop when creating my posters because I will take the photographs in the photography studio, then import them onto Photoshop where I will change the background to random patterns and colours.

Within this poster, they have used the same model but changed the image of her slightly by adding a different photo in every time. I may do this when I create my posters because it is an effective way to show off what the model is wearing as it is repetition. Also, I think it is powerful because it gives a surreal effect to the poster. This is also helped by the background as it is very random and abstract; making the whole poster seem like a dream or imaginary. I want to create this surreal effect with my posters because mine is going to feature the theme of Alice in Wonderland which is very unrealistic, therefore, my having lots of weird shapes and patterns it will hopefully give the same sense of Wonderland.

Overall, analysing this poster was very helpful as it is a very successful fashion brand, therefore, any ideas that I can take from it should benefit the work I create to help show that the clothes in it are expensive and are of good quality. As my idea the whole time has been to create surreal looking posters, seeing that popular brands, such as, Chanel can do it and be successful, gives me hope that my posters will not look cheap and tacky.


I researched some popular fashion brands to discover what their logos are so that I can get ideas for how I want my logo for Wonderland to look like. I want the style of mine to be relevant so that it looks as if it could actually be a popular fashion brand like Zara, Calvin Klein and Nike.

From researching these brands and their logos, I have discovered that a few of them, such as, Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Vans, do not always use their full logo on their branding. For example, on fashion advertisement, Burberry, tends to only use the text on the logo, they never really use the image of the horse. Also, with Louis Vuitton they only normally only use the ‘VL’ logo; not really using the actual text that says the name of the brand. This could be because these brands are so well known and fashionable, they do not need do  have the full logo on display for their products to be recognised.

What I have noticed from some of these logos, such as, Dior, Zara, Gucci, Burberry and Louis Vuitton, they all use very similar fonts. These font styles are all very similar to the ‘Times New Roman’ font, however, all of these brands have changed it slightly to make it their own. This is something that I might do when creating my logo as my preferred font is the ‘Times New Roman’ style, therefore, I may use this. As there are other logos with similar fonts to it, I will need to ensure that it is not the same as any other brands as my brand needs to stand out and be different to the rest.

Logos such as Tommy Hilfiger, Converse and Champion then use colour in their text in their logos. This is something that I do not want to do in my logo, however, I think that it makes the logo stand out. Furthermore, the colours that Tommy Hilfiger uses: red, white and blue are quite iconic colours, and people can identify these colours being with this brand. Therefore, with popular brands I think that it can be very beneficial and make the companies gain more recognition.

When creating my logo, I think that I only want there to be text which states the name of the brand, Wonderland. This is because, in my opinion, fashion brands with image logos look less professional and not as classy as logos like Zara and Dior. However, I may create something similar to Louis Vuitton as his logo is the initials of his name which I think looks more ‘high-class’, which is what I am aiming my brand to appear like to the audience.

Quentin Jones

Quentin Jones is a mixed-media artist, more specifically, she is a director, illustrator and photographer. Her work, including her films and images have been featured in magazines such as ID and Vogue, and she has worked with popular companies and people, such as, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham. The work is often described as a modern take on the surrealist tradition, in the form of photomontage, loose paintwork, and dynamic video editing.

The images above are from when she worked with Flair magazine and are ideas that I want to use when creating my promotional material posters. Even though her work is not necessarily advertising clothing, I am still going to use some of her ideas when creating mine because her work is very visual and eye-catching which is what I want mine to be like.

The colour theme she has used is similar to what I want to create when making my posters; I want to have a pastel colour theme, and she has used low saturated colours in her work here. She then contrasts the colour with black and white images, which is also what I want to do so that the colours stand out more.

Her work has been described as a modern take on the surrealist tradition, and that is similar to what I want to do as I am including a surreal element in my posters because I am subtly adding parts of Alice in Wonderland within them all. There are many aspects of work, such as, the model which has lots of legs around her, that I could use because it all relates to the abstractness of Wonderland. The first image could then relate to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland as her shoes could be rabbit ears. These are all ideas that I could use when creating my products.

High-street fashion advertisement campaigns

I have researched exisiting promotional material for popular high-street fashion brands as I have decided to choose to do high-street fashion again rather than high-end because it will be easier to do due to the clothing being within my price range, as well as the fact that all the clothes I own are high-street. Even though I have changed the style of clothing, the research for high-end products is still relevant and useful because I can compare it to the new research I will do for high-street clothing. Realistically, I do not think that the promotional material posters will be that different because they are all trying to advertise their clothing.

Firstly, I like the River Island poster because the colour scheme works well and is bright, therefore stands out and is eye-catching. I could use the idea of the flower background when creating my website and having some photos taken of the models in a garden or somewhere other than the studio to make it seem more exciting. Also, as I am trying to include the Alice in Wonderland theme, if I had a photo shoot in a garden or somewhere which had a lot of nature in it, this could resemble, Wonderland, because there are a lot of weird and bright plants there.

Secondly, I like Topshop’s poster because of how simplistic it is. The pink background goes well with what the model is wearing and makes her stand out a lot more rather than a highly patterened background. However, when creating my posters I want to have a more colourful background, but I do not want it to be so distracting that it takes your eyes off of what the model is wearing, or it has so many patterns, it makes it unclear to see the model as much.

Finally, I like H&M’s poster because they have chosen a mirror effect to duplicate the woman. This is quite unique to do when advertising clothing as it can sometimes make the piece of clothing become hard to see, however, it works well with the style and pattern of the dress. When creating my posters I may duplicate the model so that it has a surreal effect to it; making it seem from Alice in Wonderland slightly more.


In my promotional material, I want to have a house-style so that all four posters link together and the audience can clearly see that they are all from the same brand. From researching existing products, I have decided that I like the idea of a white border as it makes the poster attract more attention because it is quite a bold component. The main features that I want being the same include the name of the fashion brand; Wonderland, and then I want to have the white border. There are many different styles of boarders to have, however, I am going to choose the second one from a Céline poster because it goes around the whole photo, yet is not around the edge; making it look more unique. However, I would not include the white boarder that goes around the edge of the poster as I think that it makes the actual photo of the model too small.

Clothing websites

As well as creating four promotional material posters for my fashion brand, Wonderland, I am going to also create a mock-up of a website which would be Wonderland’s if it were to really have one. I have chosen to do this because I thought that I could challenge myself due to the fact that I did have roughly five weeks to create four posters which would not even be one a week, to now creating a mock-up website alongside. This could be useful because it is another platform that I can show what Wonderland is. Furthermore, on a website I will be able to present Wonderland in new ways and it is an opportunity to express certain aspects of how it would appear like which I could not do on the four posters.

Firstly, I like the Zara website because the colours of the main image are quite bright, therefore, make the website options stand out. Also, the main image changes every few seconds to a different photo which suits the style of the homepage. For example, it may go from this image: promoting women’s clothing, to an image of a child: promoting childrens clothing. Overall, the photos they include in the slideshow are all relevant to the website and products they are selling. When creating my mock-up website, I cannot include a slideshow, therefore, I will have to choose a single image on my homepage. From looking into this website, I think I want to include images taken outside, for example, in a garden, instead of only using images which are taken from a studio. This is because it will make the website look more realistic as clothing websites tend to include a range of photos.

Secondly, my favourite aspect of the Misguided website are the colour themes because I think the pink and blue work very well together. This is similar to the colours I have done on my four posters as I have done a pastel colour theme which include pink and blue. However, I do not like the layout of the website, for example, I do not like that the tabs are not there unless you click the menu option which will cause them to appear. Therefore, I will have a similar colour scheme to this, but I will not copy the layout as I think that it makes the clothing brand look as if the quality is not that good.

Finally, the website that I do not like at all is the New Look’s because it looks very cheap and untidy as the majority of the page is covered with ‘sale’ advertisements. I understand that they are trying to promote that they currently have a sale, however, they have been slightly extreme and have caused the website to become unattractive. However, the tabs are laid out the same as most other websites, for example, they are all at the top of the page in a line. This is something I may choose to do, however, I might do something like Zara with them going down the left side of the page because I prefer the layout. This is due the fact that I think that the layout is a lot more stylish and does not do what most websites tend to do.

Overall, from researching these clothing websites, I have learnt that some of them use very similar conventions in the layout of the website. For example, both New Look and Topshop have the tabs at the top of their website, underneath their logo. This is something that I do not want to include in mine because I think it makes the website look  less appealing and eye-catching as it makes it look dull. I want mine to look similar to Zara’s as I think having the full image in the background with the tabs overlayed on it makes it very eye-catching and due to the bright colours it looks very attractive.

Photo shoot ideas

These images all have aspects of them that I want to create in my next photo shoot. For example, it could be the pose, the clothing, or the colour themes which have inspired me to include them. As my fashion brand is related to Alice in Wonderland, I want to try and subtly include as many aspects of it as possible so that it really does link to it.

Firstly, the image of the White Queen has inspired me because within the photo shoot I could get one of the models to reinact the pose she is doing and instead of Photoshopping a mouse onto her hand, I could add a tea cup because the Mad Hatter is known to host tea parties in Wonderland. Also, I will include white clothing for the models to wear so that it connotes to the White Queen and her innocence and purity.

Secondly, I may include some bright coloured clothing to resemble the colourful plants and flowers which are in the forest within Wonderland. This is useful because it ensures that there can be a range of clothing used, yet there is a theme behind it all if you know what you are looking for.

Thirdlty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee are main characters in Alice in Wonderland. I could include them in my project and the photo shoot because I could use ideas from their costumes. I will bring stripy tops for the shoot which will connote to these characters very subtly, however, if you are a fan of Alice in Wonderland, you will notice it.

Next, I want to include aspects of the White Rabbit in my photos, both the colour of its clothing and its features. For example, I may get one of the models to put their hands by their head to reinact the rabbits ears. This is because it shows that I have considered Alice in Wonderland in my work, and even if it seems weird, Wonderland is very abstract.

The Queen of Hearts will be featured within my work for the colour of her hair and clothing – red – and for how she stands and acts. For example, as she is the Queen of Hearts, most things she owns is white and red, therefore, I will include red clothes to represent her in the photos. Also, as she is the villain in the films / books, I will get the models in some photos to stand as if they feel they have authority and power.

Finally, I want to include aspects of Alice as she is the main character, therefore, I will include both her clothing colour – blue – and some of the poses that she has done on the DVD cover and in posters. For example, in the DVD cover, I want to take a photo of one of the models like this as what she is doing makes her seem very curious of what Wonderland is; representing her character.

Overall, all of these aspects of the characters I want to include will be brought in very subtly so that they do not stand out so much that they overpower what Wonderland is for me in general. They will be small hints which some people will notice if they know what they are looking for or are fans of the films / books.

One page websites

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.47.11

I have changed the design of my website because I discovered that one page websites are more trendy and are popular at the moment compared to websites such as, Topshop and New Look. As I have already made my homepage for the mock-up website, I am going to make another one as, hopefully, it will be better than the other one. Also, I want to create another one because my first website does not really link to the posters I have created, therefore, I want to make one which clearly looks as if it is from the same brand.

Firstly, I like the idea of using boxes to seperate each advert like they have used above in the three websites. However, to link it to my posters, I want to use the white boarder that I used in my posters. Also, this sticks to using my house-style, therefore, by including it in the website as well, it should make both products look like they are from the same brand, Wonderland.

Secondly, I want to use the abstract shapes like I have used in the posters for the background. This will make the posters more eye-catching as they will be more colourful and attractive. As I have used them on my posters, this is another aspect of the products which help link them altogether. On the first website shown above which includes the pastel colours, I think I want to create a similar style page as this, however, mine will be used to advertise the pieces of clothing. Also, to make it seem more like a fashion website, I will include the prices of clothing and what the piece of clothing is.

Finally, on the third poster, I like the header they have used. This is because it is something that I can create because I can go onto Photoshop and mask around an image from one of the photo shoots and add is to a pastel background which matches the posters. I think I will stick to using all of my photos from the studio photo shoots because I think it will make the website look a lot tidier and it will then fit in with the abstract shapes I want to include. I will most likely mask all of my photos as this means that I can include the pastel shapes like I have used in my posters.

Overall, I am glad that I found out that these websites are more popular at the moment because my websites target audience is aimed for people from roughly the age of 15-35 years, therefore, some people in this age bracket would want to stay on top of trends. Even though it is only the website and not the clothes, it still makes sense to make sure everything that I create is current and is one of the latest trends.

Website icons

To make my website look as realistic as possible, I need to include smaller icons and buttons within the homepage and the new in page. This is because they are parts which all websites include, and even though they may not be that noticable to the eye, they are very important for the website to have them. These are some examples that I need to include, however, there are some more which I will include as well.

There are lots of icons / buttons which will be included within the footer of the website. Firstly, the social media links that people can look at to keep up-to-date with their new trends and products. Secondly, there tends to be an option to sign up to the newsletter or email so that they let you know when there are sales and current deals going on. Thirdly, there are always options for ‘help’. More specifically, there are buttons for the terms and conditions and order tracking. By having them here it makes it easier to find without having to go through the whole website trying to find out some basic information. Finally, on every website there is a copyright line for the website right at the bottom of the footer. The reason for this is because it shows that the website is the real one and that they have full rights to everything on the page.

Also, as I am creating a new in page as well as the homepage, I needed to learn which buttons were always included on this as well. Firstly, there is normally a button that you can choose how you want the page to be displayed and it gives you the choice of how big you want the products to appear on the page. Secondly, on fashion websites it tends to say how many results of clothing have came up once you have searched something or have chosen a specific piece of clothing, for example, tops. Finally, the last option I have used an example is that is used on most websites where you can buy products, they have a ‘sort by’ option. This puts the product you are looking at in different orders, for example, from the lowest price to the highest price. I think that this is a convenient option because if someone has a price budget, they can choose this option so that they can view the less expensive clothes first.

Overall, I think that this is an important part of my research as it will ensure that I include all of these small details in my website. These ones I have shown are only a few examples and there are more which I can include too to make it seem even more realistic.

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