Fabric – Poster

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 09.36.02

For the Fabric project, I had to create a poster promoting the exhibition which is where we are presenting all of our work we have created this year. The poster had to represent our interpretation of the word fabric and the style of work that we like to create. For example, I wanted to include some abstract shapes as these are things which I like to include in my work as I think it is eye-catching. There were specific information that we had to include in the poster, such as the name of the exhibition / project, where the event is held, the date of it, and the time. This is to ensure that everyone who is attending and wants to attend the exhibition know when and where it is. I then used a photo of one of the images I took in the photography studio which was used in my Wonderland project. I chose to use this photo because out of all the three projects I have completed so far, the Wonderland project represents my style of work the most. Overall, I think that my poster represents my idea of fabric well and includes aspects of the interpretation of the word fabric in general. This is due to the fact that the different textures and colours relate to the word ‘fabric’ as they are different patterns and materials.



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